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Singas Famous Pizza on the Market for $200,000

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Aug. 24, 2012 By Christian Murray

The owner of Singas Famous Pizza, located at 43-24 Greenpoint Ave., has put the business up for sale.

The pizzeria is on the market for $200,000, according to the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island. The listing states that the business brings in $358,000 in annual income.

Singas is operating in a section of Sunnyside where there are several pizzerias. Lenny’s Pizza, which opened 2 years ago,  is across the street at 44-04 Greenpoint Ave. Meanwhile, the popular Marabella’s is located down the street, at 41-07 Greenpoint Ave.

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I perceive so much hate on this comments !!! That’s becuse Probably they prefer to see singas closed down!! The pizza is not bad !!


I wouldn’t use Sunnyside Pizza as snowshoes! Sesame seeds on pizza? Are you effin kidding me? Maybe in South America it’s cool, but not for a traditional, standard NY pizza. The sauce was so salty I received a 3 month supply of sodium in one sitting. Sal’s pizza owned, still does. Take a pita, dump some ragu on it and chuck a handful of mozzarella before you slam it in the toaster over for 12 mins. That’s a pizza. Eff DiGiorno, too.


Singa’s is awful!! Sunnyside pizza can keep their pizza too! Sesame seeds on the crust? No way. The sauce was awful too. Lenny’s and Marabella know how to make a good ny style pizza. There’s a reason Marabella has been around so long. ..It’s good!


I miss Pinnochio’s – it was in between the liquor store and the Courtyard. That was good stuff….

woodside guy

I finally made it across the great divide to the North side (did not need a passport) and tried Sunnyside Pizza have to admit it was good, but still am missing Sals.

woodside guy

Singha’s does not serve single slices but all of their pies are small, think personal pie small about the size of 2 regular slices. The pies are also all made to order

Preschool Teacher

Is Sunnyside Pizza the one with the sesame seeds?? If so, Full Metal Blogger is right!! That is gross!! Sauce is waaaaay too sweet and the sesame seeds are a gimmick!! I went in to Singha’s once and they did not serve single slices!! Just ridiculous!!! No wonder they are in trouble! What bank would finance any “Pizza Place” that did not serve individual slices?!! (shaking head).

Lentini’s is not bad. They have lots of seating and it’s very clean. At least it looks clean.


Income of $358K, or revenue of $358K? Asking $200K, I’d guess it’s revenue. Doesn’t sound like there’s much of a profit margin.

Celtic Park Winnie

Oh boy!!!! Thanks for the Sunnyside Pizza recommendation! Had it for dinner tonight and it was fabulous! Bye-bye Marabella! Thanks!!

43rd Street Resident

I’ll bet that Singa’s doesn’t even gross $1,000 per day; that’s 200 individual pies. Maybe 1/2 that amount. Their net, after rent, supplies, salaries, utilities, etc., etc.? Does anyone have a guess?

They started out great: good crowds, long lines, not enough tables; then they just fizzled out. Why???


I hear a lot of critiques in these comments. A lot of desires for the obvious moneymaker or well needed establishment in Sunnyside. Well, maybe its time to put up or shut up.

This place is for sale for $200,000 – Biriyani House is for sale on the same site for $86,000. Whose up for pooling some cash and working together to build a better Sunnyside (and make some $ as well)?

I’m in. Who else?


A well-kept secret is the 99 cents pizza slice at 7-11 on Queens Blvd. near 42nd Street. Comes plain with cheese, or plain with chesse and pepperoni. If you want to take it home, they have special boxes to keep it warm. I doubt if any other 99 cents pizza could be any better.


For 99cents, the 99 Cent pizza is very good. Perfect for when you are really hungry and want to wolf down two or three slices.

And considering how tight money is for a lot of people these days, the 99 Cent Pizza shop is most welcome. Maybe it belongs on the other side of the blvd however, where the peasants live, instead of among the north side nobility.

Oppressed Masses

The Singas chain is in deep trouble. First, Pathmark closes, leaving the Singas over there in the lurch and now the Greenpoint Ave. store is on the blocks. What’s the world coming to?


99cent pizza’s crust is the consistency of a wet sponge. Taste like bad frozen pizza.

John K. Wilson

Gotta go with Rueben on this: I love Marabella’s—it is very, very good—but, Sunnyside Pizza’s “garlic bread pizza” is over-the-top amazing! Love those sesame seeds, too.


I’ve had many good slices at Lenny’s. I wonder what their rent is for such a big room, compared with Sunnyside Pizza’s tiny space.


Ruben is right on–Sunnyside Pizza is incredible. The sauce is great, and the sesame seeds on the crust…


the only good pizza in Sunnyside is Sunnyside Pizza on 40th. There is no other pizza that comes CLOSE to how freaking GOOD that pizza is. If I could bathe myself in that marinara sauce I would…and I wouldn’t feel guilty about it either.

Astoria Refugee

Marabella has pretty good pizza but the service sucks big time. Last time I was there, I waited patiently to order while four guys behind the counter totally ignored me. Then some woman walked in after me and was served immediately. They can shove their pizza.


Pizza in Sunnyside varies from utter crap to descent good Pizza, nothing spectacular. Singas is definetely at the low end of the scale.

Elizabeth the Thwarter

I can think of lots of ways Singa’s could be making $1,000 a day, but none of them have anything to do with pizza.


Singas is totally different … Is really good you can’t compare it…you got to try it. N if you can eat in. It even taste better!!!


I believe Singas doesn’t serve by the slice which is usually all I want when I go for a pizza. Probably why I never tried them. Seems I didn’t miss much.

Lenny’s was fantastic under the original owners but the people who took it over are obnoxious and I refuse to step foot in there.


I was so excited to have a Singhas in the neighborhood, having heard so much about it from other people. I think it is the worst pizza I’ve had in forever. There’s no way that place is making $1,000/day.

you all make me laugh

Weren’t they shut down and padlocked for a couple of days by the sheriff or health department a few weeks back?


Singas offer completely different pizza than others.. It is called frozen pizza heated through a conveyer belt.. At least that’s what it tasted like when I ordered a few times from there until I stopped.

Joint is at a prime spot however the decor, employees, the food quality causes it to suffer. Otherwise if it bring 350k why would they sell it for 200? You mean buy will have their return in half a year? It’s odd. At $5/pie, you would have to be defrosting whole lotta pies to make 350k/yr.


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