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Sunnyside Pastry Ace to Open Trendy Bakery


A trendy bakery is opening on Queens Blvd. at the former location of Sonali Cuisine.

The store, to be called Pink Icing, will be located at 44-13 Queens Blvd.

Juan Arache, a Sunnyside resident, already owns the Sugar Room that is located on the same block at 44-21 Queens Blvd.  Arache said that Pink Icing will be a bakery that will provide cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pies and much more.

The Sugar Room has been in Sunnyside for the past 10 years and offers baking supplies and classes.

Arache has designed cakes for celebrities and dignitaries, including the President of the Dominican Republic Leonel Fernandez, Denis Leary, star of the TV show Rescue Me, Latin singer José José, and Mariah Carey. He has worked for some of the best pastry shops in New York, including the Cup Cake Café and the Little Pie Company.

Arache said that he expects the store to be open in two to three months, since there is a great deal of renovation to be done and several permits will need to be obtained.


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I agree with Krissi’s comment on having some gluten-free items. If prepared in a non-contaminated area (or even from another supplier), I can send over plenty of customers!

Mr. D

I like to have a nice cupcake with my coffee in the morning. I will be stopping here every Saturday morning.

another local

It’s January… any word on the fines/codes?
I keep watching the property for signs that it might be opening soon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look promising.

Sunnyside Post

The new business owner is having problems moving into the space. There are a number of outstanding fines against the property (due to the previous tenants) and building code issues that he now has to contend with.
The delay could mean the store might not open until December.


Raquel – Claret does well, as does Fat and Salt… Sidetracks I’d consider relatively upscale… we have some gems!

45 year Resident of Sunnyside!

Thank God my prayers have been answered! We have not had a good bakery since the original Lowery Bakery closed. Frankly one gets what they pay for, we need a real bakery that uses real sugar, eggs milk before you go into diabetic, gluten free etc. The supermarkets all carry those in need to sugar free. Etc but we don’t have a real bakery in Sunnyside.
I have been at events that had Juan Arache original beautiful cakes that were wonderful with flavors and great taste. I look forward to getting good Birthday Cake for friends once again. Good Luck Juan!

Rick Duro

Thank you Juan! He makes the most amazingly delicious cakes, have had a bunch over the years!



Maybe our councilman can speed up the permt process so that you can open up faster. Your new customers can hardly wait for you to open up your store


Also, gluten-free baked goods would be awesome!

I’m very much looking forward to this!

However, I can’t lie, I do miss Sonali very much 🙁


Let me chime in here. We also need diabetic cakes and cookies these are hard to find in our big supermarkets. Low fat stuff.

congrats to archie we need him badly. My dream has come true.

Next store to open up is a book store to keep my dreams alive

Fantstic news it is like winning the lottery, can hardly wait for his doors to open up. HOORAY!!!!!


If “trendy” also means “expensive,” he’ll be in and out of there before the lease expires.

Neighborhood Observer

Don’t forget loads of us can’t tolerate wheat, but still love to eat baked sweets.


I miss sugar and joes! From greenpoint & 42nd – we need a decent bakery and a good bagel shop. Don’t mention Dave’s bagels, I mean good bagel shop.

Oppressed Masses

Good thing it will take two to three months to open; that will be after beach season.


Thank you for making Sunnyside a great place to live. Have been here all my life. Great to see nice stores like this opening up. Good luck and I plan on going in all the time!


WOW, a much needed addition to the sunnyside/Woodside area ..

Once up and running maybe Juan will open one in downtown Woodside or better still in the 50th to 56th St along Roosevelt Av area, the forgotton area for improvements ..

Much GOOD LUCK Juan …………….


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