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Sunnyside Pub Owner to Open New Bar in Long Island City

Pat Burke, co-owner of the Courtyard Ale House (Photo: QueensPost)

May 17, 2013 By Christian Murray

The owner of a popular Sunnyside pub is expanding his bar/restaurant business by opening a gastropub in the heart of Long Island City.

Pat Burke, 39, who co-owns the Courtyard Ale House on Queens Blvd, is in the midst of establishing an up-market pub at 47-10 Vernon Blvd in Hunters Point. The pub, to be called Woodbines, will represent Burke’s fourth establishment in New York City.

Burke, who is from County Cork, bought the Courtyard 14 years ago.

Four years ago, Burke then ventured into Manhattan and opened an establishment on 9th Avenue, called the Brickyard Gastropub. Last year, he moved into Williamsburg and converted an old building into a pub, calling it the Kent Ale House.

If all goes to plan, Woodbines will be open by August.

Burke has named his Long Island City pub after the cigarettes his grandfather smoked in Ireland.

“We want a bit of an older-styled place,” Burke said, adding that the interior would feature “distressed wood” to create a comfortable atmosphere. He said the exterior of the pub would be changed to reflect that feel too.

He said Woodbines would offer 16 craft beers and a high-end bar menu.

But Burke’s Long Island City business will be under constant surveillance by its neighbors—since it adjoins a residential area.

The bar/restaurant owners before Burke—who ran Lounge 47– had a torrid time with some of their outspoken neighbors.

The previous owners were denied the use of their backyard space after a rash of complaints—including video footage.

Burke told Community Board 2 last week that he would not use the backyard space and agreed to clip back his weeknight hours from 4 am to 2am.

Furthermore, he told the community board that he has spent $28,000 on soundproofing the premises, which he was not required to do.

Nevertheless, Burke is excited to be venturing into Long Island City. “Looking at the neighborhood and all the new residents…it’s a great opportunity.”

Lounge 47 (Photo: QueensPost)

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I know Pat well; his is a stand-up man and a great addition to the LIC business community. I have been to all of his three other places. Each one attracts a classy, well-behaved crowd, and the pubs are run in a first-rate manner. I can’t wait to visit Woodbines.


Good Luck Pat…..I have frequented the Court Yard and love it……It always depends on what people are looking for……I like the friendly atmosphere and no fighting or crazies allowed. Please do not move Jackie or you will have to transport me back and forth to LIC…..lolololol…


Sunnyside Native

I’ve got to give Oppressed Masses credit, though. He hates dogs and says they are the devil incarnate, but he sure loves that pet pigeon of his. He has kept it since it was a baby, after he nursed it back to health. He tries to take it everywhere he goes. He loves pigeons! He just scored a 20 lb. bag of bird feed at the Sunnyside Gardens tag sale over the weekend.


Sorry sunnyside native that s a nice idea but dept of health would hav a major problem with it.


Anonymous, you want people not to hide yet you post as anon. What gives?
Agreed to cut hours from 4am to 2am during the weekdays? Do these people have jobs?

Sunnyside Native

Would it be OK if Oppressed Masses bought his pet pigeon to the bar while he is enjoying his nightly libation? He is very well trained and well mannered (the bird that is – not Oppressed Masses) and just sits right on his shoulder. Please let me know. Thanks!


At Cheri and all the other negative people who place comments on this site please come to the community meetings. Don’t hide behind a made up name. Goodluck pat on the opening of ur new bar.


For those criticizing the neighbors ,perhaps your peaceful residential neighborhood should be inundated with drunken partiers,as is what has happened with those of us who live near Dog and Duck,since their back prior opened.We get no peace on weekend afternoons.i guess we’ll have to go to the community board too.


He has run nothing but the finest establishments and wish him all the luck on his new venture……..he works well with his neighbors!

Hoove hearted

“Nevertheless, Burke is excited to be venturing into Long Island City.”

Venturing? It’s just a zip code or two away. It’s not like he’s opening a place atop Kilimanjaro.


Best of Luck on your new business venture! I love what they’ve done with the Courtyard in Sunnyside and if it’s anything like that, there’s another successful and fun pub to visit soon.


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