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Skillman Ave. Pub Crawl Draws Big Crowd

April 23, 2012 Staff Report

The second Skillman Ave. pub crawl took place on Saturday and it attracted a big crowd.

“We had 160 registered attendees, up from 98 when the first event took place in January,” said Kevin Burke, a barman at the Kettle. The Kettle, located at 50-24 Skillman Ave., was the place where the “bar/restaurant hop” kicked off.

The event started at 3:30pm and lines quickly formed outside the Kettle during the registration phase. Attendees who registered were provided with bracelets that allowed them to get their first drink at half price at each of the participating location.

The bars/restaurants that participated were: the Kettle, Aubergine Café, The Brogue, Murphy’s Bar, Quaint, Flynn’s Garden Inn, Claret and The Dog and Duck.

These establishments held their first pub/restaurant crawl on Jan. 26.

Politicians and many well known residents participated. Furthermore, many pub crawlers turned out who did not formally register.

“The event was a big success,” Burke said, adding that “every bar was busy.”

Mike Murphy, owner of Murphy’s Bar, said he was pleased by the big turnout. He added that it is very likely that another “pub crawl” will take place down the road.

Attendees were required to provide $5 worth of canned food when they registered.

“We got boxes and boxes of cans,” said Burke, who added that they will be going to local food pantries. “We got way more than the first event.”

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St.Raphael's Food Pantry Volunteer

What a great way to start the week, got a call from Queen of Angel’s Church to come and up some doations for our food pantry. Q of A’s has always been very supportive and we have recieved many call in the past. This call was extra special as our shelves were quite bare. When we arrived at Q of A’s rectory my wife and I could not believe our eyes – – the floor was covered with canned goods and assorted groceries. I asked Fr. Dowd the pastor, as to the source of this amount of food and he said it came from the Skillman Ave pub crawl.First of thanks to Fr.Dowd but most of all thanks a million to each and person who took part in the crawl and by doing so donated food. We give food to 1700 clients each month and this was agreat boost to our pantry– your pantry. God Bless you All .


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