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The Lights Go Up on Sunnyside Arch

Lights Going Up on Sunnyside Arch (Photo: QueensPost)

Jan. 18, 2011 By Christian Murray

Sunnyside Shines, the local business improvement group, said late December that it had plans to permanently affix lights to the Sunnyside Arch.

Yesterday, workers were out in the cold wind doing just that: attaching lights to the Arch. The workers said the work should be completed by Friday and then Con Ed will come in to sign off on it.

Sunnyside Shines will have the ability to light the Arch whenever it chooses and whatever color it deems appropriate to an occasion.

Historically, the Arch has had lighting; however, in recent years the lights have been out.

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Every few months work is being performed on this thing. It doesn’t appear to be that complicated a structure. Why waste money on this?



Not a condo, it is office space. Although if I were the owners I would have done condos. We have a hard enough time keeping tenants in our commercial areas!

Diane K

I am really excited to see the arch lit again!

But I’m also frustrated by the fact that the little stores on Greenpoint Ave (in the BID) will have to foot the bill for the lights. I’m specifically thinking about my favorite taco place next to Orchard Market. The owner of that particular restaurant doesn’t see much benefit from the BID and I agree with him. It’s clear that certain other stores have seen benefit. However, I question the fairness of making Greenpoint Ave businesses subsidize the arch which will primarily benefit the stores on Queens Boulevard.

When the arch was fixed up a few years ago, the discussion was raised (I think with the Chamber of Commerce) about lighting the arch but they were reluctant to do it without a plan for who would pay for the maintenance and electricity year after year. Through the BID, I guess they found their solution.


It is supposed to be office space I believe – if it were condos, I wonder what the residents would think of the nasty supermarket at ground level, coupled with crappy renovation work on 46th St (completed a few years ago, bad shape now).

sunny skies

wonder what the tenants of that fancy new condo going up in the background would have to say about it the constant glare at night


This is fantastic, to have the arch lit up like the beacon of the statue of liberty for our town. We should have alot of gatherings in the spring and summer and have it lit up as a bright shining star for our town. It’s great that our beacon shines brightly again. Horray for Sunnyside Shines.

I agree with the other comment about the landlords need to be talked to to keep our stores open maybe between them and our local leaders something can be done to save our businesses.


I’m looking forward to this. I just wish Sunnyside Shines could have more influence on the commercial landlords.


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