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Starbucks on Queens Boulevard closed for renovations, opening later this month

Aug. 1, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

Starbucks on Queens Boulevard has closed for renovations.

Building records for the 46-09 Queens Boulevard location show an application for renovations approved in June and that it plans to spend $135,000 on the revamp. Renovations began on July 31, according to a spokesperson for Starbucks.

“The store will reopen with new finishes and fixtures,” the Starbucks spokesperson said.

The coffeehouse is expected to open on August 18.

The chain opened its Sunnyside location in 2006.

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Original local

I’ve been in this neighborhood for 27 years, nothing much has changed, jut the uninvited loud mouthed hipsters. Please go back to brooklyn, and leave sunnyside alone.


Speaking of QB eateries, what is the story with Foxy’s Diner? They closed on Monday. Anyone know of any good old-school diners in the hood?


The place is a dump..$4 dollars for a latte and the staff acts like they are doing you a favor..I have at times waited over 10 minutes for a drink.The floors, tables and counters are always a sloppy mess…Vagrants and assorted deadbeats hang out there daily..Stopped patronizing this location a long time ago…$135k renovation won’t solve the real problems with this Starbucks


Where will folks relieve themselves? Each bathroom has approx 180 flushes per day. Of the 360, 1/3 are probably coffee-induced number twos. You figure half pound per drop, that’s a total 60 lbs of solid waste that needs to go somewhere. Any suggestions?


that makes no sense. its literally free on every corner from those LinkNYC obelisks on the street. you can literally sit in any store along the 40’s on Queens Blvd. and get a signal.


Let’s support local businesses vs corporations.

Brookside Market (Stumptown coffee and cute backyard), Aubergine Cafe, Dawa (after 10), Coffe Tossy, Baruir’s…….lots options.


The people that work at Starbucks aren’t real human beings anyway right? They’re just corporate drones right? Join me in my slacktivism.

Good Coffee (is a relative term)

No thanks. Currently I’ll try to support my taste buds and not torture them. So I’ll go to the next Starbucks.


It’s nice to have the option of a chain like Starbucks, and a selection of great little local spots like tossy, brookside, baibur etc. A few chain stores in Sunnyside is what the neighborhood needs to keep us relevant and not some little hick rando pariah.


I do! I really appreciate Starbucks and its staff. It always seems really busy, so I think it’s news that impacts people. I didn’t know about this, and I’m glad that I didn’t plan to grab coffee there in the morning only to find that it’s not open.


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