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Six story building to go up on Queens Boulevard on lot next to Starbucks

July 5, 2017 By Christian Murray

A developer filed plans Monday for a 6 story, 19-unit complex to go up Queens Boulevard on the empty lot next to Starbucks, according to Building Dept. records.

The building would go up at 46-11 Queens Boulevard, a lot that has been abandoned since a fire tore through the corner of 46th Street and Queens Boulevard in June 2001.

Since the fire, a new building went up on the corner of 46th Street/Queens Blvd that houses Starbucks—which opened in 2006—and T-Mobile. However, 46-11 Queens Boulevard has remained empty and the owner has faced complaints over the years about the construction fence being dangerous and garbage over the years.

The new building would consist of ground floor retail (4,251 sq. ft.), with five floors of apartments. The second floor would have 3 apartments with floors 3-6 consisting of four apartments.

The entire building would be 17,280 sq. ft. and would be 76 feet tall.

The owner is listed as Avi Dishi of Metropolitan Management. Dishi could not be reached for comment.

Source: Angel Fire (fire destroys buildings on corner of Queens Blvd/46th Street in 2001)

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I know they’re chains, but I would go for a Chipotle or deMole level Mex restaruant, and a Staples…or a really decent Chinese restaurant. No more bars, discount stores, etc. Oh yeah. An old school diner might be Nice. Heard we may be losing one of the only ones on the Blvd in the Hood. It’s like Cheers there, (primarily) without the booze.


Miss the old days when there was lots of good old fashion progress. Not like today. Sad

Theorem Ox

I was wondering why this lot was overlooked while new buildings are popping up in every possible space here.

6 stories isn’t as egregious, but it is yet another strain added to the crumbling public infrastructure that’s barely holding up on a GOOD day.

Fan of Doughboy Park

how tall is the 7 train? who cares, it’s queens boulevard, not some little side street. if anything it’ll block some noise.


This building site was untouched due to an issue with the gas lines and Con Ed resulting from the fire at the Dae Dong. Remember they had gas fueled habachis at their tables.

Southside Johnny

Why was this site vacant for all these years? I’ve never seen Con Ed trucks there dealing with any issue. I suspect there’s more to it than that.

Oil, Beef, Hooked

Johny has cracked this case wide open!

Put the whole system on trial.

Where are the con ed trucks?


Hey, did anyone notice that there is a partially constructed 4 story building in the background of the photo? It’s the current Duane Reade that is only one story… Anybody know what happened?

Theorem Ox

That four story building under construction on the second photo is where Red Wing Shoes, a private parking garage and a bunch of different offices are today.

You can still see the one-story building that Duane Reade occupies further down on Queens Boulevard.


You are = you’re, as in “You’re illiterate.” Your is an entirely different word. Either learn English or go back to wherever you came from.

Sunnyside Owner

I’m sorry…was that supposed to be “witty” or simply insulting and bigoted?


Those are the only two choices I get?? Are you from The Land of the Illiterates? Otherwise, don’t worry about it.

Build, baby, build

Good luck to the developer. I’d rather have a new store/restaurant of some kind and housing than nothing there–and new residents spending money in the area.

The Instigator

Abandoned since 2001? Really? There could have been 5 buildings built by now..

christie in a speedo, thats the moneyshot

guess that permanent taco truck parked out front will have to go somewhere else during construction. need new apts for all the L train hipsters looking for a better commute during the tunne work

and you can buy tacos from a real place that pays taxes and supports the community


Lousy hipsters commuting to there jobs, while us REAL supporters stay home and pay taxes all day.

To bad the permanent taco truck doesn’t even sell tacos. It’s a falafel truck.

Sunnyside Owner

I am personally thrilled to hear this. Queens Blvd is a series of ramshackle ugly buildings. It is in sore need of a face-lift. There is no way this will become a homeless shelter with the high demand for rentals in the area especially with those moving out of areas like Williamsburg. I’m hoping this is only the beginning.


Yep, and Queens Blvd should have all mixed use buildings since it’s next to the train. It would be nice if we could do better with the South side too instead of having gas stations and drive throughs meant for people driving past us. Those probably make a mint though.

Sunnyside Truther

There’s not way this would be a homeless shelter or anything like that…JVB would in no way want that near his home or office. But yes finally something getting built there and the usual complaints will abound about why it isn’t this or that like the collapsing cardboard wall and overgrown weeds looked that amazing for the past decade…


JVB wouldn’t want that near his home??
He doesn’t even notice or do anything about all the garbage on his block now not to mention the people getting robbed. The guy is oblivious.


finally. something is getting done with this eyesore.

side note: i’m sure this thread is about to be filled with complaint after complains as if the empty lot and construction boards are better than a new building.


It’s not just this thread, this site is filled with threads like this, people with nothing but complain. They don’t even care about this neighborhood.


Used to be better in the old fashion days. Buildings next to starbucks were never more than 4 stories.


SHould ONLY be five storeys.!!!

I heard they are puttng in a DRESS BARN on the basement.


Literally the building behind it is 6 stories. What’s the problem? Besides your NIMBYism?


The rest of the block facing QB is one story, it’s a bit out of place. Thanks for assuming my NIMBYism though.
I’m all for development but, it should be something of quality and shouldn’t be an eyesore. The vacant lot is also terrible but, let’s not settle for something too big for the block.

George B

Actually, most of Queens Blvd going through Sunnyside was rezoned for 8-story buildings in about 2012 (not quite sure about the year.) Prior to that, I think the height restriction was 6 stories.

There was also rezoning along 43rd Ave and Greenpoint Ave to allow 3- or 4-story structures.


George B, this is news, I didn’t know Sunnyside had been rezoned for 8-story buildings.
Still I believe it is important to keep the original character and charm of the pre-war buildings, and for the people who live here, to have access to services that benefit ALL members of our community.
How can we have sustainable, eco-development?


i bet a $1.00 it will be a homeless shelter wait and see – JVB would absolutely love this —

Putin tells the Don what's what

Just like a true Republican, a coward who hides behind an anonymous tag.


much like yourself. then again, hypocrites dont know what to look in the mirror.


“A developer filed plans Monday for a 6 story, 19-unit complex”

Well then this building fits under your maximum it’s only 6 stories not 60.


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