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Sparks Fly on Queens Blvd, As E-Bike Owner Does Repairs

Aug. 9, 2013 Staff Report

The owner of E-Bike, which is located at 41-27 Queens Blvd, appears to have turned his store into a full-service repair shop.

The owner was welding together bike parts on the side walk Friday in front of his store. While he was working away, several pedestrians gingerly walked by – including mothers with strollers and senior citizens—perplexed by the situation.

The owner/operator had no goggles or safety equipment while performing the work; furthermore, he displayed little concern for pedestrians.

The store has been subject to criticism from public officials before for leaving scooters out front and doing some engine work on the sidewalk. However, welding is something new.

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Nina Hartley

What he was doing is illegal since it is a public right of way. grinding, etc. on his property is fine and he can cut his nuts off for all I care.

Get Help

Who cares? the moms didn’t. most people in the video cared that someone was taking a video. One man even went up to the guy and pointed it out. like most nyers they walked around.

Yes he should of been wearing safety goggles. and maybe put out a sign. Sanding, grinding, welding or fusing are much more dangerous INSIDE in a small shop with gasoline and paper and other things. I don’t see any fuel tanks or hot gloves so it is probably not welding. if he isn’t wearing protective gear then It isn’t HOT sparks but cold sparks. Get over it try some manual labor and realize that not every dirty or messy situation poses a threat nor should it be done inside.

My opinion the camera man/woman standing in everyone’s way is more of a hazard than the man working next to his door.


Does anyone know which department regulates this type of behavior? Where do the complaints go when you call 311? Might be a better idea to find out where the violation is and report it directly.


He leaves bike parts all over the sidewalk, oil, gas, etc etc. He should have to do all of his work w/i the confines of his shop. I wonder what kind of taxes he is paying… it’s a cash only biz.


As others mentioned, that is in fact grinding not welding. Stupid on his part to do it as people walk by. If he chooses to not wear protective goggles that’s his problem, BUT his grinding on the sidewalk poses a problem for the safety.of others. 311 is overrated. They can take days to follow up, or never look into a complaint. There’s 3 unregistered cars for sale on my block taking up space for almost a year even after numerous phone calls to 311 they are still there. No plates, no inspection no registration no problem. Thats BS.

Another Old One

Ohhh. Hidden Camera work by the Post! Except once you take the pictures you are supposed to confront the offender. That’s when you get a story. Both sides of the issue, remember? from J school? Think back. It’ll come to you.


The guy is pretty arrogant or just not very aware of what he’s doing. Surprised no one has called 311 to complain.


hey , why don’t you passive aggressive hipsters stop LOOKING and say something? If I had a kid walking by I’d yell at him making sure he stopped until I walked by, then I would yell at him some more for doing that stuff in the street. IF EVERYONE did their part and did some yelling, he’d have a pretty bad day. Eventually that would lead to severe low self esteem and that would lead him to jump off a bridge, then the store could be turned into a bookstore and the change bum could volunteer and everyone would be happy,

except me, cuz Sunnyside Sucks.


Looks like he’s cutting something not welding. 2 completely different things. As long as he pays rent who cares

Hoof Hearted

This guy is already on thin ice with e-bikes and their riders considered such a menace. You think he’d have brains enough to keep a low profile. I have seen other workers on busy streets do this before with circular saws sending sparks flying all over and the worker with zero safety equipment on.


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