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Sunnyside icon honored by Chamber of Commerce

L-R Judge John Kraft, Ira Greenberg, Joe Kenton, Luke Adams, Walter McCaffrey, Kristina Czerniachowicz, Patricia Dorfman, Rebecca Barker, Joe Conley, Assemblywoman Nolan, Stanley Grochola, Lily Gavin, Roel van der kooi

Long-time community activist Luke Adams was honored Monday night with a newly created award titled: the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce “Luke Adams Sunnysider of the Year.”

The award ceremony was held at Dazies Restaurant, where Adams was praised for his “vision, compassion, ferocity and trustworthiness.” Given Adams’ devotion to Queens, the “Luke Adams” award was created for him and will be presented to worthy recipients on annual basis

Speakers at the ceremony, which was a comedy roast, discussed Adams’ brief career as an actor, his stint in public relations and sales, and his life as the owner of the travel agency Don Bar Travel on 46th Street in Sunnyside.

Besides the Chamber, Adams has been active in the Lions Club of Sunnyside/Woodside, Discover Queens, Gateway Restoration, and Community Board 2. Born in Woodhaven, Adams has spent most of his life in Queens. He serves as marketing director for the Chamber, and is known widely as a vocal supporter of small businesses.

There were about 75 attendees, who paid $45 and up to attend, according to Patricia Dorfman, a chamber VP who was the main organizer of the event.

Ira Greenberg, Chamber Chairman of the Board, told the story of his time as president when he rushed to a holiday lighting ceremony and got there ten minutes late to find the lights lit. Adams said, “You were late. You missed it.”

Former City Councilman Walter McCaffrey poked fun at Adam’s obstinance, but spoke in detail about his long friendship with Adams, calling him a “treasure in our midst.”

Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan presented the award for the Chamber, and had everyone stand to give him a standing ovation for his long service to the community.

Other roasters included state senator Michael Gianaris, Judge John Kraft, Stanley Grochola, Ona Whitman, and Community Board 2 Chair Joe Conley.

Adams ended the evening by giving out awards of his own to four chamber members for their service in the Taste of Sunnyside, to Tim Chen, Ramiro Mendez, Rebecca Barker and Patricia Dorfman.

Sunnyside Shines and the Chamber hosted the Taste of Sunnyside.

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This man is like Mr. Sunnyside. I am thrilled he is honored and having a special award just in his name for other every years is gong to make this event very special next year. So glad for Mr. Luke Adams. He Deserves this Honor. We need more community invovement in this town .He is an example of what we can do to help our town.



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