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State Suspends Liquor Licenses of Two Bars and a Pizzeria in Queens

M.I.A. in Astoria (M.I.A. Facebook)

July 21, 2020 By Allie Griffin

The state has suspended the liquor licenses of three Queens establishments after their customers were found to be disobeying social distancing rules and mask requirements.

Two bars in Astoria and a pizzeria in Maspeth each had their liquor licenses suspended by the State Liquor Authority Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today.

Brik Astoria, located at 32-16 Steinway St, and M.I.A., located at 27-35 21st St., each can no longer serve alcohol, as well as Maspeth Pizza House, located at 55-60 60th St., until further notice.

It’s not the first time Brik Astoria has been reprimanded for violating COVID-19 rules.

The bar and hookah lounge was suspended from the city’s curbside dining program Sunday after videos surfaced on social media showing massive crowds over the weekend lingering outside the lounge, while blatantly disobeying mask requirements and social distancing orders.

Brik Astoria has been a repeat offender, a state official said. The bar was written up several times in June for violating social distancing requirements.

Astoria has proven to be a particular problem area.

M.I.A. has also been cited for violating the governor’s social distancing requirements. Dozens of patrons were found to be congregating and drinking without ordering food on several occasions, according to the state official.

Maspeth Pizza House is also a repeat offender, the state official said. The pizzeria has been cited for serving alcohol to standing and dancing patrons on multiple occasions, including on July 10 and July 19.  SLA investigators also witnessed servers without face coverings, the official said.

Cuomo said it was important that patrons keep away from troublesome establishments that don’t abide by the rules.

He told young partiers to quit being “stupid” at a press conference Monday. Today, he called their actions “dangerous.”

“The restaurants and bars that encourage young people to congregate threaten to bring us back to the hell we experienced three months ago,” Cuomo said. “This is a dangerous situation, and the bad operators will make it worse for themselves and everyone.”

A strip club on Long Island also had its liquor license suspended Monday, Cuomo announced.

The SLA has suspended the liquor licenses of 27 establishments across the state for violating social distancing rules, according to published reports.

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(R) The Party of Greed

Texas, Arizona and Florida are far from Blue. Three states that were doing fine until they followed Trumps advice. All 3 governors and the president should be charged with dereliction of duty.

(R) The Great Lie

Wealthiest US States :
10. Washington
9. Virginia
8. California
7. Alaska
6. New Hampshire
5. Connecticut
4. Massachusetts
3. Hawaii
2. New Jersey
1. Maryland
Notice the blue trend 9 out of 10. Vote Blue I’d you want financial security.

(R) Party of Greed

US News and World Report After analyzing all 50 U.S. states, here are the 10 poorest states in America for 2020:
New Mexico
West Virginia
South Carolina
North Carolina
9 out of 10 are Republican strongholds

COVID is skyrocketing in red states

There isn’t a single blue state in the top 10 worst infected. Trump got them to “liberate” themselves ?


That’s only the tip of the iceberg. They should just CLOSE them down period when they encourage bad behavior.
There are so many Disrespectful people these days.


Oh yes let the city yank liquor licences from predominantly white neighborhoods to make it look like they are tough and doing something to stop late night partying while minority neighborhoods experience a rose in shootings and nothing is being done about it.

Nursing home residents' lives matter

Cuomo should be arrested for killing all those people in nursing homes with his reckless stupidity.

Trumps Pandemic

@hashtagger-It would never have happened if Trump did his job. Trump has turned us into Venezuela. Weak dollar, slumping oil industry, riots in the streets and over twenty five million unemployed. Don’t forget The Trump administration’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, has made America a laughing stock who are forbidden to travel to any place in the civilized world.

read the news

pretty sure it was caused by a pandemic and weak progressive leaders in big cities…nice try though

140k dead Americans

You’re happy with How Trump bungled the pandemic?! He had the info in February! No jobs, no economy.

Adults make adult decisions

Hashtagger-A Texas county is forming a committee to decide which coronavirus patients are most likely to die and send them home to their families.

Starr County Memorial Hospital is overrun with coronavirus cases, and hospitals elsewhere in Texas and in nearby states are also full, officials say.

The county’s health authority said the “situation is desperate,” and that “there is nowhere to put these patients.”

He said that for some patients, “we believe they will be better taken care in the love of their own family and home rather than thousands of miles away dying alone.”

Starr County had successfully avoided a large outbreak in the pandemic’s early days. Officials pointed to the Texas governor’s decision to reopen the state as the region for the surge.


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