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Sunnyside Mini Mart Owner Busted for Possessing $500K of Bootlegged Cigarettes

The owner of Sunnyside Mini Mart located at 41-08 48th St. was arrested Tuesday for possessing bootlegged cigarettes (Photo: QueensPost)

June 13, 2019 By Christian Murray

An East Elmhurst man who runs a minimart in Sunnyside and three other convenience stores throughout the city was busted by police Tuesday for possessing more than $500,000 in bootlegged cigarettes.

Mohammed Khan, 44, of 78th Street in East Elmhurst, was charged with grand larceny and multiple tax crimes after police conducted a court-authorized raid Tuesday morning and seized nearly 22,000 packs of cigarettes from his home. The cigarettes seized, according to the District Attorney’s office, either failed to have a New York State tax stamp or had counterfeit stamps.

The police also recovered 52,000 counterfeit stamps yet to be affixed and $177,125 in cash throughout his home.

The police searched Khan’s four businesses, including Sunnyside Mini Mart, located at 41-08 48th St., where he is listed as the president. Police seized 16 cartons of cigarettes that had counterfeit tax stamps at his Sunnyside location. Police seized a total of 115 packets of cigarettes from his two Manhattan stores and Brooklyn store combined.

Khan had been the subject of a long-term investigation that led to the search of his home and businesses.

Police arrived at his 30-58 78th St. home early Tuesday and when no one answered they forced their way in. The NYPD found a child—no more than 2 years old—alone in the house. The police then left the house through the backdoor and found Khan in an adjacent house—also owned him—wearing only his underwear hiding behind a door.

He has been charged with second- and fourth-degree grand larceny, first degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, violation of tax law, endangering the welfare of a child and possession or transportation of untaxed cigarettes with the intent to sell. He was released on his own recognizance and ordered to return to court Aug. 6.

The police also arrested Mohammed Ahmed, of 32-34 78th St. in East Elmhurst, an alleged associate of Khan’s.

Police recovered 115 cartons of cigarettes from Ahmed’s home, with all 1,150 packs bearing counterfeit tax stamps.

“Selling untaxed cigarettes is a booming business for bootleggers, who cheat both New York State and the City out of much-needed revenue,” said Acting District Attorney John M. Ryan. “The main defendant in this case allegedly padded his pockets with money. Both defendants now face prison time as a result of their alleged greed.”

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I’d love to see this store shut down. The local drug dealer has claimed it as his spot for all of the pillheads to get there fix. He’s a bald fat jerk who should be out behind bars and the stores that allow dealers and thugs to hang around should be shut down.


If the two accused are found to be guilty of the crimes they are alleged to have committed, then besides long jail sentences, their tobacco licenses should be revoked and never issued to the principals again.

Mark Tully

“The main defendant in this case allegedly padded his pockets with money,” said Acting District Attorney John M.I. Lyan in a statement before an audience of teenage gumshoes and jaded alcoholics. “That money belongs to the taxpayers, and I’ll be damned if I let local business owners pocket it before we, the government, can.” Lyan rushed out of the press briefing to attend a meeting with colleagues on gang violence, and how they can make the trials of homicidal maniacs caught in the act with their faces on camera last more than a year.


This is great, when pharmacies stopped selling cigs, these thugs thought they can get away with this thievery. I wonder how many smokers got toxic fumes from these fake cigs.

Pa Ingalls

I’m not surprised. That place was always shady. With two or so girls being the only ones there? That’s scary.

Frank O

The real crime is the price of a six pack in there. Always been shady, even after it was renovated.

Critic Al

I got a 6 pack of Modello. Clerk says $13. I say, what? No thanks. Ok, I’ll give it to you for $11. No thanks.

Why should the mayor pay more taxes than the President?

Trump says he doesn’t pay any taxes, and that “makes him smart”. Same for the mayor.


There was no money in it then, the state and feds created this mess with their appetite for revenue in the guise of helping people.


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