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Sunnyside Gardens Man Who Was Arrested For Guns and Drugs– Faces Domestic Violence Charges

March 21, 2014 By Christian Murray

The Sunnyside Gardens man who was arrested Wednesday for the possession of a bevy of drugs and firearms also faces a number of domestic violence charges that stem back to 2012.

Daniel Tone, who was arrested at 5:00 am Wednesday, allegedly tried to choke his wife inside their 39-14 44th Street home in August 2012 by “putting his hands around her neck and applying pressure,” according to charges.

Daniel Tone, when he committed the alleged offense, violated an order of protection, according to the charges. He also faces a second-degree harassment charge stemming from that incident.

These charges have been added to the litany of others that were filed dealing with drugs and guns.

Tone was arraigned yesterday and was ordered to be held on $50,000. He is currently in Rikers Island.

His attorney, Mahmoud Rabah, said that Tone has plead not guilty and will be fighting the charges. He said Tone will probably make bail some time soon.

According to the police, Tone kept his bevy of guns in the basement and grew his marijuana plants in an upstairs bedroom.

Tone’s next court date is scheduled for April 16.

Daniel Tone charges by sunnysidepost

Daniel Tone, From Queens District Attorney’s by sunnysidepost

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intheShadow of Celtic

whaaaa ? gun ? drugs ? violence ? thats just cray cray !
whoever heard of such a thing in this country ?


When are we going to get his mugshots or facebook pictures?
I also suspect this guy and his posse as well as buyers were the reason for stolen wheels and smashed mirrors. Someone gets mad at him smashes mirrors, someone can’t pay his “due” steals tires and comes back with cash.
North side desperately needs more cameras and better street lighting.

Tawn Shornton

@Dawn O’Day

So why are so many women attracted to these “bad boy” types and ignore decent, well mannered gentlemen because they are “boring”? Even when they do get knocked around, they will stick with these bums like a loyal but stupid mutt.

Dawn O'Day

Domestic violence is not taken seriously enough in our society. Our society still accepts verbal and physical violence against women as “private” behavior even when it takes place in public.

ca$h munnee

i cant tell if the dude was white or black!! its a powder white neighborhood but hes livin like a gangsta! Man, this is interesting…. maybe they were shootin a rap vid.

Long-Time Resident

Daniel Tone, according to law must stand fair trial. However, I must say this is a disgrace to Sunnyside, not to mention the torture endured by his wife. The 108th should be proud. From this report, Daniel Tone stands trial for many counts.

law & order

If you look at webcrims website, the date of offense for the DV stuff is 2012 but the arrest date is 3/20/14. So there could have been an outstanding warrant.


The reporting on the domestic violence charges is confusing. I think the August 2012 criminal charges were already presented and not just added to the firearms and drug charges for which Mr. Tone was arrested on March 19th. The question is why haven’t criminal charges brought 19 months ago been decided by now?


Good for him! Let that man stay in Rikers Island and never come to Sunnyside, Queens ever again!


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