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Sunnyside Artists to Hold Craft Fair at Queen of Angels Church Sunday

Nov. 9, 2013 By Christian Murray

The second annual Crafts & Arts Show takes place in Sunnyside on Sunday, with 25 crafters offering items as varied as temporary tattoos to dried organic banana bouquets.

The event, which is being held in the basement auditorium of Queen of Angels Church, opens at 9:30 am. There will be a range of food types on offer throughout the day– from French toast to gluten-free baked goods.

Sunnyside Artists, a group of 150 fine artists and photographers, is organizing the show.

Several participants from last year’s craft fair are back, including Kelli Knudsen and her hand-beaded earrings,  Mihai Stancescus and her stationery, Leonora Retsas with her art tiles,  and Mustafa Yasar and his water ebru paintings.

Twelve new artisans, all from the Sunnyside Woodside area, will be participating this year.


Date/Time: Sunday, Nov. 10 (9:30 am- 5 pm)

Location: Queen of Angels Church basement auditorium, which is on the corner of 44th Street and
Skillman Ave.

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Ben David

Tattoos deface the human body… would be like writing graffitti over a Van Gogh….whats the point? Because ‘someone” says its “art” If thats the case anything can be considered art. It may take skill to draw a tattoo but that in itself does not make it art since it is a decoration not an expression….

Mary Caulfield

It was a great day, one table after another of beautiful work by hardworking, talented artists. Lots of foot traffic kept us all busy. The staff and volunteer crew at Queen of Angels kept everyone well fed and set an easy welcoming tone to the day. Thanks to Manny Gomez, and his mom, for the kitchen work. Thanks to Queen of Angels for the venue. Thanks to Pat Dorfman for her tireless organizing and support. The artists are unversally grateful for the opportunity.


I presume the people complaining about tattoos are holier than thou. Straight to heaven for them tattoo free. Wow didn’t know that’s what’s going to stop tattoo lovers their entry into heaven. Hell better be a very big place and tattoo friendly

Patricia Dorfman

Hi, Sunnyside Tattoo took a pass so not there.

but it is a good fair this year! Even if you don’t want to buy, fun to see all the different things and ask the crafters about their work.

Items seem really cheap this year and really varied.

Delicious food! good crowds



I think the bible says that Tattoos are a big no no for Christians. Something about Painting your Body.

Rich Klein

Thanks for this article promoting the Fair. I’m one of the 12 new artisans participating and honored to be part of it. Thanks Sunnyside Artists!


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