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Skillman Avenue Medical Office Closes


July 29, 2015 By Christian Murray

A Skillman Avenue medical office that focused on selling nutritional supplements closed last week.

The Sunnyside Nutritional Center, located at 45-10 Skillman Ave., opened in August 2013 offering Swedish, deep tissue and Shiatsus therapeutic massages. It also offered products for diabetes, menopause, stress problems and obesity.

The center targeted the Hispanic market, with its sales literature and marketing mostly in Spanish. The center was active in soliciting customers on Sundays when many people attended mass at Queens of Angels Church.

The landlord said the owner of the center claimed that “he wasn’t getting any business.”

The landlord said that he is trying to rent out the space for $4,500 per month.

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I too enjoy the white cake bakery!!…The Latino man and his Asian boyfriend make great salads and tasty sandwiches…Great iced tea and coffee plus very quick delivery

Local Yokel

Their food is good but their customer relations is non-existent. The owners are very cold and robotic. No warmth.

where's da clam bake, pops?

my vision: hot blonde swedes in pigtails giving table massages
reallity: likely 50yr old Asain woman with a folding aluminum massage chair


Agree! Skillman is so pretty – and Sunnyside is in DIRE need of a good coffee shop, like a real coffee shop that knows how to properly serve cold brewed iced coffee in the summer 🙂


Have you tried that Appollonia Gallery? Its like a gallery/coffee shop. Pretty cute.

Also whatever happened to the old Sofra? I thought some bar was moving in? There’s been a sign saying it was going to open in 2 weeks for 4 months now.


I haven’t – the last time I was at Apollonia they were talking about but I wasn’t sure it ever happened — I’ll have to pop in on Saturday and check it out! I’ve been wondering about Sofra too – I live right across the street and was hoping something good would open there.


Appollonia seems to be closed too. It’s been weeks and there is no sign on the door.


Baruir on Queens Blvd. is pretty good. The ice cubes they use for the iced coffee is made out of coffee instead of water.
Aubergine Café is good too.

Anonymous visitor

Baruir is good, and I do like to get iced coffee there on occasion, but I also like to be able to sit down for just a few minutes and not sit my coffee. It’s not conducive to that without seats. I tend to hit up White Cake Bakery on 43rd Ave. for tasty iced coffee with a seat.

El loco

How about better stores in all of Sunnyside not just Skillman? I hope someone doesn’t tell me to leave the neighborhood now that I don’t like the stores here.


Let’s get some good stuff on Skillman. How about a nice wine store? A cafe? A health food store? Anything but the weird and shady stuff that seems to predominate such a pretty street currently .

anthony blackwood

ok mike off your ass and open a store of your suggestion or will you wait for someone else to do it

john doe

That crappy spa next to Claret closed too. It was most likely a front as they changed names a few times. People need to do their research before opening up a business.

isaac the bartender

look at the place, who the hell would walk in that place for medical care? or a swedish massage? looks like one of those old tv repair places with an old guy at a bench huddled underneath a single light bulb.


How about a nice Deli!!!! Like the one in Corona called “Mama’s Of Corona.” FANTASTIC FOOD. There are no great or good Deli’s here.


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