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Street Fair Draws Good Crowd

Street Fair (Photo: QueensPost)

Sept. 3, 2011 Staff Report

Hundreds turned out for the Skillman Ave. Street festival on Saturday, where local stores and the typical food vendors were selling their wares.

Local groups from the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, the Sunnyside United Dog society (SUDS) and the veterans’ associations had tables promoting their groups.

Politicians from Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan and Jimmy Van Bramer were also there talking to local constituents.

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Neighborhood Observer

A comment on the article advertising this fair that something that sounded like “The Big Swing” of my childhood was there. Can anybody confirm or deny this? It was a huge thrill for those of us who were little kids in the 1960s. It was a nickel to ride on the lowest bench and a dime to go up to the top. Only the big kids rode up there. It was a traveling thrill ride. More exciting than the Good Humor man (always a man in those days) in his white uniform and cap ringing the bells on his bicycle cart.


Stray Vintage, SUDS, Skillman Pets, Petunia, and Saffron Garden were represented. It’d be nice to see more. Those were the only booths I stopped at. I think a “Locals Only” fair would do quite well, especially if it were opened up to local crafters or artists.


These fairs would be a lot better if local businesses were showcased. The only local flavor was the rummage sale at Queen of Angels.

When you have seen one of these fairs, you really have seen them all.

Peggy G

It is always the same vendors and they do not come from the neighborhood.Why doesn’t the Sunnyside BID do something to promote the businesses in our neighborhood? Is it because we don’t have many decent stores in this area? We need better stores in the neighborhood . People are sick of having to travel to the malls and Jackson Heights and Astoria to do their shopping. Let’s get some good stores to come to Sunnyside!


This did not seem like a community even to me. The overwhelming number of vendors were not from the area, but sellers competing with local merchants (who also sell batteries, socks, gyros, etc.)

The street fair was organized by a business, Clearwater, who organizes street fairs all over the city. Their web site claimed’ 178 vendors’ at $100-250.00 per space.

Who gets the money?

Meantime, we pay for the police, police cars and tow trucks facilitating this event, while a private company rakes in the profits.


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