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Sunnyside Resident Pens Book On The Horrors Of Being A Waiter, With Anecdotes Drawn From Local Restaurant

Darron Cardosa

Darron Cardosa

March 29, 2016 By Christian Murray

Sunnyside resident Darron Cardosa has waited tables in Queens and Manhattan for the better part of 25 years.

He has dealt with rude customers, troublesome children and entitled mothers with tank-sized strollers. Then there are those pesky customers who require that their every whim be catered to—before leaving a lousy tip.

Cardosa, 48, has plenty to say about his experiences and tells them in a blunt, irreverent way in his first book titled “The Bitchy Waiter,” which has been published by Sterling and is available at Barnes & Noble and at Amazon.

The book is a collection of short stories based on Cardosa’s time working at venues such as the now-shuttered Houlihan’s in Times Square, the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan, the former Vynl on the Upper East Side and Quaint in Sunnyside.

Nearly one-third of the book is based on his experience working at Quaint, the Sunnyside restaurant located at 46-10 Skillman Ave., Cardosa said in an interview.

Cardosa has been documenting his experiences since 2008, when he launched a blog of the same title.

bitchy waiterHe said the blog was initially a voice for servers.

“I wrote what many of us were thinking but did not say,” he explained.

He said he would use the blog to vent after dealing with selfish customers. The aim was to write it in a truthful yet humorous fashion.

The first story he wrote, he said, dealt with a mother who asked him in a curt fashion to turn off the TV since her children always had to have it off when they ate.

Cardosa, much to the woman’s chagrin, said the TV had to stay on, as other customers were watching it.

“This woman expected everyone else to forgo their experience for her,” he said. “It irritated me.”

After years of writing similar stories, he has built a following where he now has about 340,000 Facebook followers and about 15,000 Twitter and Instagram followers.

He has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, the Today Show and Dr. Phil. He is often quoted in major newspapers.

With the official launch of the book scheduled for the first week of April, Cardosa is anxious about the reception it may receive from some Sunnysiders.

“I’m a little worried,” he said. “I feel I need to apologize in advance. Many people might see themselves in this book, but it was all in good fun and, hey, they are all true stories.”

Cardosa tells one story about an inebriated patron from the bar located next door to Quaint who bought mashed potatoes to go with her beer.

“She is a regular who hangs out at the bar next door,” he wrote. “I’ve never gone inside the bar… It’s one of those places where people drink hard liquor and smoke cigars with one foot outside the door and the other foot inside, so they can drink and smoke at the same time.”

Quaint and Flynn's


In Cardosa’s telling, the inebriated patron pops into Quaint and asks for a large portion of potatoes. She claims that they were too expensive upon receiving the bill—failing to realize that she ordered a massive quantity. She then wants a partial discount, threatening that she would tell everyone about her experience if she didn’t receive one.

Cardosa was baffled and discusses how and why she got the discount.

There are several other stories in the book which, when read carefully, might be familiar to a Sunnyside resident or Quaint patron.

He writes about stroller moms and children in a chapter called: “I hate your kids.” One story within that chapter, titled “Waffles for Beelzebub,” is based on an incident in Quaint.

“Dealing with the children of parents who don’t care that their child is coloring on the wall and throwing chicken nuggets across the room is enough to make anyone dislike kids,” he writes. “It’s practically taboo to admit that you find children as endearing as a case of herpes.”

He provides stories about children who leave cereal everywhere, spill their drinks, sit in strollers blocking the servers, scream and run around the restaurant.

At least two of the stories come from experiences at Quaint, Cardosa said.

Cardosa said parents have always taken it personally when he has tried to provide them with some friendly advice.

“They think I’m telling them that they don’t know how to raise their kids,” he said, adding that he has stopped trying to modify parents’ behavior and instead takes out his frustration on his blog.

In one anecdote, Cardosa is baffled by the parents of an overweight child ordering a fattening meal devoid of vegetables—and allowing the child to gulp it down with copious amounts of bread and butter.

But sometimes Cardosa’s conscience gets the better of him. He writes: “They should never smile in the sweetest way or say something really cute, because it makes me feel like an A-hole for saying how much I dislike children.”

Then he has a chapter titled “Stroller Bitches from Hell,” based on his experiences working at an Upper East Side restaurant.

