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Sunnyside Arch Shines Once Again

Photo: QueensPost

Feb. 14, 2011, Staff Report

The lights on the Sunnyside Arch were lit for the first time in years today.

James Bray, the executive director of Sunnyside Shines, said that the business improvement district will have the ability to light them whenever it chooses and whatever color. He said that he would be experimenting with a combination of different colors at his disposal this week.

UPDATE:  Lights have not been attached to the word “Sunnyside” (see picture), so the letters will not be lit.

The Arch has historically had lights; however, in recent years they have been out.

They lights were out because the former electric incandescent bulbs burned out and it was difficult to replace the bulbs each time.

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Hans, I noticed the word “sunnyside” doesn’t light up and thought that was odd too. And I’m hoping the color changes. Who picked red? Why not just white lights if you have to stick with a color?

Hans Von Rittern

Furthermore….red? Really? The ‘sun’ is yellow. It looks like a tacky Budweiser/softdrink/redlight district sign.

J. Durack

Looks good but aren’t there more important things for a BID to be doing in such a slump? Like bringing in new businesses & filling up these empty storefronts – or maybe reducing rents to prevent good businesses from having to close their doors (floresta, sugar & joe, april glass, nourish . . R.I.P)

Why does the BID seem so disconnected from the decline of their area?


The light looks great, I spotted it the other day, but I would have hoped that it changed colors like empire state, depending on season, holiday, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if it glowed Red, White, Blue on Fourth of July, or Dark orange around autumn, etc.. It probably would have cost more, but with LEDs it is still possible.


I love the benches Raquel! In the summer its a nice place to stop after getting off a long subway ride 🙂


The sunnyside side arch lit up looks like our statue of libery for our little town. a prould spot for us. I realize that during the summer when sunnyside shines runs their events the sign will be lit up. too bad we cannot run some events during the fall with a tent in the street and keep the sign lit up for them. I guess we need to talk to james bray

Great follow up by sunnyside post
I thougt the words sunnysde would be lit up as well as the arch how come it is not lit up or isit my eyes not seeing it. Please corerect me if I am wrong

Sunnyside Up

LOL Sunnyside Blue! My thoughts exactly. I love the idea of a sign, but when this went up in the 80’s, the art deco style seemed so out of place- and as you said, so tacky. Who designed this thing anyway? They never thought those big round tacky bulbs would need to be changed? But, since it’s here to stay, they might as well light it up.


The new lighting is LED not Neon.
Sunnyside Shines is paying the electic bill, and is responsible for it’s operation and maintenance.


hmmm. wouldn’t have chosen neon, personally. looks like a budweiser sign.

don’t LEDs consume less energy, look better, and last longer?

Paul Maringelli

The Sunnyside arch wasn’t lit-up for years because the former electric incandescent bulbs burned out and it was too expensive to pay city workers to come with a “cherry picker” truck to replace the bulbs each time.
Neon was a good choice for the replacement lights. Once the tubes are installed, there isn’t much maintenance required. Neon naturally glows red-orange.
I saw the sight last night and it looked great!


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