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Sunnyside condo board has history of vindictiveness, sticking owners who complain with huge fees, according to suit

Outside the entrance of 47-55 39th Place

Aug. 24, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

The condo board from hell– known for allowing images of Hitler and the Confederacy to go up in the lobby–has waged war against two condo owners by systematically jacking up fees and imposing hefty fines, according to a lawsuit filed by the alleged victims.

The plaintiffs, the husband and wife duo of Jerry Iannece and Lynn Calvacca, filed suit April 18 against the board claiming that they have been hit with exorbitant fines and fees since they fell out of favor with the board. They claim that the board does not have the authority to arbitrarily impose many of these fees without a bylaw change– requiring a vote of unit owners.

The suit also claims that the board has been harassing residents, particularly tenants. The suit focuses heavily on one defendant in particular—Neal Milano, the building’s property manager.

The couple seek millions in damages from the board as well as $50,000 from each of the five individual board members including Milano, according to the suit filed in the Supreme Court for Queens County.

Lynn Calvacca, who filed a lawsuit against the board

Iannece and Calvacca own two condos in the building which they have rented out since they were purchased in 2008 and 2014.

They allege a history of unreasonable fines, including hefty application and interview fees for prospective tenants. In 2012, a $750 fee was imposed for the first time, which was upped to $1,500 in 2014 after they complained, and increased again in 2015 to $2,500 after more protests. The couple claim that board set the fine for nonpayment at $5,000.

They argue that the fees made it difficult to rent their units, and they were forced to pay these fees out of their own pocket. The couple want those fees returned.

The suit alleges that the condo board targeted them again, by amending the house rules when they bought their second condo. The board notified them that all buyers would be subject to an $850 application fee and a $1500 management fee, which the plaintiffs were forced to pay. In late 2015, the plaintiffs say another amendment was passed that required sellers to pay a processing and service fee of $5,000, with purchasers required to pay a $1,500 application fee and a $2,500 management fee.

The suit also says that other charges were imposed on tenants and owners of rental units sometime after the current condo board members took charge in 2011. The board added a $100 a month surcharge if a guest was in the unit, a $500 per week contractor surcharge during renovations, and a $300 elevator fee during renovations.

One of the couple’s tenants was hit with a $500 fine for disposing a Christmas tree at the curbside, which was disposed of according to Department of Sanitation instructions, according to the suit. The condo board, in a notice, said the tenant was “deranged, vile, animalistic, and despicable” for this. The suit further alleges that the condo board repeatedly circulated notices through the building with slanderous pictures and language against the same tenant, which were allegedly also sent to the tenant’s work place. The tenant filed a criminal complaint with the NYPD.

The plaintiffs say that the condo board unlawfully hiked the fees and fines through amendments to the house rules. They argue that board needed to change the condo’s bylaws to impose such fees, requiring it to put to a vote by all the unit owners.

Derailed their attempts to be on the board

The couple say that their attempt to be on the condo board in 2015 was unfairly thwarted. They claim that the board intimidated unit owners to support the existing members prior to the election, and that the board made derogatory and false statements about them to unit owners to discourage support.

Furthermore, the couple claims that months after the election, the condo board changed the eligibility rules to stop any future attempts at running. The suit claims that the board put in place a requirement limiting board eligibility to those who have lived in the building for at least one year. Since the plaintiffs rent out their condos, they claim the rule was changed to deliberately shut them out.

As for the lobby, which features elaborate murals depicting scenes and figures in American history, including images of Hitler and Mussolini opposite the Allied powers in a World War II banner, the couple say the condo board did not consult with unit owners about it, and that the murals caused “alarm, annoyance, and monetary devaluation of the entire building.” Complaints to the condo board made by the plaintiffs about the murals, and suggestions to have non-political covering in the lobby, were refused.

