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Sunnyside Community Services Honored For ‘Age Smart’ Business

Judy Zangwill Executive Director Sunnyside Community Services Sunnyside

Judy Zangwill Executive Director Sunnyside Community Services

Dec. 11, 2015 Staff Report

Finding a job isn’t always easy for the elderly, but one local organization has been recognized for advancing seniors’ careers.

Sunnyside Community Services is one of six New York City businesses to win the Age Smart Employer Awards. They were selected from 52 applicants for polices and practices that encourage different generations to work productively and effectively side by side.

The Brooks Brother Factory and Amy’s Bread, both located in Long Island City, were also Age Smart winners.

The awards are led by the Columbia Aging Center and the New York Academy of Medicine.

In New York City, the workforce includes almost 700,000 adults ages 55 and older, or 18 percent of the total workforce, according to the award announcement.

Sunnyside Community Services is a community-based organization that serves 14,000 people annually by identifying career opportunities and advancement potential.

“Older workers are a growing resource and businesses are looking for ways to capitalize on their energy and talent. These Age Smart Employers are ahead of the curve in recognizing their skills and experience,” said Ruth Finkelstein, presenting the awards as Director of the Age Smart Employer Awards program and Associate Director of CAC.

“Being age smart means more productivity, reduced recruiting and training costs and ultimately a further commitment to quality for our customers,” Luis Nava, Director of Operations of the LIC Brooks Brothers factory, said.

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yes they do good work but its not for smart people……….nyc has vouchers for job training but its for truck drivers, home health aides, ramp agents at airports, security guards but no money for advanced computer skills,

El loco

Rikki: you tend to exaggerate. I think that you should participate in the next Republican Presidential debate.

El loco

Man Rikki you are messed up. Great job Sunnyside Community Services. Be nice to Rikki when she comes by to play checkers.


whaaaaa? seriously if you have 2-4-6 years of college and fell on hard times, and businesses refuse to hire you because of your age and deem you are overqualified what would you do..collect welfare?

overqualified really means we want to hire a moron!…….


there is no place that can help older people who had good jobs and smart. these places are for security guards home health aides, greeters at walmart, or hospitals…..mostly for people who barely got their GED.


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