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Sunnyside’s ‘Met Food’ to Expand

Photo: QueensPost

March 5, 2011 By Christian Murray

Met Food, a Sunnyside supermarket, is about to expand.

The store, located at 44-07 43rd Ave, will be taking over the space next door, which is currently occupied by a hair salon.

Met Food aims to combine the two properties by the end of June, according to John Han, the manager of the supermarket.

Meanwhile, the hair salon, Ceci Beauty Club, is relocating one block west on 43rd Ave.

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Lucky Lu

I wish we had a Trader Joe’s in the neighborhood. They would do fantastic in our area!

local #2

I wish the Met will become more like a Trader Joe’s kind of supermarket.
The choices and the prices would be really tremendous!!


I shop in Met Foods daily. I think it is the best supermarket in Sunnyside. I find the employees very helpful and friendly. When I asked for some item to be order they do it if the vender has it in inventory. I agree that the prices are not displayed but that is the only drawback I see.


What is the better supermarket in Sunnyside then? I like Met Food, also, I think they are a little lazy with the dates, but I check the dates everywhere anyway. They have a decent selection for their size; there’s not much else this side of Queens Blvd. Where should we shop?
Of the topic, What does Sunnysider mean by an american restaurant in the neighborhood? Quaint, Sidetracks, New York Style Eats(!), several diners, not to mention the bars with breakfast, lunch and dinner. What would you have in mind?

Lucky Lu

I have complained before that Met Foods does not place price tags on their items. It’s done on purpose and according to Met Foods HQ, in violation of company policy.


Luis, understood. However, my comments are based on several years of experience. For one or two bad experiences, I wouldn’t take the time to comment. (I’ve had such experiences in other local shops and you don’t see me naming names). And, again, I didn’t say I never shop there. I did say I limit my shopping there and the reasons why. Please don’t imply I’ve jumped to a quick conclusion. Look back on this thread, I’m not the only one who made such comments. You’ve posted your counterpoints and I think it’s time we dropped the discussion.


Susan, I’m just making a point. I can’t judge you from just one comment. But I’m sure that you understand what I’m conveying. And in the particular case of Met Food I think that, ok, you had a bad experience there but that doesn’t make them a bad place. You are free to buy wherever fits to your needs/budgets/likings but nowadays we’re just to quick to jump to conclusions and that can really hurt a business.
We judge a restaurant because we went once and had a bad service, but maybe the waitress had a really bad day and she usually is really kind and attentive. Then we go to yelp/the interweb and post a destructive comment.
Being able to communicate our opinions to a broader audience through new technologies doesn’t make us less responsible for what we say.


Luis, I see where you could say my comments are hypocritical. However I stand by my choices.

When I can, and it makes sense to do so, I shop locally and use local services: April Glass, Claire hair salon, Lotus Nails, Renan Mazzorra accounting/tax (he’s been my tax guy for 20 years).

But there are limits to what’s available and I’m not going to agree to poor quality or unpleasant service just because it’s in the neighborhood. Hope that helps clarify my position.


Great news! I actually enjoy the narrow aisles, that seems the only way people talk each other nowadays: “Sorry”, “excuse me”, “thanks”.

Hopefully we get a real seafood section. People who works there is really nice. I see a lot of people complaining about rotten food but I shop there a couple times a week and never had that problem. Only once I got something that had expired -pita bread- but they replaced it right away.
I mean, there is not such a thing as a perfect business.

Also, people complain about how so many business are failing but they buy their grocery from Fresh Direct. I mean, if you want to help your neighborhood spend your money here!

Crazy Landlords

you want to talk about nut jobs, those are landlords in sunnyside.
46th street former pizza place asking $ 4,500 per month for a hole in the wall, on QB next to DD @ 46 Diving Bell, Asking $ 8,000 per month
At QB and 39th place Corner stores both side of QB, one next to pete’s cafe $ 10,000. per month, otherside by pool hall now out, corner $ 9000. per month, 43th where yum yum, poor slobs paying $7,000 per month, next door crap hole asking 4,500 per month, new gyro pizza place on 40th paying $7000. per month, good old Post restaurant going down drain, i even looked at that place to bring back to life, $7500. per month, and these number dont include Real Estate taxes landlord wants to shove up your A**………..and plenty more like it…talk about a Joke


The sucess of this store is it’s location. it is terribly inadequate in circulation, the fresh fruits and vegetables must be scrutinized for rotten spots and the best sale items are frequently about to expire that day or the next. As Sunnysider states, all of them items need to be checked for expiration dates. After their last expansion we were overcharged on at least one item every time we shopped there and after complaining angrily to the Manager, it seems to be less of a problem now.


Sunnysider, I am nowhere near considering myself a dinosaur but I was taught to count change properly too.

One time, in Rite Aid, I asked the cashier why she handed me the change that way. I swear to you, she said “That’s what they taught us in cashier school.” I thought she was making a sarcastic joke until I found out there are actual schools for this.

That’s why I shop with FreshDirect as much as I can.


Susan I completely agree with you. Not only due they cheat you on price what you always have to make sure there food is date ok . Plus their aisles are too narrow.

How come no one counts change back to you anymore? They taught us that 30 years ago. Am iI the only dinasaur here. You have to count your change when you get it and the next customer is always in a rush to get out like the banks. What happen to service the customer and a thank you. No manners any more what happen to that.


They have some good selections and their produce section is better than Food Dynasty, but as Anne says the aisles are too narrow and often congested with tall displays and people stocking shelves.

They also overcharge and laugh when you point it out.

And like most grocery stores (and drugstores) in the area, if you bring your own bag, you get to pack it yourself too. They’ll stand there and watch you do it before they lift a finger to help.


hopefully now they’ll widen their aisles a bit,but what would work even better is not having their employees stocking shelves during their busy periods.


Congradulations to Met Foods. At least we know people in this town are eating. How Nice! What is their secret of success. Other busineses should bottle it. How about an american restaruant in our area? We have so many from other countries how about here like american.

But Congrats We should be very happy they are expanding their business it also means more job for our town.


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