World War II banner showing an image of Hitler

In another complaint about building decorations, the plaintiffs also allege that during holidays, the condo board puts up large, inflatable figurines that play holiday music 24/7 and are operated by loud air blowers and compressors. The suit, which calls these decorations and their noise “a menace to public health” also alleges that when the condo board was asked to turn it down, stop or reduce the duration of the figurines and their noise, the board allegedly raised the volume, to the annoyance of those on the first floor where the decorations are nearest.

The suit claims that Neal Milano, the property manager and secretary of the board, is the “major initiator and instigator” of the above.

The suit also claims Milano had an outstanding lien against the units he owned in the building, but when he and “a group of disgruntled unit owners” took control of the condo board in 2011, they “conspired” to make the lien disappear.

The plaintiffs are urging that he be removed from his role immediately, and are also seeking monetary compensation for the fines placed and to cover their list of grievances.

Jacob Laufer, attorney for the condo board and its members, filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in July.

“The lawsuit is without legal merit,” Laufer said.

The motion says that the management and application fees imposed by the board are lawful and within the board’s power, and that the fees go toward the “well-being of the condominium.” The motion also says that the fees are not arbitrary or discriminatory, for two of the board members listed as defendants, who recently sold their units, also paid the application fees. Therefore, it argues, the defendants were not unfairly targeted.

The motion also says that the individual board members cannot be sued, which is part of the bylaws.

The murals in the lobby and the holiday decorations, the motion adds, were voted on and approved by the board.

The motion says that the plaintiffs shouldn’t be filing a lawsuit to bring change; instead, they should focus on voting in a different board.

“Normal principles of corporate governance and democracy dictate that if the plaintiffs object their recourse is not judicial intervention, but rather to vote for a different Board,” reads the motion. “In fact, the plaintiffs come to court because Plaintiff Jerry Iannece ran for the board but lost the election.”

Complaint Against Condo by Queens Post on Scribd

Motion to Dismiss by Queens Post on Scribd

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sadly, even after a legal win, nobody in their right mind would want to purchase or rent here. it’s plastered on the internets forever. the minute someone googles 47-55 39 Place, the first thing they will see is all the nasty articles about abuse and threats to owners and tenants. good luck selling your apts for even one dollar, let alone its FMV. many life savings just went down the drain. the lawsuits will be piling up against the condo board and milano.

A Judge 99

The decorations are learning tools for teaching we II. Look how,all the countries and leaders of the world are represented. Hitler is there but so is Wilson. Milano did not break any laws hanging this WWII display on the walls.


Attention seeker is right. He only did this and put his name out there to get cred. Guys like him are no good either


Finally someone with balls but he’s an idiot for taking credit. He’s gonna get locked up. This boy is stupid admitting to anything. An attention seeker. Do things on the sly, just like the idiot Neal does. You get your point across and you don’t get made an example of. I


I went by this building one night and it is lit up like a prison. I don’t know how anyone with a first floor apartment gets any sleep. The huge No No No signs and God Bless America signs also just make the building a complete eye sore.

Ripped From the Headlines

I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that this whole crazy saga will be the basis for an upcoming Law & Order: SVU.


uh oh, sounds like neal is about to loose bigtime, lol. i’m sure the judge will be thrilled to throw his @ss in prison when he is found contempt of court with his potty mouth. if this is a condo, the owners have a right to annual board meetings, votes on members, and most importantly financial statements prepared by an outside cpa firm that show where their maintenance fees have gone, which should be common area, utilities, and a reserve fund account, and any mortgage that the building took. a full audit of the buildings books should be requested. if not, the board should be held fully liable. however, i think the amount is too low. i would seek far more in damages from each member if they are found guilty of negligence and unlawful practices in running the corporation.

My stomachs growling

I don’t know about you all but with all this talk I got a hankerin for some Pepperidge Farm Double Dark Chocolate Milanos, One fine cookie, made right here in the U-S-A!!!


