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Singas Famous Pizza For Sale…Yet Again

(Photo: SunnysidePost)

Jan. 9, 2014 Staff Report

The owner of Singas Famous Pizza, located at 43-24 Greenpoint Ave., has put the business up for sale.

The pizzeria is on the market for $69,000, according to the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island. The business had been listed for $200,000 in August 2012.

Singas is operating in a section of Sunnyside where there are several pizzerias. Lenny’s Pizza, which opened a little over 3 years ago, is across the street at 44-04 Greenpoint Ave. Meanwhile, the popular Marabella’s is located down the street, at 41-07 Greenpoint Ave.

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I know, why not buy out the lease and open a new pharmacy that’s also a 99-cent store, a terrible Chinese restaurant, a bakery that uses nuclear powered frosting, a Good Will, a Nail salon, a bar and a check cashing place? It can’t fail!

woodside guy

Singas has always sold by the pie. But that pie is small and made for ,ne person.

Singas will be reopening in Pathmark now Food Bazaar (saw the sign there today)

Dorothy Morehead

My granddaughter and I stopped for pizza tonight at John’s on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx after the train show at the New York Botanical Garden. They don’t have pizza by the slice but had personal pizzas cooked to order. They were fabulous! Baked in a coal-fired brick oven, they had wonderful crispy crusts and fresh ingredients. If someone did this in Sunnyside they would clean up.


I had Singas once- tasted okay but not like NYC pizza. I’ve been eating the pizza from Lenny’s for a few years now and it’s quite tasty- just what the neighborhood needed.. Their heros are good, too. And they are very friendly to me, so maybe that’s why I do not have any complaints. Marbella? Also pretty good but out of my way.

Celtic Bark


Lenny’s had great pizza when the original owners ran it. I went there again when the new people took over and was treated like garbage and they took things off the menu I liked like the pepperoni spirals. I wouldn’t step inside the place if they gave their pizza away for free. Having said that, I never went to Singas either as I want my pizza by the slice. Marabella’s and Sunnyside Pizza are your best bet.

Celtic Bark


It’s not the BID’s fault if a business starts out with a flawed model and/or product or if they simply can’t compete.


@Yawn: “BID needs to do something to improve Greenpoint ave..if skillman ave can “flourish” so can greenpoint ave.” The demographics of the immediate neighborhoods, local residents who keep local businesses flourishing, are completely different. What works on Skillman won’t work for Greenpoint. Claret, the wine bar on Skillman, is doing very well and it wouldn’t survive on Greenpoint.

Another Southie

I was at Food Bazaar recently and I’m pretty sure there was a sign there saying that Singas was opening a place in their atrium.

Never had Singas pizza and haven’t yet found my go-to pizza place. Any recos for the best thin crispy crust pie?


BID needs to do something to improve Greenpoint ave..if skillman ave can “flourish” so can greenpoint ave.


herd they went out of business because people in sunnyside are soooo cheap and want everything for 99 cents

Lenny's pizza sux

The name sounds more appropriate for a curry joint.

Maybe they should open a Gray’s Papaya.


Know what Singas is so famous for? Their disgusting pizza. It’s so disgusting it’s famous for being so.


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