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Sunnyside Artists Showcase Their Work

June 11, 2011 By Jean Moylan

The 4th annual “ Art Fair at Queen of Angels,” hosted by Queen of Angels Church, took place on Saturday and the work of 31 local artists was on display‹and, ultimately, for sale.

The artists, who all live in the greater Woodside and Sunnyside area, showcased a range of work that included collage, watercolor, photography, digital prints, sculpture, jewelry, and oil painting, to name a few.

The artists at this year’s festival held testament to the diversity that characterizes the neighborhood. Participating artists included immigrants from Poland and France, to artists who were raised a bit closer to home.

The large number of participants and the quality of their work is indicative that Sunnyside is home to many talented artists, said Rebecca Barker, the president of “There are even more artists from the neighborhood interested in participating in next year’s festival,” Barker said.

The event was held at Queen of Angels Parish Meeting Hall on Skillman Ave. across from the church. events are non-denominational, but as has become a tradition with this art fair, the church donates all table fees directly to local food pantries. The event attracted scores of attendees who were eager to browse and purchase artworks.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who was in attendance, said the event provided a “link between art, artists and small business” that helped “the local economy and artists by giving neighbors the opportunity to purchase really terrific art.”

Van Bramer was proud to show off a painting of Astoria’s Hell Gate Bridge that he had purchased from artist Bridy Crawford. The painting reminded him, he said, of when he and his sister “used to jump up at the base [of the bridge] and play as kids.”

Participants were not only greeted to high-quality local art but were offered lunch by some of Sunnyside’s favorite restaurants at the third “Patron of the Arts Café” where local eateries sell their fare for $5 to support the art events. This year, Saffron Garden, De Mole, Salt & Fat, Dazies and Bar 43 provided their signature meals. Saffron cooked up chicken tikka masala; De Mole offered shrimp cerviche; Dazies its famous pasta dish; Bar 43 a lamb shepherd’s pie; and Salt & Fat offered bacon popcorn and Rice Krispies treats with toasted marshmallow tops.

The festival itself is one of the two events currently being held by In addition, there is the “Art Democracy” exhibit where the works of 30 local artists are on display at eight Skillman Avenue restaurants and stores for one month. The businesses, which are part of what’s known as the “firewater and fine art walk”, are the Kettle, Aubergine Café, Petunia, Welcome Home Realty, Quaint, Saffron, and Claret.

The artists have voted among themselves in a blind jury fashion to elect those pieces of art on show: hence the title “Art Democracy.” This year’s theme was “Graceful.”

The names and biographies of participating artists will be posted on the web site. board members Rebecca Barker, Daniel Glasser and founder/artist Patricia Dorfman were all credited for bringing the artists from the neighborhood together as well as for finding venues to showcase their artwork.

Among the sponsors were the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and Queens Art Express, which is holding a borough-wide festival along the #7train.”

Those wishing to be notified of future events or to apply for future shows, are asked to email [email protected]. Next up: “$1 to $149 Homemade crafts and Fine Art, ” November 6.

Photo: QueensPost

Bridy Crawford, Jimmy Van Bramer, Rebecca Barker (Photo: Pat Dorfman)

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Ann Cofta

This was my first year participating, and it was lovely. Those who came to see the art all seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was also a great opportunity to meet many of the other artists and witness so much talent and creativity. For those who want to see more events like this one or participate, there is going to be a pre holiday Crafts and Fine Arts Fair, currently scheduled to take place at Queen of Angels Church on Sunday, Nov 6. It will be hosted by the Church, Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and So watch for the call for entries and tables as it gets closer to that time. And thanks to all who came and supported us!


To make life even easier for you all. This site adverised it and the woodside herald had an ad. Plus the calendar section of this site had it also. But their is always next years. My hope is sooner that that.

Plus we are all busy with our lives so donot sweat it. yo are all wonderful people Just stay turned to this site it is the 1010 news of sunnyside.


Aileen – I actually knew about it, as there was an advertisement looking for volunteers I believe in the Queens Courier or maybe the LIC Journal. I just totally blanked on it 🙁 They have a facebook page I just “liked” so hopefully I wont miss it next year!


This was great – please do it again! And some of the paintings are still in local restaurants and stores on their walls.

James Durack

My wife and I went to this yesterday and we were shocked at the local talent. Great show and great food. We will surely be attending the next one.


I am thrilled that this event was a success. Maybe we need to have these types of events more often. Why don’t we rent out space in an empty store on the blvd and serve food and get these artists some recognition for their art work and money for their work.

this is a very big positive for our town and to the volunteers that made it a success.


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