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Sunnyside Community Services Launches Pre-K Program, To Meet Neighborhood Demand

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Aug. 26, 2013 By Christian Murray

Demand to gain entry into free pre-K programs in New York City is fierce–and that is no different in Sunnyside.

Last year, more than 300 applicants tried to gain entry into PS 150’s program—with only 76 seats available, according to the Department of Education. Meanwhile, PS 199 does not offer a pre-K program.

To help alleviate the overcrowding problem, Sunnyside Community Services is launching its first pre-K program this September.

The center, best known for looking after seniors and offering after-school programs, decided to start the program since there are so many parents of 4-years-olds that can’t get into a public school program.

Sunnyside Community Services’ program, called Sunnyside Up, provides parents with an alternative pre-K option. Its program, which it has just started to market, will offer 36 seats and will start September 9 and run through June. The program will be run out of 39-01 Queens Blvd.

Entry into the Sunnyside Up program is on a first-come-first-served basis. This differs from public school programs where a lottery system is used to determine those children who get seats.

The Sunnyside Up program will offer free half-day programs, with a fee for those parents who want their child to remain in pre-K for the remainder of the day. The program will be in new classrooms, with accredited teachers and full-day, morning or afternoon sessions.

The location of the program is attractive, according to the program director, since it is just a few blocks away from the local elementary schools PS 150 and PS 199.

Pre-K is considered important for young children, since it helps their brain develop and teaches them how to sit still and get along with their classmates.

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peaceful mom

@ if u consider yourself American because u were born here , I am sure those kids were born here too. This gives them equal rights as you .I am a citizen of America but I am not white, I don’t get any benefits from government too, that doesn’t give me the right to call random person that whip out a benefit card an illegal. Taxes? ??? Your taxes just shows that you make loads of money. Congrats.


@”THE SUNNYSIDER” I am totally in agreement that the Sunnyside Community Center does not offer enough activities in Engish. In fact I have been having a hard time finding an Engish pre-K program for my child or for any activities whatsoever catering to the Engish-speaking community of Queens. Looks like us Engish folks are going to have to go back to Engand.

Dorothy Morehead

@Webley. My granddaughter went to Holy Mountain for pre-school. It’s on Skillman Avenue between 45th and 46th Sts. Despite the religious connotation of the name and the fact that it was started by the Korean church on the corner, it is neither religious nor Korean. The teachers are wonderful, the group sizes are small and the fees are reasonable. They also offer after-school programs for kindergarteners and first-graders whose parents work.

Sunnyside Native

@ Angray – I pay a shit load of taxes too and I can’t afford to pay for my health insurance either. Your last comment was ignorant.


Fedup, you’re probably also jealous that she too lives in Sunnyside while you’re paying 1700 rent.


Fedup – You are amazing! From merely standing behind said lady at DR you discovered 1. She is Mexican (because all hispanic people are) 2. She is not an American (because non-whites can’t be American) 3. She is here illegally (not sure where you pulled that one from).

If you are paying close to 50% in income taxes, you can afford insurance.


Just came from Duane Reade ….where in front of me was a Mexican woman….with an infant no more than two years old and she was pregnant. She quickly whipped out her medicaid benefit card to pay for her prescriptions. I an american ,without insurance, but paying close to 50% of my income in taxes, must pay cash. I suppose these children will be attending pre-k along with dozens of other children of illegals. This further dilutes the resources available to those who are rightly entitled to them.


How about a government program to help potty train kids? Career moms certainly can’t be stuck at home doing that sort of drudge work when job promotions are up for grabs.


Maybe we should have a Pre-J so kids can prepare for jail time. With all the crime in our hood it’s the least we can do!


Are there even any other options for Pre-K in our neighborhood? Or even close to our neighborhood? I always wondered since I barely see any Pre-K schools in the area?


Does anyone care about our engish speaking senior citizens who have no place to go because our senior center does not carter to anyone who does speak engish… only the spanish people get services here… does brammer know this.. they get alot of money from his budget….

south side

Who prepares the children for pre-K?

Surely, there needs to be a pre-pre-K.

Anyone who says otherwise is a republican, right-wing, bigoted hate monger.


Wonderful news! I plan on starting my family here and am happy to hear of the services coming to the neighborhood.

new sunnysider

Pre-K is a great transition for kids who are not in daycare, to begin to learn being away from home for periods of time and getting comfortable with new situations that they will encounter in kindergarten. Its only about 2 hours so it does not take over parenting at all. Parenting is 24/7. Its all about the kids.

house of O'shea

@ delicious- Bravo!
A lot of studies tout the incredible benefits of pre-k. However our kids keep getting beat up in reading and STEM tests by other countries. Countries with no pre-k. Countries and cities that spend way less than us.
What is wrong with parents taking care of their kids? Teacher and students need to spend less time in class.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall


Why is it that parents can’t be expected to help their kids learn and develop social skills? It speaks volumes that you and others see this as solely the function of the school system. It seems that parents just expect the system to do everything for them now.


Hey Kramdem…dummy…That was a pathetic attempt at being clever. Any parent knows how valuable Pre-k is . they get your child ready for Kindergarten. I don’t know if you know this but this countries school system is really really bad. They expect your child to be at a certain level so the numbers look good but if they really cared about your childs education why on earth are the schools closed SO MANY DAYS.

Pre-K helps your child get used to being in a learning environment. They don’t slap your kid in front of the TV, they engage the kids to participate. It’s only about 2 1/2 hours so its hardly enough time for any parent to go do anything fun.

Sunnyside community services is a great place , FAR better than what the Y provides. PS 150 should not be allowed to be closed for the summer and it SHOULD provide space for these services to continue through the summer.

Then again…Sunnyside Sucks.


Their senior citizen center is just for the spanish population of our communty… they have no english speaking people or staff there… majorty speak spanish and their programs are the same… someone should call up bramres office and check this program out… or go see it for yourself…..


Sunnyside Community Services is a great organization. They’ll provide a good educational environment for the kids.


This is perfect! Once in a while there is always something benifical be done to meet nieghborhood demands and it makes me and everyone else feel happy.


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