He describes the behavior of two moms, one with a double stroller and the other with a single stroller, who barricaded themselves behind the table making it difficult for him to get within two feet of them to serve them. Then when he served the food over the strollers they got upset.

He wrote that he tried to help them and didn’t get a thank you. Then when the meal was done one of the mothers, he wrote, waved the check as if to say, “I am ready for you to take care of my needs. I am Queen of all Stroller Moms, and I will mow you over with my Titantic Stroller of Death if you don’t attend to me immediately.”

When they left, he writes, the table was a wreck.

Cardosa, who has lived in Sunnyside for the past 12 years, said that he enjoys working as a waiter—despite the fact that some customers don’t give people in his field the respect they deserve.

“Nobody does something for so long without liking it a little bit,” he said, noting that most people have pet peeves about their job or the industry they work in and still enjoy it.

Cardosa said he had celebrated his fifth anniversary at Quaint last month.

The book can be purchased on Amazon. Click for link

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Brooklyn oh brooklyn

Irish neighbor hood no more,they are the armpit of europe. thank god, i wont have to step in some Irish girl or guys puke anymore on my way to church on sundays. Bring in the hipsters, its out with the irish,sunnyside is the new Williamsburg.thank god


How many of us have witnessed the behaviour he describes and exactly the same way. As for children, the thing is you don’t notice the well behaved ones because they’re well behaved but in this day and age they’re going the way of the unicorn. I was waiting in line for a 1/2 hour at a packed brunch spot when 2 strollers nazis popped in and demanded immediate seating “because we have children.” Way to fail at parenting 101. I’ve also witnessed parents getting super upset at other patrons who ‘dared’ to tell little Biff it wasn’t OK to put their dirty hands all over their coats. I’d like to see them bent over knee…the parents that is.

Hubba Bubba

I would like to get the book please.

But could you put all the adjectives to the side & no profanities with it? I would also like to get the first chapter by itself & then get each chapter when I am done with the previous one, not all at once ok?

And could I have another cover? I really don’t like pink… it’s too hot! And I would like more pictures & less big words. And all I have is Bitcoin to pay for it, you’ll accept that right?

42nd Streeter

My husband and I had the pleasure of being served by this gentleman at Quaint and he was a lovely person. I hope his book is very successful!

Ekim Kavon

Mike Novak you are exactly one of the customers he defines in his book…hence the comments. I find it hilarious. You don’t like it, you should change yourself. 🙂

Money Man


king henrik

Anyone who works for a living could have wrote a similar book on the ups and downs of their chosen profession. But, this guy did ,you didnt so good for him. Good for you bitchy. Only problem now is your going to have customers coming in just to drive you crazy just so they can get in your next book, the bitchy sequel ! Sorry, you brought it on yourself?crazy customer! ?kid from hell

Dan Rather, check out my blog

this guy should write a blog, thats what all the whining millenials do

Dan Rather, check iout my blog

this guy should write a blog, thats what all the whiny bitches do!


poor guy…having to work this menial job…the lowest paying job in this horrid city. How did he survive on pay this low? i mean, you can make far more from recycling 5 cent cans than expect a decent tip from these monsters, lol! And how was he able to stay sane with all the pretentious worthless losers that he served, that annoyed the hell outta him? i would have snapped quite easily.

longtime resident

Have you ever worked a service job? Food? Retail? The bad customers really are quite horrid. Fortunately the good ones make at least some jobs worth it. Not retail though.

John L

“The legend lives on from the Kettle on down, of the cigar smoking man they call Kevin” (The Vortex)


@Long Time Beg to differ. I am retired from the job 15 years and had a commanding officer we all called “bitchy”. Most of us were straight men and Sergeant was a straight male.

longtime resident

Yes, your one example *totally* disproves widespread cultural use of the word. You are an amazing thinker.


Complaining about others is very unattractive, no matter how popular it might be right now. Complaining about people you make you living from increases the degree of unattractiveness. My opinion of Quaint just went way down. I’d hate to subject myself to the kind of critical analysis you put people in your world through. It would give me indigestion. You used to comment on the Sunnyside Post, and you were very “bitchy” there. An/d please, when/ are we going to get past the flagrantly mysogynist terms,
bitch and bitchy.


Like a gutless looser who posts anonymously. Everyone is talking even at Wendy’s, Mario’s, Kettle, Saint and Sinners, Danato’s, White Castle etc..stop hiding you coward.

