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Sunnyside Artists Crafts & Art Show to Take Place Sunday

At a prior Sunnyside Craft & Arts Fair (Sunnyside Artists)

Nov. 10, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

The annual Sunnyside Artists Crafts & Art show is set to take place this weekend, where attendees can pick up works from over 40 local artisans.

The free admission event will take place on Nov. 12 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the ground floor space of the Queen of Angels Church at 44-04 Skillman Ave.

A total of 42 local artistans, 13 for the first time, will present their work on Sunday in a variety of mediums, like ceramics, clothing accessories, pottery, wood, jewelry, paintings, and more. The event will also includes raffles and a free glass of wine with every art purchase, sponsored by Lowery’s Liquors. A $5.00 pop-up lunch, sponsored by Dazies, will be available at the art show.

The annual event also sets aside a portion of table fees to be donated to local food pantries.

The popular event sees hundreds of attendees a year, with last year’s event ringing in nearly 800 visitors.

The event’s many sponsors include Welcome Home Real Estate, Quaint, Sole Luna, De Mole, and the Sugar Room.

Attendees will receive a “Skillmanville” pin, good for 15 percent discounts at Skillman sites like Claret, the Dog & Duck, Copper Kettle, Aubergine, and more.

Sunnyside Artists was founded in 2007, and is made up of over 200 visual artists from the Woodside and Sunnyside area, along with 400 art supporters. The first event for the collaborative was a fine art fair show, which celebrated its tenth year over the summer. A crafts show is an add-on requested by the community.

The full lineup of artisans at the Sunday event are listed on the event flyer.

Sunnyside Artists Crafts & Art Show 2017 flyer


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I will be displaying my paint by numbers pieces including my famous paintings of the dogs going different ways and the old guy with the white beard.

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My dad NEIL is having an art history show in the lobby of our co-op on 39 Place. Can any of you Snowflakes help us apply for one of those government grants for arts? Thanks in advance.

El loco

For those who don’t know the Sunnyside Craft Fair is one of the leading Art Fares in the world right after Paris and Rome. Al from Sunnysides mother has exhibited her art there many times.

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I don’t mind you clowns with your arts and crafts play day but please keep the racket down so I can sleep. If anybody happens to be passing Starbucks on the way there please pick me up a venti skinny latte with a chocolate cake pop. If I’m sleeping just leave it next to me and do not disturb. Thank you


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