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Sunnyside: “It’s Me or the Dog”

June 26, 2011 Staff Report

Is your dog a problem? And do you love publicity?

Well, if so, there might be a chance for you and your canine to be on Animal Planet’s “It’s me or the dog.” The show features Victoria Stilwelll, a well-known dog trainer from England, who works with dogs that cause havoc at home.

On Saturday, July 9, a casting director will appear at Skillman Pets (49-16 Skillman Ave.) to look for unruly dogs that would make for worthy subjects for the show. The director is appearing at Skillman Pets on the same day the store is working with New York Abandoned Angels Dog Rescue to help adopt six rescue dogs. The events take place between 1-5 pm.

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Great promo for our town. A benefit from skillman pet shop. I hope that dog owners below 49 st will find out about this event. I hope that signs are put on the street or in store windows.

Plus great reporting by this site.

Mike Novak

How about training the selfish a-hole dog owners to actually pick up after their dogs? How come these dog owners never let them poop in front of their homes? Sunnyside Gardens has become a foul-smelling minefield of filth as every morning and evening the come marching across Skillman Ave to let their precious pups poop all over the sidewalk and even on people’s front gardens.


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