Henry Ward

Dear tiresome language police person: “Bitch” and “bitchy” are misogynist terms only if you choose to associate them exclusively with females which hasn’t really been the case in the American vernacular for a couple of decades at least. You may as well look down your nose at the term “basket case” because it originally referred to quadruple amputees. Or “peanut gallery” because it is insensitive to the poor.l

Long time resident

I’ve been around for a couple of decades, and bitchy is reserved for women and gay men. If you don’t think calling a gay man “bitchy” had nothing to do with comparing him to a woman, you’re kidding yourself. Gay men and women have claimed the word, but there is no straight male equivalent to bitch in the language.


Not a threat. A warning. He has to walk past these people that he seems to think are lowlifes to get to and from work, so it would serve him well to watch his mouth. Just common sense.

Haters going to Hate

Don, your comment is really scuzzy.
It comes across as a threatening.
I know if anything happens to that guy the cops will be probably try and dig up you IP address.


You are right, I am not a star like, Anthony Bourdain. I never claimed to be that. And if you want to call me a “child looking to cash in,” go right ahead. Just consider that I am a 48-year old man who has written every day of my life for over 30 years and finally wrote a book that I have been dreaming of for even longer. Anyone who writes a book does what he can to try to get people to buy it. That’s why books are for sale.

The book has about ten stories that were inspired by events at Quaint over the past five years; very random and completely anonymous. It’s not a nasty tell-all about your neighbors, so relax. The people I work with and for have known about the blog for many years and they know to take it with a grain of salt. They can tell the difference between the real me and the character’s point of view in the book and blog.

As for your suggestion that I have been “raping” the customers for five years, you might want to find a better term to use. Most survivors of sexual abuse would not consider what I have done “rape” and they will probably take offense to your choice of words.

Finally, the customer is not always right. In fact, the very first chapter of the book is called exactly that. They are always IMPORTANT, but not necessarily always right. You could buy the book if you want clarification, but I don’t expect you to do that.

Take care.


Bitchy Waiter- don’t think for a second you have to waste a second of your time responding to any of these idiots’ ramblings by stooping to their base level. It’ll drive you crazy. Congratulations on your book!

holden c

Thank you for responding about the flippant use of the word ‘rape.’

FWIW, I could really relate to that customer ordering the potatoes! Not the freaking out about the price but the huge desire for them after some drinking.

All the best!

Mike Novak

You are not, and never will be, a star like Anthony Bourdain.
You are spoiled child looking to cash in big with your blog and book.
Its astonishing that you trashed the people who put the cash in your pocket.
“THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”….except when it comes to you…because your are…SPECIAL.
Did you have the balls to tell Tim, the owner of Quaint, your boss for the last five years, that you were going to publicly rape his customers for your own gain?


Well said and not at all bitchy, Bitchy. You were way too nice to this guy.
Who gives a shit about Anthony Bourdain? Other people write books, Mike. You should check them out. There is a whole world of people out there writing all kinds of books about all sorts of topics. Something tells me Mike doesn’t really like to read books though. He seems to be all about writing inflammatory (and disgustingly ignorant) comments on the internet, tearing people down for fun. And if Mike thinks that what your blog and your book are about he once again proves that he is just an ignorant troll.


-Novak The customer is not always right. A lot of times one customers request infringes on another customers dinning experience like a request to turn the TV off. Do you feel the customer is always right because you honestly believe this silly slogan empowers an impotent fool like yourself?

Here is the Truth

Oh damn. He’s Anthony Bourdain so he should sit on his ass and not live his life. Wait what?

“The customer is always right” – You don’t know what that means. So some facts. It was a slogan used in the early 1900’s by a London department store. It meant and still means Customers should expect and Staff should be focused on giving good service. The customer is always right for expecting exceptional service. Shortened to ….drum roll. YES “the customer is always right.” They are sometimes funny, odd, racist, crazy, dangerous and well rude. They still should get good service and that’s IT. And they should LET the staff give good service. Any customer that prevents the staff from giving good service to someone else is a bad customer.

