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Crime Dips, Although Sunnyside Not Incident Free

Thomas Kavanagh (Photo: NYPD)

May 27, 2010 By Christian Murray

Deputy Inspector Thomas Kavanagh, the head of the 108th police precinct, reported at Tuesday night’s precinct meeting that crime dropped 6.5 percent in the past 28 days ending May 21, compared to the same 28-day period one year ago.

He said that crime was essentially flat for the year so far—compared to the same period in 2009.

While the 108th precinct covers Woodside, Sunnyside and Long Island City, the police and attendees addressed several incidents pertaining to Sunnyside, such as a robbery on Monday, several graffiti arrests and arrests in Sunnyside Gardens.

The precinct reported the following numbers for the 28 day period: there were no murders, 1 rape (down from 3 last year); 10 robberies (down from 14 last year); 10 felony assaults (up from 3 last year); 15 burglaries (down from 22 last month); 34 grand larcenies (down from 36), and 16 grand larceny autos (up from 14).

Kavanagh said that while felony assaults were up there were no major incidents such as stabbings or shootings.

The robbery that took place on Monday was at a gift store at 39-34 Queens Blvd. A man walked into the store at around 12:30 pm, slapped the woman behind the counter in the face and motioned to the woman he had a gun. He then stole cash and fled the scene. The police described the perpetrator as a 5 “8” black male, but had no further details.

Police said they made 8 graffiti arrests along Queens Blvd between 36th and 45th Streets. The perpetrators were teenagers who had targeted cars and telephone poles.

There were three arrests in the courtyard of an apartment building located on Skillman Ave., between 46th and 47th Streets. The perpetrators were drinking and were arrested on disorderly behavior charges. One of the men had an outstanding warrant against him for jumping bail on a 5 year prison sentence for robbery. He has since been sent to prison.

The police were pleased that Gary McGurk, a Woodside resident who was up on murder charges for killing Michelle Lee of Sunnyside, pled guilty last week.

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Angel DeJesus

Crime looks like it goes down because the DI Down- grades the Numbers or reclassify the numbers so it looks like crime is down. I know i Just to work there. Example : A robbery would be down-grade to gran larceny, a Burglary to criminal trespass.


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