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Snow statue of Hippocrates Goes Up in Astoria Park

The Hippocrates sculpture (Photos courtesy Melissa Vadakara and Marios Tzavellas

Feb. 9, 2021 By Christina Santucci

A pair of artists turned Sunday’s snow in Astoria Park into a giant sculpture of an ancient Greek physician.

Melissa Vadakara teamed up with Marios Tzavellas to craft a 6 1/2-foot snowman of Hippocrates holding a Rod of Asclepius, the symbol for medicine and health.

Vadakara said the artists envisioned the sculpture as a symbolic protector for the neighborhood from the COVID-19 pandemic. “He’s overlooking the park, watching out for everyone’s health,” she said.

The sculpture was the pair’s third creation in Astoria Park over the past few weeks. They made a snow god in December and a 7-foot ice queen the day after more than a foot fell on the borough Feb. 1.

Vadakara estimated the Hippocrates sculpture took five hours, which was three hours less than their previous piece. This time they had a shovel to speed up the process.

Vadakara said she hoped the snow art took viewers’ breath away in surprise.

The snow creations have also amazed Astoria residents online — with more than a thousand people marveling at pictures posted to a neighborhood Facebook group.

But sadly, only Hippocrates’ torso and legs remained in the park Monday evening.

Vadakara said she and Tzavellas plan to build more snow sculptures later this week if more than three inches accumulate. But the pair might pick a new location — to mix things up.

However, Astoria Park will always be a source of inspiration.

“Marios and I, we love that park,” Vadakara said.

The Hippocrates sculpture (Photo courtesy Melissa Vadakara and Marios Tzavellas)

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I wish they would of used more snow from the residential and commercial areas instead of the park to make their sculptures. Its just not melting fast enough and makes parking and traveling so difficult.

This is Sparta!

A statue that melts before a mob can tear it down!

Genius! Love it!

BTW: Do doctors even take the Hyppocratic Oath anymore?

This is not the Capitol

This isn’t the US Capitol, why would you be worried about angry mobs tearing it down?

You're comparing those to Trump's Capitol riots

I don’t remember Trump encouraging those, but you’re right–Trump’s riot was just as bad!

The Trump supporters murdered a policeman at the Capitol. Did that happen in Portland too? No? Oh….

Those were similar to Trump's Capitol Riot

Except I don’t remember them murdering a police officer, like in Trump’s Riot. Prayers for his family.


If the capital riot upsets you then you must really be angry with antifa/blm after they burned looted and assault Americans with impunity for months. At least the capital had police, security, and bulletproof glass. The average American store had nothing, not even a police officer to help because they were all under attack by the defund/destroy America mob. I’m sure you agree because your not a hypocrite.

Why does the Radical Right love slave owner statues so much?

Was Hippocrates a slave owner? No? Oh…then completely irrelevant huh?
Trump lovers get so mad over their little statues. Sad!

More woke than thou

Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt didn’t own slaves yet their statues are coming down.

Lincoln certainly owned slaves

All the statues were of slave owners like Lincoln. If you knew more you wouldn’t be so angry.

No one tore down the statue of Teddy. Completely wrong again ?

I agree with you though, Trump lovers are mostly offended that their slave owner statues are coming down. So sensitive.


I’m sure you can get your doom and gloom fix on some other media outlet. Most of them, in fact.


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