I use to have a lady come to my store and buy spoons. So she could glue them to her ceiling to prevent her neighbors from zapping her with death rays and mind reading electrons. Was she right? nope. But she deserved good service because she didn’t endanger anyone or prevent my staff from giving service to others. We even ordered a special box of cheap spoons so she could save money on her “project” If we ran out of spoons before a new order came in a member of my staff would (on their own) bring some from the $1 store (which was too far away for her). Why? Because they came to love the crazy old lady and say how easy it was to make her happy. a spoon every few days kept her happy and calm.

Now I also had a customer who called one of my staff a clumsy little bitch for dropping the last of a specific item we had before he could purchase it. I threw his ass out, even though he had a few hundred dollars on the counter. WHY? because even though she was clumsy? Because he prevented my staff from doing their best and being their by belittling them. That is a staff that would be able to give good service after repeated insults. AND he was a customer who could never receive good service. IF a vase breaking by accident ticks you off that much that you will degrade someone then you will always find a way to make the service bad.

Balls – well he’s male so I think he has balls (no verification here and not asking for it.) OHH did you mean courage and mistake it for a body part? Well he wrote a blog for years. Wrote a book. Did a TV spot…I think TIm knows. It’s not like he scribbled in a journal that he hid under his pillow.

Publicly rape…You get outraged at stories that figuratively with a toothpick but you are ok with throwing those words around? Rape is a brutal act. It takes away your power, your safety, your piece of mind. It makes you doubt everything. Date rape makes you doubt who is a friend and who really cares. Violent rape can break bones, skin, leave permanent damage emotionally as well as physically (all rape means emotional damage). PUBLIC rape means that someone didn’t give a fuck and you were not even worth call the cops over. IT means you were an non human. who was worse than a piece of shit on the street or a pothole that people actually call 311 over.

Years ago. I took a girl home that was raped on Greenpoint by a group of men at one of the bars there. I found her she was curled up on the side walk, clothes ripped, bloody, crying, body shaking. People pasted her and just looked away. I stopped talked to her. Wiped her off, asked her what kind of help she wanted. Let her get comfortable enough for me to hug her and help her up. Had my husband flag a cab so we could go 4 blocks to her house (she obviously didn’t want him near her). I heard how no one. NOT ONE person stopped them. Not one person called the cops or get help or called 911. NOT one talked to her. In fact a group laughed at her as she sat in the street BLEEDING. For 2 hours she was raped as people walked in then left. For a few more hours she sat on the street unable to move as people didn’t want to see her or be involved. That SIR is what it means to be PUBLICLY RAPED. It is not a waiter (no matter how bitchy) complaining on a blog or book about how someone didn’t want potatoes they ordered or how parents let their children color on walls with crayons.

Here is the Truth

You seem like a gem yourself. Hatch out of an egg full grown did you? Your mom carry you on her back until you were 5? or maybe she hid you under a rock and that’s why you no manners make wide insulting comments?

(not a mom. Have no kids but know a spoiled brat when I see one)


These observations are stale and tepid as much of Quaint’s menu. If these are the anecdotes he puts in the promo article, God help anyone who tries to make it through the filler.

Good burgers, though. And the cocktails used to be great …


Can we please keep my book separate from the menu of Quaint? They really are not connected at all. If you don’t like the menu, don’t go. If you don’t like the book, don’t buy it. It’s pretty simple. And you’re a real charmer to complain about the physicality of one my co-workers.

Not Glutarded

He’s a great guy and not-at-all bitchy as a waiter. Good luck with the book! It’s always a treat to be seated in Darron’s section.


As anyone who has had as their server can attest, I’m not really a bitch. I just play one on the Internet.

Mike Novak

Customers are good…providing that they play by YOUR rules and tip well.
So much for “The Customer is Always Right”.
Ever hear of that before?

Nike Movak

Why do people insist on invoking “the customer us always right” when what they’re obviously really saying is “The price of my entree buys me the right to be as much of a self-entitled jerk as I feel like.” News flash: no one is “always right,” and there’s usually an inverse correlation between how right you think you are on the basis of this little slogan, and how “right” you actually are.

Henry Ward

Dang, Nike. You stole my response out from underneath me. Anyone who has ever worked in any kind of customer service – restaurant or otherwise – knows that the only people who believe the customer is always right are people who get a thrill denigrating people who they believe to be below them. Wait, not just them. Also the people who are looking for free stuff. The big chains build the cost of appeasing these lowlifes into their corporate budgets, giving them the impression that their patronage is some sort of magic wand that allows them to be insufferable over a an overcooked egg or a long line at the grocery store. I haven’t worked in the service industry in 25 years but to this day it cheers my heart when I see a business owner stand up for his employees when some self-serving lout tries to pull the “the customer is always right card” after acting like a complete jackass.


