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Shakespeare in the Park, Back in Sunnyside Friday

Hip to Hip, Sunnyside Gardens Park (Photo: QueensPost)

Aug. 6, 2013 By Christian Murray

It’s not too late to catch some Shakespeare in the Park.

This Friday, The Hip to Hip Theatre Company will present its version of Love’s Labor’s Lost at Sunnyside Gardens Park starting at 8 pm.

The group performed The Tempest at this venue this past Friday. Hundreds came out for the performance—which was a homecoming for the troupe, since the theater company was founded by two Sunnysiders—Jason Marr and his wife, Joy.

This is the seventh summer that the company is performing Shakespeare in Sunnyside.

Attendees are told to bring blankets and folding chairs.

The event is free and open to the public.

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Another Old One

Somewhere in the 90s the new people began to outnumber the old people, who knew the legal name, and they just started calling it that without bothering to do it legally. Go figure.

Astoria Transplant

Old School Sunnysider, 2 questions for you:

If it’s “Sunnyside Park” why does the big green sign over the park entrance say “Sunnyside Gardens Park – Established 1926.” ?

Aren’t those complaining mobs of moms required to do some work as part of their membership deal?

43rd & 43rd

Since I’m anonymous, I will also add to Prospero . . . PLEASE stop correcting yourself mid-sentence. If you didn’t go back and fix your line, nobody would have any idea it was slightly incorrect. It was just so constant and jarring in what was otherwise a good performance.

Everyone else was great, especially carrying on despite the distractions. I have to admit I noticed Iris in particular, so here’s hoping she has a much bigger role in LLL!


Bunch of pretentious elitists trying to carve out their own little Utopia in Sunnyside.

Oldschool Sunnysider

The Park is a festival of rug rats, there is more drama down there on a daily basis than The Good Bard could ever dream of. The Administration is hopelessly adrift and clueless, and once again besieged by “Mobs of Moms” who complain endlessly, but never show up to do any of the hard work that is necessary to maintain the park.
FYI….Its “Sunnyside Park”, not “Sunnyside Gardens Park”
Ask at the next meeting to see a copy of the incorporation documents….if the Administration knows where they are. LOl! 😉

43rd & 43rd

I went last week. I knew there was a half-hour pre-show event for kids, but I didn’t realize that almost all of the audience would be very young children and parents. Understandably, after an hour or so, kids got bored and went wild, got up and down, ran and stood in front of the stage area, played on the playground and screamed their heads off during the show.

If this is your demographic, then you’ll be at home there. People who want an outing that has more to do with Shakespeare than with six-year-olds should look elsewhere. It’s a shame because the actors and the production itself were good (especially for the price!).

Mary Caulfield

This is a wonderful event for the park to host. And note, all who complain, it is free and open to the public!

Alas! poor Yorick!

Lemonaide, what sort of production do you expect from a humble, local company performing for free in a park? This isn’t the Globe Theatre in London or a Kenneth Branagh film adaptation.


I was there on Friday for The Tempest, it was great and there was a good crowd, but ‘hundreds’ is a little bit of a strectch.


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