I have never seen so many Trump stickers in one place in my life, I went by this building yesterday and all up and down the street are these Trump labels on street signs, corner light poles, cars, even the corner fire alarm has these stupid “TRUMP” labels/stickers. Someone tell this retard that the election was last year. I would have hated to see that block around election time. Who the hell does this Neal jerk think he is, does he own the block? Us tax payers have to foot the bill to clean this garbage. I read somewhere that the building has no management company got fired by this creep and the unit owners pay Neal their maintenance fees directly which explains where the money for these stickers. The man has his vices, by the look of the video he looks like a sex and drug addict, A man of his age should speak proper English. .

No backbones

I saw the lobby. It’s really historic stuff, but not for a lobby where certain folks could be offended. Shame on the tennants for the sorry excuse of “we’re afraid of him”. Power in numbers, hes 1 person. I’m sure if the owners of the building saw every tennants rent/security going into an escrow account, old Neal would have been let go. Shame on you people for not standing up to this blowhard. The owners can’t throw all of you out. Instead you bent over and went crying to jvb.


I’ve been in the lobby (about 4 years ago) and its fucking terrifying – in a schizophrenic sort of way. So to each their own. I don’t like even walking down that block because of this particular building. It’s obvious someone crazy runs it.

My building is largely elderly and immigrant and I’m sure this building isn’t much different; its not hard to think one could bully his way to “rule” over them. Particualrly after the things I’ve heard about this guy. It seems that whenever the owners tried to complain, their doors and mailboxes would be vandalized, and notices posted with fines about guests, etc.

I applaud the owners for going public about this imho. While I think JVB is being a bit over done with this whole thing (is a rally really necessary?) I think there is incredible merit to the owner’s complaints.

chuck shumer nose meter update

I wil be there today holding a press conference with my glasses way down on nose, way down right on the tip of my nose signifies to all this is a really important issue.


i saw a glimpse of this new story on tv and decided to google it. Is this a building for seniors? Everyone at the news conference looked over 65.


Sunnyside has a lot of senior citizen. As they die off young people of means are replacing them. Sunnyside is losing its Irish flavor.


Sounds like people need to read their rental lease or view board guidelines before purchasing a condo. This is NYC and no one can impose fines unless a document is signed which states just that. Now the people talking about paying fines are either dumb or just figure the media is here so let me talk about things i do not like that i agreed to,


Ok you guys are either exaggerating the truth or this man has mental problems. If the case is that he is mentally disabled (which so many of you make it sound like) then shame on all of you for picking on someone with a disability. i say fire him from his job and let him collect disability. This site is all the proof that he will need to get a check. If his interactions with tenants, behavior or postings were illegal he would of been arrested already.

No way

That’s what happens when you choose to live in a dumpy building. Who wants to live in a co-op/condo setting. You have to live by rules other people who belong to the board set. Some stuffy asshole who think they’re special. It’s the boards way or too bad. F U and this building. Then you have to smell all the bad smell from others, no way!!!

Blue collar

Disability!!! Just like every other “ill’ person just a way not to work. SMH liberals. Get a job and stop living off the working class.


It must be tough to have bought in that building, with the misery and negativity that will drag on for years. Fortunately they do have a strong case as a number of laws have been broken by the condo board and super. If there is an underlying lease on the building the owners will have more leverage.


Did you see the press conference or attend the rally? They were mostly people from outside the neighborhood that attended along with the media. The building will be just fine! More and more people are moving to Sunnyside everyday and this will not stop them.


i can see where people have a problem with images of Hitler but lets face it most Americans hardly know anything about Confederate leaders even when an image of them is posted. For many Americans, the Confederate Flag just reminds them of the south and the “Dukes of Hazard.” I guess certain groups are finally calling attention to these displays and wanting them removed. Thus, people are jumping on the bandwagon. I did not even know people had issues with Christopher Columbus until i recently saw it on the news.


This is not about freedom of speech or symbols of hate. This is about condo ownership and board legalities. Lucky for the plaintiffs, Neal’s posters and way of management got them some media attention which will help their case. Sounds like both sides are trying to use Neal for their own agenda.

