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State Publication Declares Van Bramer a Winner Following His Ethical Response to Bribe

Van Bramer (Photo: Office of Jimmy Van Bramer)

May 28, 2013 Staff Report

Jimmy Van Bramer was declared a winner last week by a well known political publication.

City and State, a news site for New York’s political chattering classes, listed him a political “winner” based on his response to a bribe offered to him by a Long Island City businessman.

“When the owner of an indoor rock-climbing center in Queens offered Councilman Van Bramer free use of his facility for fundraisers and access to a list of his company’s Facebook friends in exchange for making a stop-work order he had received for doing illegal construction go away, Van Bramer not only refused to accept, he went to the Department of Investigation. Soon after, DOI ran a sting operation that allegedly caught the businessman red-handed. Many politicians claim they would turn in someone who approached them with a bribe, but Van Bramer is the rare elected to actually demonstrate his integrity.”

The losers were listed as Vito Lopez and Sheldon Silver.

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Oh silly kids,
They are honest until they run for their second term in the state senate.

Marilyn S.

I am proud to be from Sunnyside, where we have an honest Councilman.
Keep up the good work, JVB, and hope you inspire others to do likewise.

Just Saying

Someone tell me that JVB and his biddy Quinn are not in the pockets of real estate developers. These may be legal bribes, but they are still bribes.


Good job Jimmy. U are doing a terrific job in sunnyside and I hope one u will run for mayor. U got my vote. Keep up the good work.




I’m amazed JVB didn’t fall off his chair laughing at this pathetic bribe.


This looks like something you would see in the Woodside Herald next to a big fat advertisement.


“free use of his facility for fundraisers and access to a list of his company’s Facebook friends”

Not much of a bribe. I think the change bum would have turned it down too.


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