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Judge adjourns Sunnyside property manager’s case until Oct. 31, controversial manager claims outside court he’s ‘being persecuted’

Sept. 8, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

Neal Milano, the infamous Sunnyside condo manager who was in Queens County Criminal Court today following his arrest Sunday for stalking and harassment, told the Sunnyside Post outside the courthouse that he was “being persecuted” and was never the property manager of the Sunnyside building.

Milano’s appearance before Judge Michelle Armstrong lasted all of 40 seconds and his only words as he stood next to his attorney were “good morning” followed by his name. After the hearing he said that “I’m being persecuted.”

Milano had “no comment” to questions asked after his hearing about the charges but did speak to his role in the building at 47-55 39th place.

“I was never a property manager. Never the property manager, not an owner, not the board president,” Milano said as he hurriedly walked along Queens Boulevard.

Milano says he was only a board member. It is unclear if he remains a member of the condo board.

Milano, dressed in dark blue jeans and an athletic long-sleeved pullover, held his white newsboy cap behind him as he appeared before Judge Armstrong, his second court appearance after his arraignment on Sept. 4.

The presiding judge adjourned his case until October 31, after granting Milano’s attorney’s motion to file for discovery.

Milano’s charges include attempted assault with intent to cause physical injury, stalking in the 4th degree, and harassment in the second degree.

Milano, who was identified as property manager and board secretary in an April 2017 lawsuit filed by a couple who own two condos in the building, is also under investigation by the Commission on Human Rights and the state Attorney General’s office for tenant harassment allegations.

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El Loco is the new Sheriff in Town you mofo's

Al lives in the Metropolitan houses on 46. Just as bad as the projects. He writes rap songs in his spare time. He drives a 71 Vega when he takes his mommy to Bingo.

Al from Sunnyside

Another el loco wannabe. Nice role model you picked, who picks an idiot for a role model?. I have a nice house, ,2 nice cars, a Harley Davidson I just bought this year. I own a House in upstate NY near port jervis with 23 acres of land with a in ground pool ,which ill be retiring to in 1.5 yrs from now, and leaving your stupid clown ass here. Maybe I won’t sell the house here, maybe I’ll rent it out for 6 thousandl a month to one of you suckers . but you couldn’t afford the rent and will be stuck in your little studio apartment that you will soon be evicted from since you won’t be able to afford the $2200 your going to be raised to soon. Ha sucker. Say what you want, I’m set, electrical work pays very well, too bad you are stuck in your menial valet parking job. Try uber or uber eats I heard that’s good. Oh wait you need a car, ohhh so sorry. You can’t afford one. Loser.

Al from sunnyside

Im retiring in 1.5 yrs, at 55, house paid off and selling it for a cool 1.2mil. So stick it loco, and your inherited, puny ,little condo. Hope you like the smells that come with living in a building. Ha ha ha.

ALAN from Sunnyside

El Loco if I refrain from messing with you can I please park in the spot on Monday’s?? I can give you a bottle of Chevas Regal as partial payment.

El loco

The answer is no. Now go to bed you have to look for a job tomorrow. I saw an ad for for a nuclear scientist you may be qualified.

El Loco

this man is CLEARLY innocent of all charges, hes a good man! Leave him alone already. I have photos of people on my wall too, so what!??! This man is as good as they come or my name ain’t EL LOCO!


If YOU PREVIOUSLY FILED ANY COMPLAINT against Neal Milano, please contact the 108 Precinct to renew your complaint and allow the police to build a stronger case against this bully, I will be doing this tomorrow.

El loco

Why don’t you people stop already, he’s 75 yes old and your making fun of his comb over? Get some fresh material.


Can you El Loco let sunnyside and Woodside see who you are? Maybe stand in front of Starbucks one weekend with chaaaaaaaange and give out cards.
Only so everyone can see the real douche bag In person.

Fed up

I’m confused. If he’s “not the property manager” as he claims, what gives him the right to collect arbitrary fees from people, put up ridiculous rules, decorate the side of the building with the stupidest blow up dolls, place obnoxious lighting and noise emitting devices along the perimeter, and political and offensive signage throughout the common areas making it difficult for condo owners to sell their apartments? Does he realize there is video evidence of him harassing people and asking tenants for money and ordering people to put rugs in their apartment? Everything you say is used against you, FOOL!

Preet 3B

He also breaks keys in people’s mailboxes, he did this to two apartments in july, both renters contacted the FEDS, hopefully he gets arrested for this too. Both of the renters had gotten threatening harassment letters from Neal Milano because they wouldn’t pay his stupid extortionist fees so it was easy to spot who did this crime.

Fed Up Cold Busted And is double agent

Fed Up why did you stiff Beetle Juice out of a tip when he valet parked your Non American made Hybrid Prius in the coveted private spot out front that El Loco is now in charge of ? And if you hate Neal so much why were you seen leaving White Castles with Neal and why did you allow him to treat you to a sack? Fat Al from sunnyside also had testified that you have attended the midnight showing at Center Theater of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and he also treated you to a medium buttered popcorn !! So sounds like you are quite hypercritical. Beetle Juice has been instructed to not allow you to park anymore in the private spot. You have also been banned from Maria’s Laundromat for reasons only 108 Charlie knows. And as Oran Juice says in his biggest hit, Walking in the Rain…”You’ve been cold busted!”

Preet 3B and Barbara 6G

HAHAHA the loser, villain, low life scum, despicable racist nazi is being persecuted?? Haha, the judge should ask him why he didn’t put up posters of Obama, the first black president, oh wait, never mind. This is the man who put up Kunta Kinte for Trump Stickers, for those of you who don’t know, Kunta Kinte was the main character from the book Roots, he was a slave who got whipped constantly, it’s no wonder there are not blacks in the building, the racist Nazi won’t approve their applications. This is not funny at all but this despicable man and his daughter post stickers to that effect. Btw, Neal Milano resides in Apt #3B and Barbara in 6G. I noticed he took the Nazi names off the building directory and kept his and Barbara’s names off the directory. Neal Milano you can run but you can’t hide. You should leave Sunnyside and remove all your Trump Stickers on the way out along with the two Uncle Sams in front of the building. The videos posted of Neal Milano are unedited, they show who he really is!!


he.did put up posters of obama..and martin luther king…you sound.really stupid talking when you dont know a thing about this…lol


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