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Sunnyside Gardens Oktoberfest to Attract Big Numbers

Cillian Connolly from Oktoberfest 2011

Oct. 4, 2012 By Christian Murray

The annual Sunnyside Gardens Park Oktoberfest is taking place Saturday and children throughout the area will be treated to a range of activities– from pumpkin decorating to face painting.

“This year we are expecting between 2,000 and 2500 attendees,” said Ty Sullivan, who is the MC for the event.

Sullivan said that there will be more than 900 pumpkins, a climbing wall, a story-telling tent, mechanical rides and live music for the kids by Richard Younger, a local performer.  There will be craft tables for children to create and decorate necklaces, he added.

Sullivan said the event will be open to the public and admission will be free.

Meanwhile, the adults will be able to taste a range of different beers, enjoy sausages, potato salad, hotdogs and burgers.

Sunnyside Gardens Park is located at 48-21 39th Ave. (at 49th Street) in Sunnyside. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, Oct. 6, at noon and ends at dusk. The rain date is Oct. 7

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That event sucked… The weather was windy people were rude lines were an hour Long … Too much publicity on it there were wayyyyyy to many people last years was better nuff said

Rick Duro

Attacks? OM, you have skin that is uber thin, but you love dishing it out tho! So sorry for hurting your feelings, OM. I’ll send you an online hallmark card.

Saying you ‘love dogs’ is an ‘attack’? You seem very obsessed with them. Thus, I would, in turn, believe that deep down you actually DO love them and SUDS for that matter for all the great things they have accomplished. Lastly, what’s so wrong with hermit crabs? They deserve love too!

This message board is about debate and fun. The work @ Lodati is something I am passionate about and put a lot of work/time into. Each time you respond about the dog run, I’ll let’cha know what I think, simple as that. Especially when one of your comments finds its way into a discussion that really has zilch to do with the dog run.

Sunnyside Gardens is a private area, they may do what they like, well, I guess w/i landmark rules now? Lodati is public/park land.

All my shots are up to date, got my dog tags on too.

I only froth @ the mouth for Ben & Jerry’s ‘Chocolate Therapy’.


Dog Lover / Not A Dog Owner

Sunnyside Gardens is a private park where you have to pay an annual membership fee of $385. Although it is a large park, it does not have enough space to support a dog run inside the confines of that park. The idea has been discussed by several members though. Sunnyside Gardens is subject to a very similar, but slightly different set of laws than the ones governed by the public parks. The park that is known as Lou Lodati / Torsney Playground is a public park, just like Riverside Park on the West Side of Manhattan. Just as funds were secured to build the dog run in Riverside Park, funds were secured to build the dog run at Lou Lodati. All dog runs have standard laws that fall under the Rules & Regulations of NYC Parks. Oppressed Masses is very misinformed…and although he/she truly might not be ignorant, he/she certainly comes across that way. OM – do you even LIKE dogs?


Speaking of dogs and parks, I hope the Halloween parade participants respect the posted signs at the entrances to Windmueller Park which clearly state “No Pets” in the track- basketball court area and children’s playground area. If you can’t read English there is a picture representation of the rule. Dogs are permitted in the Doughboy statue area of the park near 54th St but must be leashed between 9am and 9pm.

Oppressed Masses

Why do the concerns that prohibit dogs from Sunnyside Gardens Park not apply to Lodati Park? The same reasons that cause the masters of Sunnyside Gardens Park to keep dogs out should apply also to Lodati, unless you believe it is Ok to expose the kind of people who use Lodati to the feces, urine, sniffing and yipping generated by canines that the Gardens folk want no part of.

RD, what’s up with the personal attacks? I have never attacked you personally, and you starting to sound like you are frothing at the mouth. Are your shots up to date?

Rick Duro

maybe the dogs can be brought in afterword to pick up any loose hot dogs/burgers that hit the ground, save $ on cleanup.

OM Loves Sunnyside’s Dogs!

Do you have pets OM? I bet you have a sweet collection of hermit crabs.




Yeah, after I hit enter I saw that it sounded violent. I meant it more as a name tag. I only think he needs a stern talking to… Maybe a slap in the face.



With threats like that (even though most likely in jest I assume), people still wonder why most commenters prefer to stay anonymous.

Yuppy #1

Sorry Ruben, you’re not invited. We don’t need you’re racist views or hateful speech. Have a good day!


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