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Sonali Cuisine Appears to Have Closed

Photo: QueensPost

Jan. 22, 2011 Staff Report

Sonali Cuisine, the Indian restaurant located at 44-13 Queens Blvd, appears to have closed.

The Sunnyside restaurant has not been open for more than 2 months and adjacent store owners believe the proprietors have left.

The restaurant, which opened in October 2009, offered typical Indian fare from vegetable samosas to lamb curry.

Since its arrival, other Indian restaurants have opened, such as Basmati Table on Skillman Ave.(btw. 46th and 47th), and Curry Point at 41-02 Greenpoint Ave.

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I know this post is one year old, I just found all of this today!!
Sunnyside BID hired a New Jersey resident,who, according to himself “new nothing about Queens” before being hired!!

Here is the Executive Board of Sunnyside BID

The Chairman of Sunnyside BID lives in Lindenhurst, Long Island.
The Treasurer of Sunnyside is selling his property in Sunnyside!
The Secretary of Sunnyside BID is closing her store!
James Bray, Executive Director lives in New Jersey.

A Disgrace
From the Sunnyside Post:

Sunnyside Shines, a local business improvement district (BID), hired 23-year-old James Bray as its new executive director.Bray, who said he knew “nothing about Queens” before joining the BID, was hired as a part-time worker in November to help Sunnyside Shines with is computer and network problems.

The BID’s role is to promote business in Sunnyside. Its function is particularly important right now as a slew of businesses are struggling to survive. In recent months many businesses have closed,

Bray, who said he knew “nothing about Queens” before joining the BID, was hired as a part-time worker in November to help Sunnyside Shines with is computer and network problems.

He was able to get the job through his father Thomas Bray, who reports to John Vogt, the regional director at White Castle. Vogt is the chairman of Sunnyside Shines.

Vogt, a Lindenhurst resident, is also the chairman of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce .

This will be Bray’s first executive role. .

Bray, who is being paid $41,600 (without healthcare), said that he brings a “fresh perspective to the job.” Many people in Sunnyside’s local organizations have been here a long time, he said.


Gary the Agnostic said…
Sunnyside Shines is going through Executive Directors the same way that Steinbrenner used to go through managers. How many have they had in the last year? Three? Four?

Anonymous said…
On that salary, young lad will finally get to move out of parents’ house.

Naturally, the job of Sunnyside BID exec. dir. was not open or advertised anywhere. It was given to Bray.

That’s just how Bloomberg hires, too. He may be inexperienced, but he’s got connections.

Anonymous said…
what a joke… advertise a job in an obscure website, then claim nobody wants a $41,600/yr job in this economy? give me a break. At least get someone who knows where Sunnyside is. Nice step up from selling patio furniture though.

Anonymous said…
Been to Sunnyside lately? Empty storefronts galore, the new businesses feature eyebrow threading, eyebrow threading, and eyebrow threading. By the way, I am unemployed, and would have jumped at the opportunity to improve my community – but maybe some kid from New Jersey that probably never set foot in Queens can do a better job than me?



Usually when stores go out of business. Some kind of sign is put on the property like for rent or something like that. This store had no signs at all


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