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Oasis Pizza & Gyro opens Tuesday

Photo: QueensPost

Jan. 31, 2011 By Christian Murray

Most people thought it would never open.

However, tomorrow, after the half-completed restaurant sat vacant for a year, Oasis Pizza and Gyro is opening.

Peter Moundros, the owner of Oasis, said there were delays in putting in a new kitchen at the 40-02 Queens Blvd location.

Moundros, who also owns Pete’s Grill on Queens Blvd, said Oasis will focus on rotisserie chicken, gyros, souvlaki and pizza.

“It’s targeted to a different clientele that Pete’s Grill,” Moundros said. “The service will be quicker and faster; it’s for people who get off the subway,” he added. “Pete’s is more of a sit down place.”

The restaurant will be open seven days per week, from 11 am through to 11 pm.

A gyro sandwich will cost $4.95 and the platter $9.95. A rotisserie chicken will run at $8.95, and a plain pizza pie $13.95.

Next week, residents will be able to order in by calling 718-786-4976.

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I love oasis gyro and pizza as much as Pete’s grill
Their emphasis is not much on pizza
But gyro and rotisserie chicken. The most
Flavorful chicken I’ve had in years.
I wish Pete success in his new venture
I appreciate that he is trying to accommodate
Every budget. Good luck Pete

45th and Skillman

Mallory, I’d rather have another pizza place than another pharmacy, cell phone place or nail salon.


Hi Roxy if you think this hotel is a hot sheets then we need to contact brammer and tell me about it. This is all we need in our town plus the undesirable that will come here for a quck stay and leave brining their friends with them. Good looking out. How did you find out this information to begin with?

We do have plenty of pizzza places in our town. Probably one on every block. Its a cheap meal and fast. Somehow they all seem to survive.


Ok. so my wife and I tried it yesterday (the day it opened). It was ok. They were in rough shape, but who wouldn’t be on their first day. I had the grilled chicken hero with marinara sauce, 1 slice of pizza (which was bad and can’t compete with Sunnyside Pizza), and my wife had the chicken souvlaki sandwich. the crew was out of sorts. They need a couple of weeks to work the bugs out.


What is the Queens Boulevard border line between Sunnyside and Long Island City? I think that Sunnyside might have a “hot sheets hotel” in its midst. The LaQuinta on the south side of QB is offering a special rate of $89 daily to walk-in customers. Perhaps they’re trying to attract the hordes of students who pass by daily from Queens Vocational and Aviation Trades High Schools and LaGuardia Community College.


Great news! Pete’s Grill has been great for our neighborhood, and I’m sure Oasis Pizza Place will be well with Pete running the place. Good Luck!


Thanks for the great news. This web site always gives the most current up to date news. Glad the new pizza place is opening because now more people will walk down that far and use other stores down at the other end of the blvd. And since the owner is pete gill it will last as his other business is sucessulf. Now to see some good things happening in our town. Now if we can make the snow stop.

45th and Skillman

I liked the old diner, but I like Pete’s too. I hope he does well with that corner.


Delighted to learn that it shares ownership with Pete’s Grill, which is a huge improvement over the dinky diner that it replaced. I look forward to trying the Oasis, and hope it’s well worth the long wait.


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