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Shocking Video Shows Pedestrian Being Struck by Car in Glendale Saturday, Then Run Over by an SUV

Disturbing dashcam footage has been posted online showing a pedestrian being struck by a car in Glendale Saturday and then being run over by an SUV (Photo via @NY_Scoop)

**Warning: Graphic content, viewer discretion is advised**

Feb. 15, 2022 By Michael Dorgan

Disturbing dashcam footage has been posted online showing a pedestrian being struck by a car in Glendale Saturday — and then being run over by an SUV while lying motionless on the ground.

The horrifying video, which was uploaded to Twitter Monday, has gone viral generating nearly 550,000 views. The video was posted by NYC Scoop, a social media page that posts about crime and traffic-related incidents in New York City.

The video captures a pedestrian in the crosswalk at the intersection of Cypress Avenue and Cooper Avenue at around 6:10 p.m.

The pedestrian, walking northbound with the traffic signal, is struck by the driver of a white-colored vehicle as the victim approaches the center of the crosswalk on Cypress Avenue. The driver was traveling southbound on Cooper Avenue and then made a left turn through the crosswalk onto Cypress Avenue, police said.

The victim then falls backward onto the concrete after being hit and the pedestrian’s head crashes against the ground to a thudding sound. The driver of the car doesn’t appear to stop, the footage shows.

As the victim is sprawled motionless on the ground, the driver of a black-colored SUV — traveling directly behind the white vehicle and following the same route — makes a left turn through the crosswalk and then rolls over the victim’s head, the dashcam video shows.

A woman can be heard frantically shouting “no, no” and then screaming while other drivers can be heard honking their horns.

The SUV driver stops momentarily and then moves forward, appearing to drag the victim beneath the vehicle. The rear wheels then seem to roll over the victim as the driver keeps going forward and moves out of the dashcam shot.

The victim can then be seen breathing heavily facing up, in a pool of blood on the ground, the footage shows.

Police said the pedestrian was transported to Jamaica Hospital where the victim’s condition is currently unknown. The victim’s identity has not yet been released.

A police spokesperson was unsure whether any arrests have been made.

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I certainly hope the people involved are held accountable. This is why folks should make an effort to follow hit and run offenders, they obviously lack a moral code if they attempt evasion from their accident.


They just posted a picture. The actual video with the guy being hit and run over is online. You can see it. You can even hear people in the background screaming.


You shouldn’t have that image on the front page. If it bleeds it leads is not a good news philosophy. Shame on you.


Glad you put the video up. Looks like first car driver is incompetent and criminal and the suv driver is from a hole that must have opened from hell.

It just goes to show.

Everybody’s responsible for safety. Just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention.

So not blaming the victim but I’ve prevented myself many a time from being hit because I paid attention to my surroundings. If someone looks like they’re not going to stop, I don’t start.

Bike lanes are to blame

If only cyclists would be licensed, obey the law and pay attention they wouldn’t cause accidents

Front page gore

I didn’t play the video. I simply opened sunnysidepost and then I see a body on the ground in the street with his head by a car wheel. C’mon man, I didn’t opt-in to seeing that. Maybe you could put that image below the fold?


Stop being a baby! I want to see it from beginning to end from the time the car knocked him down to the suv running over his face. I would even not mind seeing the aftermath. I’m not afraid. Great job ssp. You rock.


same. not gonna watch. no way is that guy gonna survive a hit and a roll over with a 5 ton suv on his torso.


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