Neziah Bliss

Happy to see this is being handled in an official way: JVB bringing a spotlight, media looking into it, lawsuits filed, officials checking claims. JVB must drive the trolls crazy, because he has no fear and is extremely effective.

That said – my skin crawls a bit with the public character assassination Mr. Milano and his family are getting on this comment section and by the posters around town though. I think Mr. Milano’s actions, especially now on public record in these lawsuits speak plenty for themselves without needing to dive that low. Not that my call for reason will have any impact on the Sunnyside Post comment board, but sometimes it’s fun to just shove a measured approach in for the hell of it. Lets Go Mets!


Do you know who this stalking criminal is?? Neal Milano and his ugly daughter Barbara stalk me and my family and want us to move out. I found a Trump sticker on my windshield last October and I asked Neal very nicely if he could check the cameras because I was parked in front of the building when this happened. The damn sticker was taped to my windshield washer and windshield (why would someone do this?), anyway, Neal told me that the cameras were not for the renters to see, I was very civil with him until this day, now I just avoid him. Most of the unit renters do not go out in the hall way if they hear him, and man do we hear him! A couple of days after my windshield got the stickered my apartment door got 10x as many stickers, all saying TRUMP, i was like WTF, I called the cops and they did nothing, Neal was nowhere to be found either. It was his way of sending a message that renters have no rights in his bldg. We experience this every day in the letters he posts on our doors. My wife used to be friendly with Barbara but not anymore. Barbara is a sour woman, one of her baby daddy’s is from the Dominican Republic and left her for another woman, The younger kid’s father is unknown. I don’t care about his family life, i just want him to leave me and the people who live in the building alone. I will be coming to the next rally, I will take off work and blow horns the day they remove Neal and Barbara from the building. Very few owners live in the bldg, without us renters the building would be worthless, btw when is the next rally?

Neziah Bliss

Tahur, I see your point. You win. This guy basically sounds like the worst person to ever run a building and if I had to live through it I’d be furious, freaked out, and determined at all costs to stop him. I still like the official/calmer response of JVB rather than back alley tactics- but count me in as a member of the angry mob.

Is an opinion reversal a first for Sunnyside Post comment boards? I think it’s the first I’ve ever seen.


Quit the slut shaming. It is beneath us all. The man has a mental health issue that needs serious medical attention. When the residents can’t handle the situation themselves and find it unendurable, they have to have somewhere to turn. I’m glad JVB is helping out.


This is a hate crime and should be investigated by the police!!! Crazy talk.
Van Bramer what are you smoking?
I read elsewhere that the board claims it knows nothing about the Nazi directory. Innocent until proven guilty, Jimmy?
Bramer= says hate crime. What an exaggeration.
Bramer=Recruits owner of two apartments filing lawsuit to speak at press conference
Bramer=Claims Nazi directory without knowing facts.
Van Bramer=idiot.


This is really about a law suit and not those posters that the media is focusing on. To me, it sounds like someone is taking advantage of Neal and his mental capabilities and using him as a puppet to cause mayhem in the building. But of course the main stream media only focuses on a “hate crime.” I see this about condo owners (who rent out) not happy with fines and trying to get their way. I am not saying they are in the wrong but I think there is more to this story than someone people are perceiving to be a Trump fanatic and racists.


This asshole is STILL posting signs asking for justice for his poor Halloween blow-up displays that someone hilariously destroyed almost one year ago. Meanwhile, this motherfucker defaced half of Sunnyside with his shitty Trump bumper stickers. Most have been ripped down, but the damage has been done and the remnants remain. So, should we plaster Wanted posters for him, too?


In addition to a lawyer, this guy should get himself an agent. He or or a character of him should be on on a sitcom. He reminds me of a “Seinfeld” character. I wouldn’t be surprised if SNL makes a skit out of him. Everyone loves a good laugh and stranger things have happened in today’s world. Send him to “Dr. Phil” or “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”


good catch. it’s also not uncommon for the board to not want people who don’t live in the building on the board. especially in a condo.


