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Sunnyside juice company to open second neighborhood store

May 9, 2017 By Christian Murray

A Sunnyside juice company is branching out and is opening a store on Skillman Avenue.

Cooldown Juice, which opened at 39-11 47th Avenue in 2015, plans to open a second store at 48-19 Skillman Avenue by June 1.

Eric Barthels, the owner and a Sunnyside resident, said the Skillman Avenue store will focus on serving the end retail customer—primarily Sunnyside and Woodside residents. The new store, unlike his 47th Avenue location, will not be used to produce and sell juices for corporate clients nor to do deliveries.

“The new store will be hyperlocal, where people will walk in sit down and have a juice,” Barthels said. He said that he there will be six to eight seats and he will also be offering his customers vegan GMO-free food.

Barthels said the focus will be on the juice—as opposed to the food—and anticipates that 85 percent to 90 percent of the store revenue will come via juice.

Cooldown Juice offers an array of cleanses and juices. Flavors include the “Delhi Defender,” a mixture of carrot, pineapple, orange, lime, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric; “Dr. Greenthumb,” a mixture of green apple, cucumber, spinach, kale and other greens; and “Essential Elements,” a mixture of almond milk, spinach, cacao, dates, vanilla and bananas.

Barthels said he loves Sunnyside and that opening a Skillman Avenue location was the logical net step. “Skillman Avenue excites me with businesses such as Sunnyside Yoga and Stray Vintage located there. There is a lot of foot traffic and there is the farmers market and Sunnyside Gardens.”

Barthels said he has no plans to close his 47th Avenue store, saying that it is profitable.

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I have a great space in Astoria for a juice store

If the owner sees this please respond to this post


Congrats! Such good news. I love your juices and professionalism. Best of luck. Sunnyside is lucky to have this kind of fresh, cold-pressed juice.


Looking forward to grabbing a juice here! Hope it’s a nice environment to sit and chat, like a café with juice.


I’ve only been to the original location a couple of times, but the people inside were very friendly and the juice was good. Happy to know I can pick up a juice if I’m strolling around Skillman. Good luck!

OJ The Juice, the one and only

man, i think this sites been hacked by russian juice haterz! Good luck cool down juice! You guys are all right

Fan of dough boy park

Took the juice challange and i must say that i could DEFINITELY tell the difference!


Oh joy!!!..I love juice..Orange , Pineapple, Cranberry they all they all add wonderful flavor to my vodka..Now if we could only get Chuck Schumer to next year’s Parade for All I would be the happiest rent controlled Sunnysider in the neighborhood!

Oil beef hooked

Looks like a neat store. They should have a window or something more inviting. To hard to order juice from the little slot in the metal gate IMHO. I love juice

Eric Barthels

Thanks! Just come in and use the phrase “the juice is loose” for 50% off your juice orders.


im trying to figure out why this comment received so many dislikes? Because she said cant wait to “come” instead of “go”? 23 people need to lighten up.

I cant wait to check out this place.


Quite the squeeze! These guys juiced their way to the top! Don’t get fresh with them!

george kelly

THis the juice hut that puts all the trash on the sidewalks?

I wish them luck

Oil, Beef, Hooked

Miss the old days when you could get juice from the coffee diners.


There are so many “thumb downs” that it shows this site can be rigged. Come on… 17394 thumb downs? hahaha that’s a lie! Best of luck to Cooldown and Barthels. High vibes.


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