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Spider-Man shoots several scenes in Sunnyside Tuesday

Bob Johnson (

Bob Johnson (, Sunnyside

Sept. 28, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

The production crew of the latest Spider-Man film took over a large chunk of Sunnyside Tuesday to shoot a multitude of scenes.

(Bob Johnson) Sunnyside, Queens

(Bob Johnson) Sunnyside, Queens

Many of the shots took place on the side of the buildings located on the northern side of Queens Boulevard, between 44th and 45th Streets.


The production crew also did a lot of filming on 43rd Street between 43rd Avenue and Queens Blvd. Many residents were unable to park their vehicle throughout a large swath of northern Sunnyside Tuesday.

The new Spider-Man movie stars Tom Holland.

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson, Sunnyside


Bob Johnson has been a Sunnyside resident for the past decade and is a photographer, videographer, marketer, designer, journalist and playwright. His work is titled “Bitten By A Zebra” since there are several “Bob Johnson’s” out there and he wanted to differentiate himself.
Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sunnyside, Queens (

Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sunnyside, Queens (Bob Johnson)


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It seems cool, but in reality it is a big annoying, disrupted event to the residents, We have no parking, they keep interrupting the sidewalk traffic, and the worst part, they don’t contribute in anything to our business, and this last time seems like a chicken bone was found by a dog that later died from it in proximity of food area.. Shame! Hope they go somewhere far far away

The Flying Kishka

The “Spider-Man” franchise has “Petered Out”, it was entertaining the first time around, but now not so much. The inconvenience of film crews in the neighborhood is tedious and annoying.
Couldn’t we just get a good Kosher Deli in that area? 43rd and QB?


Stop messing with our parking space. Parking in Sunnyside sucks, and then you people make it worst. Can we send Spiderman to Bronx or something?

Part eggplant

Don’t see what the big deal is. All it does is inconvenience everyone. Why do people get excited? So they can say “oh I’ve seen that window in real life! It’s near my apartment!” when they see the dumb movie? “Hey wait that fire escape that looks like thousands of other ones is actually in my neighborhood.” Stupid.

Eggplant sucks

Maybe be just an eggplant because being a bitter human being just isn’t enough for a bitter man! How about get your fat ass off the computer and do something


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