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Sunnyside Butcher Shop Opens

Photo: QueensPost

April 30, 2013 By Christian Murray

The Meat Boutique, a Sunnyside butcher shop, opened today at 43-15 Queens Boulevard.

The shop offers fresh meats and prepared foods, including sandwiches, cold cuts, fresh salads and daily special platters.

It will also include Irish sausages, Irish bacon, corned beef, boiling bacon and a large selection of imported Irish groceries.

The Meat Boutique features a landscaped backyard garden with picnic tables.  In addition to the selection of meats, The Meat Boutique also caters to vegetarians and gluten-free customers with vegetarian burgers and lasagnas as well as gluten-free sausages.

Patrick McConville, the co-owner, said: “We saw an opening for a family butcher in the neighborhood and decided to open The Meat Boutique.”

McConville has been involved in butchering since the age of 11 when he was growing up in Ireland.  The Meat Boutique will be open seven days a week: Mondays and Fridays from 6:00am-9:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00am-9:00pm.

Rachel Thieme, executive director of the Sunnyside Shines BID said: “We are so excited for the opening….It is a beautiful store that emphasizes the historic context of the neighborhood.”

The store was designed by local architect Laura Heim.

Photo: QueensPost

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This new little store , will blow the BB away with quality
and service . Goodluck Pajo. From your friends in Nassau Seafood Princeton
NJ. I bought 4 NY .Strip Steaks on Tuesday , Best
Ever. CR.

mike perricelli

good luck pat and company i have been awaiting patiently for your grand opening i ordered a nice roast beef on white bread with swiss and a shepherd pie very happy with both mike from bayside


Best of luck padjo,had hot good & sausages,both excellent!!nice to see a bit of friendly competition for butcher block!!


wishing you all the best = you have ALWAYS been a top notch butcher and class act businessman – wishing you much success!


Why don’t the negatives stop.

…Isn’t it better to have a nice new store, a little competition – that should benefit us all – better than an empty store ???

Good luck to both Butcher Block and the Meat Boutique ..


This is causing quite the stir and controversy and from what I’m hearing a lot more to come.

sunnyside native

The only thing people will be getting sick from is not getting paid.

43rd & 43rd

Very surprised they’re doing this with Butcher Block on 41st just north of Queens Blvd. — two blocks away! I think Meat Boutique would have had a better shot if they’d been even a little farther along on Queens Blvd., closer to 46th or 47th St. That way they would have gotten automatic business from people heading home from the 46th St. stop, while still being competitive for everyone from 40th-46th making special grocery trips. I’m also concerned about their vegetarian section…it’s a nice attempt, but I don’t think most vegetarians will even look into a store called Meat Boutique.

I’m certainly interested to check it out, but as a customer I’ll wind up going to whichever is more competitively priced for fresh meat, smoked fish, and imports (I don’t buy anything else at BB — too expensive, they can’t compete on staples with actual grocery stores). I haven’t had any issues at BB with meat quality, store cleanliness, or butcher customer service, so I’m not actively looking for an alternative. On the other hand, Meat Boutique’s back garden will be a nice touch if they also offer hot takeout like BB.

@Sunnysideposthatesme10 suggests above that the new MB owner is an ex-employee of BB. Is that the case? If so, it would be extremely relevant to mention. Did he leave on good terms, did he see areas where BB could improve, is there an element of personal competition here, etc. It seems bizarre not to mention BB’s presence at all in the article.

Frances Treanor

Wishing you lots of success on your new business….best of luck Padjo!! Looking forward to stopping by.

Oppressed Masses

I’m always amazed when similar businesses open next to each other, for example all the lighting stores that use to be open on the Bowery. Sunnyside now has its very own pocket of similar establishments: this meat boutique is sandwiched between two others, Molly Blooms and the Gaslight.


I would like to grab an Irish Sausage and slap it across Roxy’s face. To fulfill my need and what not.

The guy in the photo is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to order my food from in BB, I will be supporting his establishment as well as the two bars next to him. It’s going to be a glorious summer.


Can’t see them going up against the butcher block for quality and selection, and since they are much smaller butcher blick should kill them on prices.


i cannot wait to go there….thank you to the sunnyside post for this info…..i have been hoping to find a good butcher…with fresh meat…cut the way i need it to be cut….brings back memories of when i was a kid running to the butcher store to pick up my moms order. Welcome!!!!!

Local Hamburglar

Very excited! I’ve been walking by weekly waiting for signs of life. I even called a couple times a month or so back but the phones weren’t up yet. I’d love to see some occasional game meats. That’s the one thing I’d buy in an instant and without guilt. I know keeping stock can be bad for business as it won’t be for everyone. Every week or two on a Saturday or Sunday having a couple pounds of something would be cool. I’d love to rush to the store, hungover, on weekend mornings trying to get my hands on some rare meats before they sold out.


This is great! I can’t wait to shop both at BB and here too!! Congrats on the opening and good luck!

a Walker

Do hope they will be successful. Does anyone remember Green Star which was on Greenpoint quite a few years ago? Their meat was delicious and I would go there once a week, leave my list of meats and when I came home from work they would have it ready. I liked it better than Butcher Block.


New business is always good.
So Welcome to the neighborhood Pat Mc Conville and The Meat Boutique

A little competition is also good .

So let’s see what Butcher Block comes up with as the new store opens.

Scones, Hmmmm always good.


Is he unaware of Butcher Block, which has been “filling a need” in Sunnyside for decades? Will he be offering meat and groceries unavailable from BB? Perhaps the opening will start a price war, which would benefit consumers until one or the other store goes bankrupt.

Sunnyside boy

He’s probably gonna get a lot of business around here especially with all the Irish imports!

Sunnyside Native

We are very excited about this new shop! Love the Irish sausage, butter, soda bread and scones. Also, very pleased that they will have a gluten free inventory, as that applies to my niece, although I have been thinking about going gluten free myself. Good Luck to Patrick McConville and his partner(s)!


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