It’s also normal for condo and coops NOT to want renters in their building.
Supposedly some banks won’t lend to buildings if there are too many renters.
Putting up fees to stop owners from renting their units is not unusal.
The media attention to this building is ridiculous. Shame on this blog and the whole pack of media wolves.
This whole thing is about one crazy guy who puts up posters in the building which include some ugly items arguably about history. Van bramer calls this a “hate crime” like he’s part of the KKK. Shame of Van Bramer for this. He knows better.
Melano is a freak show but to ride the bandwagon and make him out to be the grand wizard is irresponsible. Van Bramer you disappoint me.
The woman complaining at Van Bramer’s rally is the woman behind this lawsuit. Van Bramer probably called for her to speak.
Van Bramer does a lot of good things but this is shameful.


Agree: this is a property dispute that Van Bramer et al should stay out of. In anybody is harassing anyone, the police can intervene.


This is way more than a property dispute, kindly get informed before you shoot your mouth off. Please come to the block and just talk to the neighbors. This guy harasses people parking, just walking by, people in the laundromat, kids from the school. The incidents of car vandalism on the street are through the roof and everyone on the block and I mean everyone insists it’s Neal. Me and my wife live across the street and have seen this guy fight with contractors and ordinary residents on a regular basis and I mean violent screaming matches with heavy metallic tools being thrown at these people. Not to mention the stickers plastered on everything including peoples private property like cars and buildings. Some say he’s mentally ill and on coke. All I know is he is angry and off. This is a warning just like the people warned if that incident on Greenpoint Ave. in Greenpoint Brooklyn last March where the land lord was shot and killed by a tenant who had been exhibiting anti social violent behavior for an extended period of time. People called police on this tenant and nobody acted until after the shooting. Neal is an angry volatile ticking time bomb. The lobby is an example of his decend it gets more and more packed with stuff each day. Van Bramer needs to be involved this is district and we are his constituents and we need help. The cops know this guy. Before you post please take a walk over here or keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

Fan of doughboy park

Brett, these commenters above are the people throughout history who say “it’s not so bad” “this doesn’t affect me” “they’re probably blowing it out of proportion”

They look the other way, and always will.


Please put a character LIMIT. Too many people go on and on and on and on and on…… you Brett you little bitch


Anonymous, You’re very selective on what you pull out of the story to post about, you seemed to have failed to mention The video of Neal menacing neighbors in the Trump mask, Neal’s incidents of vandalism, Neal’s fights with people who just want to legally park their cars on the block, Neal’s creepy bill for a woman’s boyfriends over night stays..etc.etc.


And if he walked around with an Obama mask or Hillary Mask or posted their stickers he would of been mostly applauded and cheered around here. Its a double standard that is all some people are saying! And I am not a fan of trump either before you go there. So look at the whole story and not just the parts you can twist to justify your own prejudices.

I'm with democrat

You are so right, democrat. I mean what’s the big deal? Swastikas, imposing crazy fines on people, harassment, threats. Give this fellow a break!!! PREJUDICED!


I do not know Mr. Milano or his family. But can we please leave his family members out of it. I agree that he should step down from his position or be fired. Hopefully he will get some help because in some of the videos he seems a little off to the point where his mental sanity is questionable. I understand that that the real issue here is that he has authority over the tenants. If this person was on the street or a tenant in the building more people would have empathy for him to get some help or just ignore him all together. I was surprised to read that this has been going on for years and that nothing was done about it. The timing of this allows others to stand up and put an end to it. But like I said lets be civil about the matter and represent our neighborhood the correct way.


I’ve seen Neal’s “daughter” Barbara posting trump stickers on street signs, she doesn’t work and that’s her job. Barbara’s nasty boys are just like Neal, they curse and have dirty mouths, fine addition to the Sunnyside community.

Vandal Squad

Actually you call 911 for that because vandalize is a crime they are all too happy to make arrest for these days.

