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Sunnyside Nutritional Center Opens, While Superior Market/Beer World Is on the Block

Sunnyside Nutritional Center (Photo: QueensPost)

Aug. 30, 2013 Staff Report

A nutritional center opened on Skillman Avenue last week offering natural remedies for all kinds of illnesses.

The Sunnyside Nutritional Center, located at 45-10 Skillman Ave., provides Swedish, deep tissue and Shiatsus therapeutic massages. It also offers treatments for diabetics as well as individuals suffering from stress problems and obesity.

Photo: QueensPost

Meanwhile, on Queens Boulevard Superior Market/Beer World is for sale as the owner wants to move out and pursue other ventures.  He did not provide any details on the store– such as how much he wanted for the business or how much he was paying in rent.

Also on Queens Boulevard, Foxy’s Diner  has revamped its awning.

43-11 Queens Blvd. (Photo: QueensPost)

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I love superior market and the salty character (and kind hearts) of the guys who work there. So sad to here it’s changing hands as I think of them as neighborhood characters. As s beer lover, I hope the new ownership keeps the selection!

some people just don't make sense

@sycamore and @pat – there is a NYSC on 39th Street and a YMCA about three blocks from there. If you are paranoid about people watching you workout, purchase a workout DVD and exercise at home. *rolls eyes*


@Sycamore I second your suggestion on Curves.
The system really works ..

Would love to have a new one back on the Boulevard ……………..


Shesha — Associated on Greenpoint Ave has a good fish section. All fresh on ice. Very nice guy who knows his stuff.


Beer World has a great selection of beers but is WILDLY overpriced. Attitude adjustment and a reality check on pricing could have made these guys successful.


i hope beer world goes out i used to go there and get foreign beer all the time i bought some expired beer there then they guy was an Ahole about the whole returning thing, always grumpy and never happy, good thing they going under

Celtic Bark

I think Associated expanded and upgraded a few years ago, long before Foodtown closed. In any case, finding good beer in Sunnyside is not difficult. We are spoiled for choice, whether it’s in the pubs, supermarkets or delis.


I like the selection but there’s no room to stand and ponder all of the choices. And the bottles are dusty and many are exposed to sunlight.

I can go to to Associated, where they also have a good selection: it’s refrigerated, and they rotate theyre stock. They have taken advantage of the other market closing by upping their game- they are the new competition to beat.

South Side Johnny

Isn’t there also an athletic club on 39th? Between the Sunnyside & the Woodside libraries, I get all the books I want. I guess people still want to buy them, but there’s probably a reason that so many bookstores have gone out of business in the last ten years. I order books on the library website and then pick them up in a week or two. It’s a great service and it’s free!


There’s a good fish market owned by the older Korean couple on 44th st near the bus stop.

gym? There’s the YMCA near 33 st with parking. Has a large pool. Seems overcrowded with families.

mileys foam finger

hey hey a new awning and it looks like they spent more than 30 bucks!! way to go foxys!!


we need 1) a good fish place 2) a good gym 3) a good book store 4) a good yoga spot 5) a famous brands


Good riddance to ‘Beer World’. They were rude and always charged an extra percentage for using a card no matter how much I was spending, and after I was told 2 seconds earlier there’d be no such charge.


I so wish that a large healthfood store would open in Beer World’s place….just puttin it out there 🙂


Good luck to all. A good massage sounds beneficial. How about a yoga studio? I’d love to get Curves back in the neighborhood. They were just right for me.


I hope the storefront for that “massage” joint is a work in progress. I would never open an establishment without proper signs. Looks like they are there temporarily….


Nice addition to Foxy’s! Superior has a great beer selection, hope the new owners keep it around.

Sunnyside Girl

Oh no! Beer World rocks! I’m sorry to hear this. Maybe the new owners will keep it the same! They have an awesome selection of beer!


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