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Stop Sign At PS 361 Should Stay Permanently, Parents Say


April 21, 2016 By Jackie Strawbridge

Local parents are petitioning to keep the temporary stop signs near P.S. 361 in place permanently.

About 100 people have signed a petition to retain the stop signs at 57th Street and 39th Avenue – an intersection described as vital for a safe passage to and from both P.S. 361 and nearby P.S. 11.

“We insist on the highest level of safety for [students] and all in our community,” the petition states.

According to the DOT, the stop sign was originally installed by the School Construction Authority during the construction of P.S. 361.

Since construction finished, the DOT has been conducting a review of the intersection for an all-way stop or traffic signal, which the agency hopes to wrap up “shortly.”

The DOT’s School Safety Engineering division is also reviewing the surrounding area for additional safety measures.

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer supports leaving the stop signs here permanently, according to his office.

Parents are also petitioning the City to repaint faded crosswalk marks at this intersection.

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4 way stop signs in the City are dangerous. Wherever there is a 4 way stop signs needs to have a traffic light! PS 361 needs a traffic light!


Ps12 on woodside ave between 71st and 72st is the worst by far. Cops do nothing about it,cars left running,unattended. Very dangerous. And 229 on maurice between 67st and 69. Best part is there is parking if these lazy parents would walk a block.what if a fire engine ,police emergency,or an ambulance has to respond. Very irresponsible. If it happens to me or someone i know im suing. Theres no reason for this it can be prevented

Bulimic Panda

I believe stop signs must be stopped and G-d is on my side. I pray extra for all my little Sunnyside this Passover while I’m prohibited from working or public exposure. Amen.

Change is good

It doesnt matter what they do, mothers and fathers need to be more responsible. Do you know how many parents think the world should stop because they have a child with them. Just because you have your son or daughter with you doesn’t give you the right to cross against the light, or break traffic laws. Alot of these parents need a lesson in becoming a responsible parent. The worst are the double parkers because their to lazy to walk a block or 2 to pick up their kids. God forbid the cops ticket them. Or fat little junior has to walk 40 feet. God forbid chubby got a little exercise. One lady triple parked and blocked the whole street. I said to her,you gotta be kidding right. Her answer, right in front of tubby was, f you, i gotta pick up my son. Good example you set mom. Start ticketing these irresponsible parents.


Agreed. The same people preaching about safety and obeying the laws are the very same whom ignore them entirely. They’re the saints who put little precious children in the world and teach them they can’t do no wrong. When you see children playing in the streets unsupervised yet the parents petition DOT to create 20mph safety zones, that’s great parenting.


They need to get some crosswalks on 54th and Skillman Av for P S11. Very dangerous crossing with the construction . Workers and crossing guard are doing an exemplary job but they could use some help.

irish lassy

the DOT has no clue as to what they are doing it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out


The crosswalk lines were physically scrubbed off by DOT in the last couple of weeks. They’re not simply “faded”.


I think more stop signs throughout the neighborhood would slow traffic down and make it safer for everyone. Lately, groups of motorcycle riders are roaring up and down 50th avenue- they can go 10-12 blocks easy without stopping. Not only is their presence a noisy disturbance, they also set off numerous car alarms and can’t help but show-off by popping wheelies. Of course, the police are “busy” elsewhere.


Pretty sure stop signs won’t stop motorcyclists from setting off alarms and popping wheelies.


Anything to discourage large groups of motorcycles to use our residential streets as thoroughfares. Where there are stretches of 6-10 blocks, they take advantage by speeding up and then acting out.

What do you suggest? Giving up and relinquishing your peace and quiet because it’s too hard to try and stop a dangerous situation? Doing nothing and when someone wipes out and gets their head cracked open in front of your building, just shrug and say, “Nothing you can do. Oh well.”


you sound retarded. I ride my motorcycle everyday past there, mind you nobody does a wheelie there. That’s not a safe area where there are bumps everywhere dumbass. Don’t just throw people who ride motorcycles under the bus where you still have cars with loud mufflers who set of alarms as well. DEAL WITH IT, ITS NEVER CHANGING. #grumpypeoplekillthisworld


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