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Skillman Pets Goes to the Dogs

Kathy Monahan from “It’s me or the Dog.’ 

July 10, 2011 By Christian Murray

Throngs of local dog owners turned out at Skillman Pets Saturday to show off their canines to a representative from a well-known TV dog show.

A representative of the show, “It’s me or the Dog”, sought dogs in great need of obedience training. The show features Victoria Stilwell, an English dog trainer, who goes to people’s houses and reforms problematic dogs.

Kathy Monahan, a representative from the show was asking local dog owners whether their canines chewed pillows, wrecked furniture and didn’t play well with other dogs.

“A dog from this community has a very good chance of being chosen,” Monahan said.  “I definitely came across dogs that I think we can help.”

Crowds also showed up at the 49-16 Skillman Ave. pet store to check out a number of rescue dogs in need of a home.

Delores Rodrigues, founder of the New York Abandoned Angels Rescue, had set up a table outside the store and was searching for potential owners of her group’s rescue dogs. She was there from 1pm to 4pm.

The Abandoned Angels brought 5 dogs to Skillman Pets and found homes for two of them by 2:30pm. The group was pleased by the large turnout and went back for more dogs.

At 2:30, the group was actively seeking homes for Beach Baby and Butter Cup, two poodles. The Abandoned Angels was also trying to raise money by selling books, dog toys and even cookies outside the store.

Rodrigues praised Abdel Rios for allowing her to set up outside his store and said that she would love to come back to the neighborhood.  “People in this area love dogs and are so nice.

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Rick Duro

I have always avoided that ‘vet’ on Greenpoint in the mid 40’s, for years I have heard waaaaaay too many horror stories about that place that go beyond high prices.

I take my dog to the Astoria Vet Group on Steinway in Astoria, great place, ask for Dr Smith, she’s excellent.

Rick Duro


I recommend LIC Animal Clinic on 36th Avenue and 32nd street in Astoria.
Dr. Gapas is really super nice and I always take my dog there- she always offers natural alternatives in Vet care and I really appreciate that!

Way better than anyone in Sunnyside- I have been taking my dog there for years- I originally heard of her through a friend who also took her dog there.

Its easy to get there from Sunnyside just take the 7 to the N train.


sounds like a great event… i stopped by the store yesterday and have to say the owner seems like a great guy who cares about the area. prices seemed decent too and he has lots of high-end brands and products.

despite the economy, there’s a lot of good stuff going on along Skillman these days.


Many thanks, “Shadyside.” I had a similar experience with Sunnyside Animal Clinic, and will try your recommendation next time.


@Shadyside: Glad to hear I’m not the only one who had a sour experience with Sunnyside Vet. Thanks for suggesting a local alternative!


Roxy — check out Queens Animal Hospital at 5612 Roosevelt. It’s a bit of a walk and doesn’t look like much from the outside, but they’re amazing, caring and way more affordable than Sunnyside Animal Clinic. I took my pup to Sunnyside Clinic a couple of times… the last time, I went in because my dog was having some kind of allergy situation with his eyes. Over the phone, they told me that the visit would be around $40 and the eye cream another $25 or something. When I checked out, they handed me a bill for almost $500!! Totally outrageous. They did all these expensive tests on him without even asking me if it was OK. I mean, I’m sure I would have said yes because I wanted his issues resolved but the fact that didn’t even ASK me really pissed me off. I complained and the doctor came out and told his staff to make a note in my file that I should be asked before any tests were conducted. I said, that shouldn’t require a “special note in my file, that should just be standard procedure!” And I also told them that they were lucky I could even afford to pay the charges. That was the last time I went there. I’ve heard similar stories from people in the neighborhood. I can’t say enough good things about the Queens Animal Hospital though. They’re so attentive and tell you what’s going on every single step of the way. Check them out 🙂


While we’re on the subject, can anyone recommend a veterinarian in the area? Sunnyside Animal Clinic on Greenpoint Avenue & 47th Street does excellent work, but their prices tend to be on the ULTRA-HIGH side.


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