Neal for mayor

Shut your hole defending this assholes family members they’re just as bad as him. Why don’t you go make Neal’s family breakfast if you like them so much.


Not to excuse the disturbing behavior of Neal Milano, but something to also keep in mind.
Lynn is going with her maiden name Calvacca in the recent news, but as you can see from the court papers, it is Iannece along with her husband Jerry. Google Jerry Iannece and you will learn he is a recently appointed judge from Di Blasio. Are they using their influence in politics to strengthen their suit, which could potentially be millions?
Again, Neal Milano is a POS but there is always more to a story.

Stanley Rodowski

It’s too bad I had to work, i would have liked to joined the rally and talked with the news reporters. Neal covered my peephole with a Trump sticker, he also put on my windshield, I didn’t catch him but it was the same sticker. Call JVB and tell him you want another rally, keep this in the news and get this racist nazi out of queens. Van Bramer is doing a great job in Sunnyside, cal his office and tell him you want another rally. (718) 383-9566

Andrew C

nothing like a good ol racist rally, i hope those alt right people show up like they did in charlottesville, va. going to call JVB now.


Two brothers from astoria used to be the local leaders (and only members of ) the kkk around here. One is dead the other has cancer and is only in his 50s. Karma doesn’t play nice.

Fed up

I have evidence that he vandalized my door and building with Trump stickers. Still frame images with his profile and video of him wearing a Trump mask. I have to pix 11 and they played a clip of the video. Use it. It gives credibility to your allegations.


Too bad you work??? Your lucky you have a job you dope. You really would rather hang around and protest. Boy, some people.


me used to work in mamas empanadas and this woman barbara go all time there. me go with her to the movies, okay good in the beginning. she say she have dos (2) boys with the two men, one man lives in florida jail, other man is no good, she no find her – she like spanish guy. She tell me this man neel, the bad one, is her tio – uncle, then she say he just friend. her have no trabajo, just watch TV and smoke , she talk too much bad words – you know malas palabras, i leave alone and now she call my cellular, no good, me now with new woman and barbara still call to make trouble, i want to call the police but i am scared of these people, please tell this woman and the cops about these people.

Snoop Dog

I have never seen a black person in the building, not even to deliver pizza. Neal and the gang are coming to inspect every apartment next month for rugs, every unit will be hit with a 5k fine except for Neal and Barbara’s apartment. My friends, better cough up 5k, after all, Neal needs them vacations. I saw Barbara on Tinder, had to swipe left, i’m not into unemployed baby mamas.

Preet Unit 3B

Milano’s next apartment will be in Rikers Island, along with his dirty daughter Barbara.

LL Cool J

Neal needs cash for his drug and sex addiction, we all know this, that’s why he has the video cameras connected to his apartment. One hoooker that’s been to his house says his candy of choice of white powder.

Hillary still isn't president

It seems there are a lot of legitimate complaints against this guy people could take legal action against. JVB decides to mount a public protest against his interior decorating.

Hillary should be president

JV B – Has mounted a public campaign against a menace and strong arm bully who has victimized hundreds of locals and JVB constituents. A menace who has decorated a building lobby in a bizarre pattern for a residential building lobby. Are you normally this easily smoke screened? You seem pretty gullible.

Hillary was investigated and cleared fact!!!!

Republican policy keeps people poor. Trump will be impeached. Trump already abusing pardon powers and just waiting to pardon son for the impending treason conviction. Trump is the Manchurian candidate.

Sally cheech

Strong arm bully?? This guy is a joke. Typical bully. If i lived there id hold him by his ankles off the roof if he bothered me. Hes a punk, plain and simple. If you think this guy milano is a strong arm,You probably think jaywalking is a felony.


Sally cheech- if you don’t think this guy is a strong arm bully then you didn’t read the story or see the TV News concerning this story or just plain can’t read. He demanded $200 from a woman for allowing her boy friend to stay over. The woman said she is fearful and will move. He has done this to a few women. He seems to target women. This is a classic strong arm. Get informed.


