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Sunnyside Bar Slammed by CB2 Committee following Slew of Violations

El Rodeo (QueensPost)

Jan. 25, 2018 By Christian Murray

The owner of a Sunnyside bar came under fire from a Community Board 2 committee Monday for racking up multiple police violations in recent months—from serving liquor after hours to serving patrons without proper ID.

Yosi Aculey, the owner of El Rodeo at 45-50 46th Street, was asked to explain the violations as part of the process to renew his liquor license.

“You’ve had PD [police] there every month since August,” said Debra Markell, the CB2 District Manager who was the acting chair for the City Services & Public Safety Committee.

On Sept. 24, 2017 the establishment was written up for accepting improper ID, Markell said; on Oct. 23, it was cited for failing to have a cabaret license; on Nov. 12, it was written up for operating after hours and serving contaminated liquor; on Nov. 19, it was operating after hours; and on Dec. 2, it was cited for having a disorderly premise, after a patron was assaulted with a bottle.

Additionally, the establishment was been hit with noise violations and for having an “obstructed view,” Markell said. Bars are required to provide the public with a view of the inside of the premises from the street.

Aculey, whose bar operates from 6 p.m. through 4:00 a.m. and features live music and DJs, had failed to show up for two prior committee meetings.

Aculey didn’t provide an adequate explanation for the violations so Markell asked him to provide the board with his court depositions related to the violations. She asked to see documentation if they were dismissed.

He said that he would furnish the board with those records.

Despite the violations, the State Liquor Authority had already approved the renewal of his liquor license, much to the displeasure of the board.

The board, left powerless, still decided to send a letter to the SLA opposing the renewal that would list all of the violations.

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Woodside One

LOL you have Sean Ogs with tibetan gangs in there beating people on the weekends and cops constantly going there. Wonder why they never have a problem getting renewed?

LI Press

Woodside one- The difference between Sean Og’s and the bar in this article is Sean Og’s is always packed and packed with people from every ethnic group who reside in Woodside, the bar in this article is always empty except for nights that coincide with day laborer paydays and caters to only one ethnic group.

Sir Walter Raleigh

it is a fine establishment! I am a loyal customer. The patrons are salt of the earth types.

Anonymous one

I think they have $$ dollar dance girls in there for the day laborers, from what I saw peeking in through the front window. You can go in have 10 dances for 10 dollars, as long as you consume beers, tequilas, etc.


Well, at least El Rodeo is more well-kept than the place that was there before it. The previous place was crazy sketchy. I’ll take what I can get on this block.


Chris, I’m not affiliated with this place but to be more informative and fair, shouldn’t you have mentioned that even though this place received a violation for no Cabernet license that, in fact, the cabaret license law was repealed in November.


Use “your” when it should be “you’re” and you get dismissed as illiterate.


This place is trouble!!! There will be somebody killed here. It’s a low life establishment that should have been shuttered.


give the guy a chance he license was renewed i guess the board can’t always get what they wants –


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