To the complaining defence this place has tremendous potential.. but runs out of everything on the menu!. For brunch they gave me a mashed up hamburger and called it sausage.. yes i sent it back, I didnt ask for a hamburger…. .. nice atmosphere.. ehhhh food..

Hoove Hearted

I’m going to take a wild guess here that the Bitchy Waiter doesn’t have any kids of his own.


Who needs kids when you can adopt a dog? Kids are great and cute, but they are little germ factories. These newbie Moms & Dads in the neighborhood with their double-wide strollers come across as inconsiderate with the size of the strollers on our narrow streets. Please think of others before you purchase such a monstrosity of a stroller. Thank you.


“Our” narrow streets. Go back to wherever you came from. Sunnyside has always been a family neighborhood, this isn’t the financial district moron.


He’s talking about the size of the strollers, not the existence of children. I’m a dad myself. The all terrain vehicle strollers are absolutely a nuisance. More so on the train than on the sidewalk though. How about buying a stroller for urban living? You’re walking on a sidewalk, not going off road.


I wish I knew what the financial district comment was attempting to refer to, but…I am 3rd generation Sunnyside resident. Born, bred and proud Sunnyside strong. Went to Queen of Angels for all 8 years when it was still a Catholic school. You missed my point. Joel got my point. The size of the strollers being used in Sunnyside now are ridiculous and inconsiderate. I understand if there are twins being secured in one of those huge strollers, but they are usually not. Please get with the program, Maria.

Here is the Truth

I have watched many children and seen many strollers and there is good reason to get a wide stroller. ESPECIALLY in NY and Specifically in this neighborhood. I take my 2 year old godchild out on a regular basis (narrow stroller)

Yes some of it is newbie parents and marketing. or they get a gift and use when they got. BUT not most.

This is a center of gravity and stability issue. In NY you want a higher wheel to get over curbs and not get stuck in the snow. For example as most sunnysiders know when it rains certain corners are ponds. IF you want to get to the other side of the street you need taller wheels to unless you want everything on the bottom of your stroller to get wet. including your toddlers feet. IF you have a tall narrow stroller are issues. For example you still may have to walk through water to your ankle. (I had to today with a narrow stroller my feet are soaked!)

If you base is wider you can take the stroller off the side walk on a higher curb (not the corner) saving your ankles and the bottom of the stroller. and not risking the stroller tipping over.

WHY? center of gravity. The taller the wheels the wider the stroller needs to be to be stable. Like fast walking and turns. Making it through the ice mounds they called snow this winter or last winter. Avoiding ponds of puddles. A wider center of gravity makes a more stable stroller. PLUS it saves arm strength for example my husband can use his arm strength to jam is way through anything. not me. I need the help.

Most moms taking their kids out carry a diaper bag, a purse and might do some groceries (since homes with children always need something). It is impossible to carry all that at the same time. SO groceries go on the bottom of the stroller. the diaper bag goes on the handle and the purse on you. If you have a child that doesn’t stand by themselves or doesn’t know how to “stay” yet you have another issue If you take the baby out the stroller tips back unless you have a good center of gravity. That means trying to take off the diaper bag, hold your purse and pick up the baby so the stroller doesn’t fall then if you have a narrow stroller. Wider stroller no issues. You can pick your baby up with out trying to catch a falling stroller. Everything just stays on the stroller. I once say a stroller tip over with a baby in it! why? a mom put a drink in the cup holder of the stroller and it was just too much for the light narrow tall stroller. She got soaked. the baby got scared as did everyone who watched.

Steps are easier and safer with a wider stroller. So is the subway. So are parks. So are bridges. So are fast walks.

Parents should go to narrower and lighter strollers as the child gets older and they carry less stuff BUT who has the money to change a stroller after 1 year then year 2 then?

