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Scooter-Driver Dead After Hitting 2 Parked Cars in Woodside, Police Say

66th Street and Laurel Hill Boulevard (Google Maps)

Nov. 21, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

An Elmhurst man who rode his scooter into two parked cars in Woodside last week has died, police said.

The victim, William McManus, 56, was found by police lying on the roadway on 66th Street, near Laurel Hill Boulevard, with injuries about his body at around 10:08 p.m. on Nov. 12.

McManus was transported to Elmhurst Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries six days later and was pronounced deceased on Nov. 18, police say.

An investigation by the NYPD Highway District’s Collision Investigation Squad found that McManus was riding south on his 2014 Yamaha Scooter when he failed to properly navigate the road, resulting in him sideswiping a 2014 Honda Accord and a 2009 Infinity 637, police said. Both cars were legally parked and unoccupied on the east curb of the street, according to police.

McManus fell out of the scooter, which collapsed on its left side and came to a rest on the roadway, police said.

No other persons were injured, and the investigation into the incident remains ongoing, according to police.

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I am very saddened to hear about Willies passing. I attended South Woods Jr High way back with him and remember him as a great kid with a wonderful sense of humor.
My condolences to his family.


Thank you for your expression of sympathy. Willie was a real funny guy and his sense of humor was something everyone loved about him. We took him back to Syosset for his wake and he was laid to rest from St Edwards. The whole family would like to thank you for your thoughts. It’s nice to read instead of all the lies being posted after this article, like he was run over and stepped on. All lies. He also wasn’t hit by a Prius. He wasn’t hit at all!! People are unreal!! Thanks again Dino!!


I heard it was a Toyota Prius that hit him. If that’s the case put an APB out for a Snowflake driver.


Al so this is what you heard? do you believe everything you hear? Funny-I didnt see a scratch on him but I would like to smoke what ever your smoking


That is a total lie. He was not stepped on nor was there any tire tracks. You shouldn’t comment on anything unless you knew him or you were at the scene. This article isn’t written correctly either.


The comment section is the best part. I love reading all this nuts comments. There are many things I still don’t get? Some obscure crytic acronyms and terminology: Jacked Up, OJJ, Oil Beef, Pinkies Up, Grape Soda, DBD…..what the heck are they talking about? Am I missing something? Do you commenters have some sort of secret language? Who the heck is Barbara, Lily, Bablu and Neil?


I was told Santa was real, doesn’t mean I walk around looking for him..I guess common sense isn’t so common.. .you are an idiot

Kat from Woodside

That is a total lie!!! He WAS NOT run over several times nor was he stepped on and there was NO TIRE TRACKS on his body. He happens to be my cousin and I was in the hospital all 6 days while he clung to life and I’ve never seen anyone like you in my life that would make up things just to get a reply in somewhere that people may possibly read. You have some nerve writing things that you do not know to be true and if someone told you that they are a liar too!! You shouldn’t write things that you don’t know to be the absolute truth!!! I do know firsthand though that your statement is an utter fabrication of what happened.


Thanks Kat and Just to clarify Al and other reader, Willy was not run over or stepped on. He was my uncle. He was heroically worked on by the emergency services that arrived on scene and taken care of by the amazing medical personnel in the STICU at Elmhurst Hospital. What the article does It leave out is that he leaves behind a grieving family and wonderful friends from Queens to Long Island and across the world. He will forever live on in our hearts and our memory.


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