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Seafood restaurant with Latin American twist to take over from Salt & Fat


Oct. 15, 2016 Staff Report

A seafood restaurant is slated to open at the former location of Salt & Fat, with the owner putting a special emphasis on ceviches, popular Latin American seafood dishes.

Robert Mendoza, who will be operating the 41-16 Queens Boulevard establishment, told a Community Board 2 committee Thursday that he fell in love with ceviches a long time ago and believes there are not that many restaurants that offer the dish–as well as fresh seafood in general–in the area.

Ceviches are dishes that consists of raw fish cured in citrus juices and spiced with peppers. They are popular in Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

Mendoza said that he is in discussions with purveyors to come into his restaurant several times a week in order for him to get the freshest possible fish.

The venue will be renamed but they layout of the restaurant won’t change, he said. Mendoza did not provide a date in which he will open.

He plans to be operate seven days a week, from 3 pm until midnight.

The community board gave him the thumbs up to offer liquor between those hours.

Salt & Fat, an award winning restaurant, closed earlier this month.

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just don't say

What kind of a stupid ad from Lowery Wines is that. The quote says “We Can’t Compete with their selection of wines – The Competition. Pretty stupid.


How about a “good luck and best wishes” for trying to open a restaurant in a very difficult market. Not my cup of tea, but at least it won’t be a vacant space.


Salt and Fat succeeded for so long because they asked themselves what neighbors here wanted. The problem is that most new restaurant owners actually don’t. This place sounds so niche it’ll never fill. Ceviches? Who gets off the 7 train and says I must have ceviches?

Good luck to them, but this is a big diverse neighborhood and S&F understood that and responded.


He’s in discussions with purveyors to come in several times a week?????? Ummmm hello MrMendoza but you are in NYC and about 80 years ago purveyors came into restaurants making delivery several times a week. You aren’t thinking of anything new and opening a seafood place buddy you will be getting delivery six days a week my friend.
You better be anyway.
And also get used to an extremely high food cost pal cause seafood AINT cheap.
This isn’t the brightest idea for opening a seafood restaurant in Queens that’s for sure.
I give it a year at best.

woodside hipster

There’s probably more cevice options in this part of Queens than anywhere else in NYC!

Oil. beef, hooked

Yup, that’s just what we need, another Latin American eatery. What a novel idea. Will somebody please open up a decent bagel shop please? Every time I want a good bagel, I have to go to Astoria.


Stop with Bagels Plus. That’s in Woodside, not Sunnyside! People want a decent one IN Sunnyside.


People complain about going to Astoria, and Woodside is closer. Plus the fine distinction between the two ‘sides is a little silly. They are technically different “towns” within Queens but function as the same neighborhood. If you won’t go a few blocks for your bagels you just want to complain, you don’t really want a bagel. Plus I think they deliver.


Nature’s Vida is literally 100 feet outside Sunnyside. Are you going to turn into a pumpkin if you cross 52nd St?

just sayin'

Another Spanish themed restaurant in Sunnyside. And seafood at that. Sure people love seafood but there’s also those of us allergic to it. Tsk. Getting overrun by Spanish cuisine. Sunnyside is the next Corona. Albeit a more expensive Corona.

just don't say

you are a bigot. Where in the constitution that a neighborhood has to be a certain culture. You should go to Saudi Arabia. Thats the way they think.

rice & beans

whats wrong with spanish/mexican food? im irish and love their food. instead of the usual moans & groans from the every reliable same people, how about a little encouragement to the people that are probably putting their life savings into a business and taking tremendous risk

No to Hipsters and yuppies !!!

Ummm don’t know under what rock u came from but Ecuador and Peru are the worlds most famous ceviches !!!


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