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Subway Fares to Rise Sunday Despite Limited No. 7 Train Service

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March 19, 2015 Staff Report

Despite the No. 7 train skipping several Flushing-bound Sunnyside stops this Sunday, subway prices will still be going up that very same day.

MTA fares are scheduled to rise this Sunday, March 22, after being approved in January.

Single subway rides will be increasing to $2.75—from $2.50—the MTA said, while monthly passes will be raised to $116.50—from $112.

Weekly passes will be $31,

Meanwhile, this weekend there will be no service between Times Square and Hunters Point Avenue.

Additionally, Flushing bound service will skip 33rd, 40th, 46th, 52nd and 69th Streets.

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WOW! $2.75 for THE WORST POS SUBWAY SYSTEM IN THE WORLD????!!!! Thanks, but i’ll look for a job close to home then.


I think the pressure from JVB, et al is working. Is it just me, but I feel like my commutes this week have been more reliable, less crowded, and the announcements are even cleared. It’s very possible I just got lucky. However, if this is the case then A) they always had it in their power to provide better service but didn’t, and B) it will never last….


What did SP expect? Because 7 train has bad service, the fare should not go up? Government has to step in and check MTA’s books, I guess MTA pays taxes so well that gov’t never checks their books. It’s still OK for normal workers, think about it, it’s still only $100 per month if you work in the city. There is no way you can go that far with $100/mo anywhere in the world. The problem is not really the price jacking, it’s the service you get in return. Nobody has to wait for 3 or more trains to pass by before they could get into one. That’s nonsense. 7 train is terribly mismanaged and in my opinion they should just adjust express schedule or just make everything local and run one after another like a big long moving platform. It’s really nonsense.


The government HAS checked their books AND caught them keeping two sets!
The MTA will do whatever the fuck it wants and you’ll take it and like it.


Also, 100 bucks gets you a lot further in a car. It’s why there are so many people drive in.
We need a faster, cheaper, more reliable system.
Never gonna happen.


I wasn’t a math major, but I’d still be very interested in seeing the calculation you use to support this claim.


This # 7 Tren Service is very bad most of the time especially rush morning and en the afternoon

Hoof Hearted

Well, somebody has to pay for all those track workers I see standing around doing diddlysquat.

Craic Dealer

Now does everyone see how the MTA is a tax? Commuters have really no other train option nor do the have a say in price. Time to take it down!

Don Keedik

Believe me when I tell you. The problem isn’t the track workers standing around, it is the upper management and the suits.
I did a job for the MTA at the Colombus Circle station. We had to do the same job over 5 times and got paid 5 times for it because they are a mess.


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