I live in NY. that means as a single person walking down the street I make room or have to deal with people with large dogs, people with mean dogs, multiple dogs, people who are standing around talking (sometimes with dogs), groups of children coming from school, walkers, wheelchairs, Teenagers who walk in packs of 4-10 and forget to make room, my postman who blocks the street with his cart while he chats with the woman who cackles down the block, drunks, smokers, piles of garbage on garbage day. people on phones who aren’t watching were they are going. Dog pee. Dog poop. All in a week. And this weekend a bunny on a lease (they don’t follow directions well) a man with a cross bow (seriously this is the 3rd time I’ve seen him) a young woman who was half dressed throwing up and crying while her friends laughed at her….

you know what? Still worth it. Because I live in NYC. Strollers? who cares get over it (anything on the list expect the cross bow guy). If it makes someone’s life easier and brings them less stress so they are nicer. GREAT! If it isn’t one thing then it’s another and not of it really has anything to do with my happiness unless I let it.

I can wait or move or go around them.


Totally agreed, couldn’t say better myself, they think they are entitled to the world, because they have the disaster future on stroller, they are the size of SUV, and dare you not to dislike their annoying kids, even if you are trying to eat and have a adult conversation.

Longtime resident

I don’t have kids either, and I’ve been a server (though a long time ago). I generally like kids, and when they misbehave really, really badly and the parent ignores it, I actually feel bad for the kid. Kids acting like kids doesn’t bother me much. I was a kid. I remember. Parents not parenting annoys me though. I’m sure there were times my parents would have found it easier to just tune me out — parents can be kind of good at that — but they usually seemed aware in my recollection that their precious children (which they have admitted they found pretty annoying at times) weren’t nearly as tolerable to others.

Longtime Sunnysider

I’d like to know why parents today can’t control their children. If the kids are too young to go to a restaurant then hire a babysitter or don’t go. A little consideration for other people in the world please?


Absolutely! The world doesn’t revolve around children that can’t be controlled by parents.

Deb Kenny

probably for his own sanity and he has learned from experience! not you circus, not your monkey!

Longtime resident

I’d love the Bitchy Waiter to tell me why it seems like it’s mandatory in New York City dining that once you’re dinner plate has been cleared, and you’ve declined dessert, your server disappears and you pretty much have to hunt him or her down or ask a runner to get your check. Seriously, I’ve sat waiting for my check for 30 minutes. What’s up with that?

Longtime resident

Seriously, I do. But hunting down your damn server to ask to pay after you’ve finished your meal and either declined dessert or finished is some serious bullshit.

What’s so hard to understand about extreme annoyance that New York City servers seem to have a rule that says “disappear and make it a royal pain in the ass for your customers to get their damn check so they can leave when they are done eating”?

Here is the Truth

Because simply many people like to sit and have a conversation after a meal. If you give a check too soon it’s like saying “you aren’t getting dessert then get the hell out”

When a waiter asks you if you want dessert say “No please bring the check” INSTEAD of having them make another trip the table to ask. Because 6 times out of 10 if you don’t ask for it then they give you space to relax after the meal. Then they get busy with their priority which is serving hungry customers hot food.

Why? because if a hungry customer waits to long they may leave. The restaurant loses money. In a hot meal cools then the customer dining experience is horrible. If it is sent back to the kitchen to be reheated the food wont taste as good and the kitchen staff is working twice as hard and the restaurant loses money. If you ask someone too many times is they want the check and they feel rushed they wouldn’t come back and the restaurant loses money.

Restaurants make money by giving customers a relaxed eating environment with fresh hot food. If the customers don’t come back even for a few weeks fresh food spoils and becomes a loss.

SO… your 30 minutes is 3 to 5 meals served in a small place. 5 to 10 in a mid size joint. plus drinks.? The business math is simple. 3 to 10 happy tables or the chance of annoying one table by asking too soon or too often if they want to leave.

In a business that is has worst odds than the lottery they are going with the sure think when they can.


He happens to be my absolute favorite waiter at Quaint. knows the menu inside out and recommends best cocktails. Always wondered what it’s like doing some of these interesting jobs and know I’ll enjoy reading about food industry

Bliss St

Not sating he isn’t a good waiter but they haven’t changed the menu in years so knowing it inside and out shouldn’t be too hard for anyone.


He was our waiter at Quaint when I went with my wife and two kids years ago. He was great in a way a server should be-he knew his table and anticipated our needs which included getting the check while we were still eating so we could leave before the kids started to whine. I appreciated his attentiveness and left a tip that represented that. Hopefully he went home a little less bitchy that night.


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