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Skillman Pubcrawl Draws Strong Crowd

Claret, a participant (Photo: QueensPost)

June 10, 2013 By Bill Parry

More than 250 people participated in a BBQ pub crawl on Saturday that was organized by nine bars and restaurants located on Skillman Avenue.

The event, officially called the Skillman Avenue BBQ Crawl, offered attendees $3 beers and BBQ specials at all of the participating establishments—that ranged from chicken pizza at Murphy’s Bar to chicken panini at Cafe Marlene.

Pub goers were required to pay a $5 entrance fee (for a wristband) to take advantage of the deals, with those funds going toward beautifying Skillman Avenue.

The event was put on by the Skillman Project, a group of bars and restaurants located on Skillman Ave. between 46th and 50th Streets. While the crawl was popular, it fell short of the group’s Oktoberfest event, which drew a crowd of 350.

Quaint Bistro, one of the participants, served baby back ribs with cornbread and grilled asparagus, while Claret Wine Bar offered a selection of ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs. The Dog and Duck had a special on BBQ ribs and sweet red cabbage, normally priced at $11.50, for $5 for attendees.

Brian Moran, a sanitation worker from Maspeth who was born and raised in Sunnyside, was tipped off to the event by a text message from a neighborhood buddy. “I had to come back and see so many old faces from the hood,” he said at The Brogue.

Greg Edeburn, a Broadway stagehand just back from 8 months on the road with a traveling production, said, “It’s my first [Skillman Avenue] crawl and I love it.”

Mike Murphy, the owner of Murphy’s Bar, said the funds raised—from the $5 fee—are going to help local officials replace some of the trees that were lost during Sandy. He said some would also go toward the Christmas/Holiday lights that go up every December.

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@ krissi

Sorry, I didn’t mean to direct it at you personally. Just at your inane comment.


CCHHIIILLLAAAXXX anonymous — Krissi is correct –

This was a community event, and a person could attend at 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. without any super crowded or crazy scene . . . the wristband did not “require” a person to do any pub crawl – Cooper’s Kettle at 3 p.m. in the back with the garden was not that scene at all. Yet one could order off the special barbeque menu (and drink water) and support the community at the same time . . . some places were packed, but others clearly had room to welcome all that wanted to support Sunnyside.

Anonymous #1

@ Krissi – I am the one who made the comment about toddlers in a bar being classy. This OTHER anonymous person is the person who called you retarded! I am sure there are multiple people who post as anonymous. Once you have been stalked where you have to have an order of protection on a person, you don’t always use your real name. From now on I will post as Aunt Jemima.



Are you seriously calling me retarded? Are you in 2nd grade?

June 10, 2013 • 2:52 pm
Toddlers in a bar. Classy…

Now THAT is a stupid comment. Or is it that you are another Anonymous? Oh I have a great idea! USE YOUR FARKING NAME so you can be a part of this community board instead of crying when someone calls out another anonymous person who makes a childish post.


Good idea 7TrainDelays!

Anonymous – there’s a difference between a toddler at 3pm at a pub for a community event and a toddler at 11pm on a Saturday night in my opinion


So sad I missed this and the fair this year. I can’t wait for the next event to hang with people.


Keep up the good work and take the suggestions from those who attended, to make the future ones more affordable .

Gets people out and about and that is a good thing.


would have liked to see more real bbq at the event and maybe a flyer with all the specials at each place listed. otherwise, a great idea and a good event.

Sunnyside Native

Looks like you all had fun! In light of this economy, glad to see the turnout went well!


Congratulations to the establishments on Skillman Ave and environs for another great neighborhood event. Props to Mr. Martinez for all the great photos, who knew there are so many good looking people in Sunnyside. In that regard, I’m hoping the next event is a Skillman Project Luau with participants required to wear traditional native dress.


PS: one more brilliant suggestion free of charge for the organizers:

For say, groups of three or more, if they’re traveling by car, how about a special wristband for designated drivers that gets them a soft drink for a buck? It would certainly show that the bar owners are conscientious when it comes to public safety and not just encouraging binge drinking.

Art Lover

Where is the coverage of the Invincible Summer show at Queen of Angels? It was a raging success! Story, please.


Just a word of advice to the pub owners: not everyone drinks beer or wants to drink more than one or two. Perhaps the discount could be extended to glasses of wine in future pub crawls. I’m sure it would attract more people.


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