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Sunnyside Resident Opens Child Care Center on Queens Blvd


July 3, 2015 By Michael Florio

A new child care center opened earlier this week in Woodside.

Sabrina’s Play Studio, which offers summer camp, birthday parties and play space, opened on Monday at 52-07 Queens Blvd.

The opening is a significant step for Sabrina Samuels, the owner, who has been operating a daycare center out of her 40th Street home in Sunnyside for the past decade, according to store manager Evelyn Valentine.

“She wanted to expand her business,” Valentine said. “So she decided to take over this storefront.”

The center is currently providing summer camp–for children aged four through eight.  Participating children will get to explore many parts of New York City including Rockaway Beach, the New York Hall of Science and the Museum of Moving Image, Valentine said.

“They have gone on a trip everyday this week,” she added.

So far nine kids have registered for summer camp, although Valentine is hopeful this number will increase as summer goes on.

50-00 Queens Blvd

52-07 Queens Blvd

The center will host birthday parties, offering party packages that include invitations, pizza, beverages, balloons, cupcakes and two games of the child’s choice. Face painting and balloon twisting can be added into the package.

The center plans to add children’s yoga as well as story telling sessions in coming months.

In fall, the center is likely to introduce an afterschool program, Valentine said, where counselors help children complete their homework and then allow the children to play games.

The center has a bounce house, a jungle gym, and a play area stocked with toys.

“The younger kids love to play house and dress up,” Valentine said.


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geez you all….give a small business owner a break…if you can’ t do better, better not to say anything at all


The place is nice. We went there once, the only thing it gets crowded even now, that its summer, i can imagine what it will be like in winter, especially that the kids that Sabrina is taking care of come out to play there, so you pay 10$ to play with kids from daycare, the place is too small for that. Its exactly as going to the park when the ymca or magic beans or holy mountain comes to play, but the park is at least for free. Plus the kids get bored very fast over there, not too much to do, or maybe only my kids get bored so fast. So i dont think i will be going there anymore, but good luck anyways!!!!


You are such a nasty son of a b!! nobody gives a fk where you take your kid!! Sabrina’s play Studio doesn’t need your f* money!

Local mom

Anonymous visitor, I really hope and pray you are not anyone’s parent. And yes some shit is free, like your stupidity!!!!

Skillman Ave

What a hideous online community to say such judgmental things about an expanding small business and entrepreneur. Its hard to believe this is even NYC.

Best of luck to Sabrina’s Play Studio. My family will visit and meet with the owners in person before making judgement.


You are absolutely right.

I had to look up the definition of “internet troll” to understand the people here. They are the same ones who pull the wings off flies just to see what happens. Ignore them, and they go find someone else to torture with their disordered minds.

Local mom

It’s crazy expensive $10 kid. I have 4kids $40 to go there? And she won’t give discounts 🙁

Anonymous visitor

I’m sorry. I can’t help but think, why did you have 4 kids. Shit ain’t free.

Dino Velvet

“She’s been operating a daycare center out of her 40th st apt for the past decade” … Illegally I’m sure!
I guess she decided to expand because the 9 children that are signed up made it too crowded in the apt where there are 15 other roommates!

Preschool Teacher

That’s not fair! Lots of women take care of children out of their homes. They are called Home Providers. It’s Family Day Care which works with ACS.


It’s not fair to the landlord to run a business out of an apartment, believe it or not the city does not provide water for free.

El loco

As long as Mary Caulfield and her radishes are not involved in signing my kid up.

was just in corona, what a freekin hellhole

these types pf places are popping up everywhere, as for the headline, i wouldnt call it child care when you basically put a padded pen in the middle of a room and let the kids run around until mommy comes back 10 hours later. at least this one is calling like it is, a play space.

I'm Better Than You and You and You!

Yeah! Let’s judge other people! I love hearing, reading and saying nasty things about people I don’t know. Those people are the worst! I’m sooooo much better than them. They suck! Na na na na naa, you suck you people I don’t know.

El loco

Aren’t you the one who stole the radishes. I hope that you’re not part of it or I’m not sending my kid – El loco Jr.

the human equivelant of comic sans

whoah, lets get back to the radishes? I have ZERO tolerance for radish theives. Whats the story??

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