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Smash Used Halloween Pumpkins Into Compost at Sunnyside Greenmarket

Residents at a previous Pumpkin Smash (Photo provided by the Queens Botanical Garden)

Oct. 21, 2021 By Michael Dorgan

Instead of throwing out this Halloween’s used pumpkins, Sunnyside/Woodside residents can smash them apart with their neighbors – while helping the environment.

The seventh annual Pumpkin Smash will take place on Nov. 6 at the Sunnyside Greenmarket, located outside Lou Lodati Playground on Skillman Avenue between 41st and 43rd Street.

The event will see staff from the Queens Botanical Garden on hand to help residents smash pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns apart. The workers will then bring them back to the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing where they will be turned into compost.

The compost will then be used as fertilizer in community gardens, on street tree beds and in other public greening initiatives, organizers say.

The initiative aims to keep unwanted items out of landfills, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It also serves as a way to educate people about the environmental benefits of composting as workers will provide participants with information about composting and recycling programs in New York City.

“This event takes something very fun—smashing pumpkins to smithereens—and uses it to engage and educate with community members about the importance of compost,” said Chelsea Encababian, Compost Project Manager at the Queens Botanical Garden.

The event is being organized by the operators of the Queens Botanical Garden, located at 43-50 Main St. as part of a city-wide composting program called the NYC Compost Project.

The pumpkin smash will go from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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How WASTEFUL!!! Why smash pumpkins when you could donate them to food pantries at churches, food banks etc. With food scarsity at an all time high and more people going hungry, from job loss, panademic, homelessness, poor seniors and college students alike. Why not repurpose the pumpkins into useful items like: PUMPKIN PIE!!! Pumpkin Soup, Kids eat Pumpkin seeds in trail mix!!! Pumpkin soufle etc…. It’s a winter squash EAT it DON’T waste it!!! Wash the pumpkin if it’s decorated, People cook using the gut of this vegetable! Peel the skin off and squash the squash into PUMPKIN PIE!!! HELLO THANKSGIVING is Next Month!!! With the way this “climate” and importing is going, We may not even HAVE pumpkins for traditional pie for the holiday! And you want to smash it for compost???? Alot of “climate Green Pushers” don’t even recycle their unuseable veggie waste that could make compost. Have the Sanitation workers work with building supers to sort out tenant waste to get your compost, it actually builds more jobs and gets you to a “greener” earth with additional compost for public gardens. SAVE the PUMPKINS for Cooking! ?=???☕
If you need to get your aggression out leave the poor yummy pumpkin alone, have kids of all ages rake the park leaves and Jump in! There a traditional fall passtime that helps with cleaning and having fun after those leaves can be used for COMPOST!? P.S. Pumpkin Seeds can also be used for GROWING more pumpkins like in urban gardens! Also Pumpkins ?have ALOT of Vitamin A & C good for vision, has Potassium and is high in fiber and low calories and filling. Also according to “healthline” is good for skin.
Happy Holidays!?

43rd & 43rd

LOL. Carving pumpkins are not good for eating. They’re a completely different variety. They especially aren’t good for eating once they’ve been scraped out, carved, dirtied with candle soot and wax, and left outside for a month to decay and gather street filth.

Compost is good for growing healthy, fresh vegetables, meant for eating, in community gardens.

You should try eating your jack o’lantern, though. Enjoy.


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?Before you preach, learn from those that teach!
God Bless Our Grandparents! ??


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