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The Dog Guru is Coming

Photo: QueensPost

July 7, 2010 By Christian Murray

Next month, Raja Shah, the owner and operator of the Dog Guru, will open a dog-rescue operation in Sunnyside, at the 5,500 sqf. warehouse space out the back of the former Nelson’s Christmas Shoppe.

Shah has plans to take the warehouse space and bring in 15 rescue dogs, train them – and then adopt them out. He receives financial support from non-profit groups and city agencies to save the dogs, treat behavioral issues (if needed) and find responsible owners for them.

Shah said that in time he plans to take in 35 dogs and get them ready for adoption. He said he would be employing fellow dog trainers to help him. He said as part of the process of adopting a dog out, he shows the new owner how to treat his/her dog and maintain obedience levels.

Until recently, Shah had been rescuing dogs in Pennsylvania. However, the Sunnyside resident, who has a nine-month old, now works just one block away from where he lives.

Shah said that he will train dogs for local residents.  Furthermore, he has long-term plans to establish boarding facilities, dog grooming services — and a pet supply store.

However, Shah’s primary focus is on saving dogs. “I can’t understand why so many dogs are put down every single day,” he said.

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I do not believe that anyone has the right to post illegal slanderous comments based on hearsay. Please attain your information from BOTH sides before making personal judgements and then posting for the world to read. Did you personally ask Mr. Shah if he did this and what happened to cause this type of situation? Nonetheless, he has helped MANY other dogs that could not be adopted out and continues to do so. I personally use Mr. Shah’s dog training services and find his skills to be quite effective.


It’s interesting that a man so interested in “saving dogs” and “starting a rescue” dumped three dogs at Animal Control this week. THREE DOGS, who will probably be killed before the week is out. Dog GURU? Try DOG SHYSTER.
Don’t believe the hype!


Where do I sign up to volunteer. I can do lots of stuff. I am a dog owner ( Shanghai 7 yr old Pekingese, extremely well mannered and a bit of clothes horse. Wardrobe is bigger than mine.)

Sunnyside Post

The dog guru has a website. Also you can call the number on the back of the car in the photo.
I know he takes the dogs out for walks quite frequently. Maybe you can help there.

You’ll also be able to reach him through: [email protected]


I am VERY happy to see someone who is taking the initiative to establish a place with a higher meaning, purpose and mission within the Sunnyside area. I am a dog lover and am a firm believer in doing kindness towards our fellow canines. Good work and two thumbs up to Raja, The Dog Guru!


I’m a fan of old theatres, and I have always been curious about the remains of the interior of the old 43rd Street Theatre. Is there any chance Sunnyside Post could do a photo feature showing us what (if any) design/architectural features remain? Or a little story on the theatre’s history?


The space was originally the auditorium of Century’s 43rd Street movie theatre, which now truly has “gone to the dogs.” Pity that it couldn’t have become home for the Spanish Thalia Theatre, which currently uses converted retail space further west on Greenpoint Avenue near Foodtown.


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