So he demanded $200 ! Tell him go bleep yourself! Come on , your a lady, I get it, but you have rights, tell him to go f@%k off


I hope you are all happy, now di blasio wants to pull down Christopher Columbus’s statue in Columbus square, this is where this type of nonsense leads to. The whole Neal story is a small building matter not a national news story but a small story to be resolved by the tenants


Anonymous- For one this is not a small story especially if you’ve been victimized by this low life as hundresds of locals have been. A self absorbed narcissistic Fox watching fool such as yourself wouldn’t see this or even care even you were able to see this.Second the Sunnyside Post and it’s readers are responsible for the mayor’s position on the removal of the statue of Christopher Columbus from Columbus Circle?? You’re absurd. Yes,, you are as ridiculous as Neal Milano. If you’re so outraged get involved instead commenting in comment stream that has absolutely nothing to do with your phony crusade.


@anonymous- Most of us fail to see your connection between the removal of statues dedicated to traitors and criminals from public funded and maintained property, to the mayor’s objection to the statue of Christopher Columbus. You may want to bring your objection up to some of the various Native American groups who are actively involved with this particular issue.


I love the US flag but isn’t the placement of flammable fabric on a fire escape a buildings violation?


I’ve realized where I know this asshole Neal Milano from I used to see him in the Chase bank on the Blvd each morning and he comes in like he owns the place. He’s the biggest phony dickhead in the neighborhood, he talks to the tellers like he has so much money, and tells them really loud how he wants his money and always counts it in front of anyone on line waiting.
He’s the kind of person you look at and just want to punch in the face as hard as you can.
The bank tellers all look disgusted when he comes inside and roll there eyes when he leaves. He paces back and fourth like a scared rat in a cage cause that’s what he truly is now that I’ve read all this.
This guy is such a scum bag and deserves a serious ass kicking I can’t believe he hasn’t gotten it yet.
I hope only good things for the tenants and that this MF gets all that’s coming his way.

Manny Cuevas

Lynn Calvacca should be ashamed of herself, she claimed on TV that she was a lawyer, if so how can you say there were no other board members. The building 47-55 39th Place does not have a management company, the owners pay the HOA fees directly to the board’s PO box, and who gets all this money??? It’s Neal Milano, america’s favorite building manager. Neal uses this money to line his pockets, pay his unemployed daughter Barbara who lives on the 6th floor and buy those stupid statutes, swastikas and Trump Stickers. Neal doesn’t own his unit, everyone knows this, he is judgement proof, so how can a tenant serve on the board? All of the unit owners should get sued for allowing this piece of human excrement terrorize and the entire neighborhood of Sunnyside.


She and her husband are renting out their two condos? That should be a big no no. She has no stake in the building except to collect rent! Why is Jimmy Van Bramer involved in what should be a private property dispute? What kind of condo board is this? The State Attorney General should step in if there is no bona fide condo board. This Calvacca woman is shameless.

Sunnyside Resident

You can rent out condos as you please. It is not a co-op. Condos are your private property. Co-ops are the amount of shares you hold within the property. Big difference. I can buy a condo/s for the sole purpose of renting. This seems like an issue where a politician should be involved with. The cops can’t do anything. Might make it worse. Write Milano a few summons, he can retaliate more. Sue him? He can be judgement proof. A politician can bring change and his postering spills out onto public streets…

OIl Beef Hooked

Who’s doing the layout and printing all this crazy shit in the lobby?

This guy seems like a jerk.


If you rent STOP PAYING RENT until this despicable animal Neal Milano is removed from the board and he is no longer terrorizing the tenants.


Neal is back from hiding, I heard him yelling this morning (his voice gives me nightmare). Please ring his bell #3B and ask him to remove the Trump labels and posters of evil dictators from the hallway lobby. My mother is coming next week and i don’t want her to see this. I am not going to let him into my apartment to check for rugs, he can stick his fines where the sun don’t shine.


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