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Sidetracks closes for renovation, to reopen mid August

July 10, 2017 Staff Report

Sidetracks, the popular Irish bar/restaurant, closed for renovations yesterday and is scheduled to reopen in mid August, according to a notice on the door.

The establishment, which has been located at 45-08 Queens Blvd for nearly 30 years, has undergone some significant changes over the years.

About 15 years ago Sidetracks offered residents a place to bet, doubling as an Off-Track Betting outpost. The owners got rid of its OTB concept about 10 years ago when the establishment underwent its last major overhaul.

The restaurant today serves as a higher-end Irish restaurant/sports bar. It is also a party venue.

The owner(s) of the bar/restaurant could not be reached for comment.

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Better in OLD days when it was a green bean patch. Miss the old barn where they kept all the animals too. Miss the good old fashion time in Queens.


Not like the good times when the days of old where around. TV was black and white and we didn’t wear any seatbelt. Most people probably don’t even know a good Queens style creem egg. 3 raw eggs in a can of doc zippers soda pop. Yummy!

Pearl cream

They should renovate the kettle ;get rid of lousy music, drunk Saturday night crowd and lousy furniture
Has gone way down

The Goose

Mike and Yes – A renovation every 10:years seems like a lot to you? You 2 need to raise your standards.


Hey Goose
What happened did I strike your cord? You must be an owner of the dump.
Use your real name.

Mike@ the Berkley

The place has to renovate so often because something is definitely wrong. Here’s an idea close for good and let someone else that knows the business come in or better yet demolish the whole shit block.


Sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name, and their always glad you came. That was Sidetracks.

El loco and Mrs. El loco

Hi Roxy – Remember the fights that you used to go to at the old Sunnyside Gardens? The food isn’t very good but Sidetracks is a Sunnyside institution.

Stop fake names!


LOL. Miss the good old fashion days when movies and a bucket of suds cost a shiny nickel. Today, everyone is just watching TV on their phones. Sad


they should bring back those thirsty Thursdays where for 20$ all you can drink from like 11-1am it was FIREEEE

Fed up

Hopefully they renovate the staff to be friendlier, the food to taste better, the prices to come down, and the doors to never open again. This place is a dump!!


Shut up ya lil dope! one of the best spots in the area, with great staff and lovely food! keyboard warrior?


Seriously where are you hanging out if this is a “dump” get a grip it’s far from a dump you probably just got barred like an idiot and are still sour…don’t come back there!!!!


Wish they could bring it back to the way it was in the early 90’s…great bar, great times!


Absolutely! The back party room was so attractive with its own bar and windows. The main bar with a train car. Lost its character and one of the waiters is rude and doesn’t even look at you as he talks and walks away mid sentence.


Was much better in olden times when you could park your horse out front and come in for a bottle of 87 and take a bath with your boots on.


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