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Students Rally to Restore PS 150 After-School Funds

June 2, 2011 By Christian Murray

Students from Sunnyside Community Services’ after-school program at P.S. 150 took to the streets of Sunnyside last week in a spirited march to save their program.

Waving signs and chanting “Save our after-school,” the students joined up with a group of after-schoolers from P.S. 199, before returning to their schoolyard to deliver testimony and share their feelings about the program they hope will return in September.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who attended the rally, applauding the children’s advocacy efforts while regretting the necessity for them. Van Bramer promised he would continue to fight for the restoration of funds, which is needed to keep the program going.

Judy Zangwill, Sunnyside Community Services’ executive director, called on parents, grandparents, caregivers, staff, youth, and everyone who cares about after-school programs to call 311 and tell the mayor to “save after-school programs by restoring funds to Out-of-School Time programs.”

The NYC budget will be finalized later this month.

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Mr. Bloomberg Please save education, children life. They are the future for this country. I am a working mother request you not to cut anything from school budget.


What do you expect from Bloomberg?????
He only cares about money and does not care about out children’s education.


MarZ thanks for your quick response and expaining this situation better to me. It is a shame that they had to go to the well twice and be done with it. But the budget makes it so.


The city budget is annual. After-school funding was restored until the end of the current school year – June 2011. Unless funds are restored in this budget, the program will not be be around in September when the kids come back to school


Unless I am mistaken I thought the story a few months back that our councilman Brammer had gotten funds for the after school program back as resported at this site. I thoght this story ended with a check in the picture with kids and the princepal and brammer or am I wrong.

Please update me someone or this webiste please thank you

Sunnyside Up

Always cuts that affect the children- schools, teachers, after school programs. It really is a disgrace. Mr. Bloomberg don’t you have any common sense? Keep the money in the schools. Don’t hurt the children.


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